“Have you ever met this me that claims to be you?” New MJ Awakening Blog
April 4, 2020

notes from satsang

From the 4/1/20 online Satsang w/ Michael

STEVEN: The me believes that unless I’m valued I’ll be abandoned, I won’t survive. So I must do anything I can to be valued.

MICHAEL: It’s trying to reinforce itself. But let me ask you a question point blank: Have you ever met this me that claims to be you?

STEVEN: Talk to him all the time (laughs).

MICHAEL: Yes, but can you find it? Can you shake its hand?


MICHAEL: I’m not saying there can’t be a feeling of a me. What I am saying is you don’t know what that is. The brain is wired to believe that’s it. That’s that feeling that it’s us, because the brain is saying, “Yes, this is me, this is us, this is it.”

And what you begin to do if you are on the spiritual path is to question that, “Gosh, is that what I really am?” because there’s been a lot of suffering over here for a lot of years. It hasn’t worked out so well, this me business.



February 19, 2018


I know of no better, quicker or more efficient way to suffer than to be in resistance to what is. And this includes being in resistance to resistance. When nothing is resisted, no thought, feeling or emotion, good or bad, positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant, intense or not intense, what does that leave?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Michael Jeffreys

Awakening is meaningless to that which is ever Awake… new MJ Awakening Blog
November 10, 2017

zen rocks sunset

You naturally lose interest in identifying with thoughts when you realize a thought can’t awaken… a thought will never awaken. How exactly would a thought awaken??

And what is aware of thought=You= ISness, is already ever-present and obviously awake (Or how would you know anything?). Thus awakening is meaningless to It/You, as it’s simply Its/Your timeless natural stateless state.

Michael Jeffreys

Presence does not have a past. New MJ Awakening pic quote
October 8, 2017

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But can you actually find this “me”? New MJ Awakening Blog
September 28, 2017




The arising of thoughts, feelings, emotions, sounds, sensations, a sense of separation, etc. is NOT the problem. The “problem” is the life-long habitual belief/assumption that they have an owner, i.e., that they belong to a “someone” and that “someone” is “me.”

But can you actually find this “me”? Really look!! (And here’s the key): Don’t stop looking until you either find it OR something “clicks” and you have an “ah-ha” moment and you realize you cannot find it and furthermore that it never actually existed.

Which leaves what? This moment, however it is presently expressing, for no one.

Michael Jeffreys

Time APPEARS to exist… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 18, 2017


Time APPEARS to exist… just like the feeling of separation… just like apparently separate objects. But WITHOUT a thought/label… without identifying with/as anything, can you actually find time (grab hold of it), in your direct experience?… separation?, distance?, past?, future?, now?, etc.

This is the type of silent/direct inquiry that when you get interested in is a game changer. Because, you’re not taking anyone’s word for it. You’re seeing directly, for Yourself…

Michael Jeffreys

Everything IS Now, Now IS Everything. New MJ Awakening Blog
September 8, 2017


Every sound is IT.

Every sensation is IT.

Every shape/color is IT.

Every movement is IT.

There is only IT.

And IT is Everything.

What can be separate from Everything??

NOTICE: No word, thought, feeling, sensation, experience can describe/capture IT, because they too are Everything appearing as a word, thought, feeling, sensation, experience.

Everything IS Now, Now IS Everything.

Nothing to hold onto, because there’s no one actually here/now to hold onto anything.

There’s just what’s happening.


Michael Jeffreys

IT is all there is… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 2, 2017

IT is all there is

The reason “me” can’t find IT, is because IT is all there is. So, even the sense of being a “me” is IT. There is no escaping IT, because IT is all there is.

Michael Jeffreys

Nonduality is everything and nothing. New MJ Awakening Blog
August 20, 2017


Nonduality points at that which cannot be spoken, yet contains all words because it’s literally all that is and is not… it’s EVERYTHING and NOTHING simultaneously… even the illusion of separation is included.

Nothing is left out of all that is. Confusion? Check. Anger? Check. Fun. Check. Fear. Check. Love. Check. Frustration. Check. Not getting “it.” Check. Seeing that there’s no one to get “it.” Check. There is no escape from all that is and there is no losing all that is.

Michael Jeffreys

The dream itself dictates 100% what ALL the dream characters within the dream do and think… New MJ Awakening Blog
August 14, 2017

Consider your last sleeping dream. There was a character, the star of the dream, “you”!, that was seemingly doing all kinds of things within the dream and experiencing all kinds of experiences, some pleasurable and some not pleasurable.

Looking from your present awakened state here/now, what independent power did this dream character ever actually possess?

None. The dream itself dictates 100% what ALL the dream characters within the dream do and don’t do, what appears to exist and what doesn’t appear to exist, what appears to happen and what doesn’t appear to happen, etc.

However, imagine if part of the dream character’s make-up/design included a sense of free-will/autonomy. That within the dream it imagined it could do whatever it wanted by controlling if not the entire dream, at least certain portions of it.

Now, the truth is the dream character is not separate from the dream and thus it is not possible for it to do anything except for what the dream dictates, i.e., what happens next in the dream!

You can further Imagine how much suffering this dream character would be experiencing if it thought/believed otherwise, i.e., that it did indeed have power over the dream in some way, shape or form.

Now, let’s imagine even further that you could enter your next sleeping dream and tell the star of the dream, this dream character “you,” that in fact it is not real, only a dream character, and thus it has no free will whatsoever and never did!

What do you think its reaction would be? Would it just suddenly believe you, or more likely would it argue and insist that it does have free will because it was taught it does (“Your responsible for your actions.”), and more importantly, because it thinks/feels/believes it does?

And suppose you explained to it that that too is part of the dream. That this sense of having free will/control is built into the dream character, just like its hair color, height, skin color, etc.

Would it believe you?

Probably not.

Michael Jeffreys

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