But can you actually find this “me”? New MJ Awakening Blog
September 28, 2017




The arising of thoughts, feelings, emotions, sounds, sensations, a sense of separation, etc. is NOT the problem. The “problem” is the life-long habitual belief/assumption that they have an owner, i.e., that they belong to a “someone” and that “someone” is “me.”

But can you actually find this “me”? Really look!! (And here’s the key): Don’t stop looking until you either find it OR something “clicks” and you have an “ah-ha” moment and you realize you cannot find it and furthermore that it never actually existed.

Which leaves what? This moment, however it is presently expressing, for no one.

Michael Jeffreys

“If thinking happens, there must be a thinker. That’s the presupposition.”-ROGER CASTILLO… New MJ Awakening Blog
August 29, 2017

going around in circles in your head

“The fact that questioning happens, from the perspective of the belief in personal doership means that if a question arises, there must be a questioner. If thinking happens, there must be a thinker. That’s the presupposition.” -Roger Castillo

MICHAEL JEFFREYS: So for example, if an image/memory of the past arises, there is an (uninvestigated) assumption that there is presently “someone” here who 1) somehow made that thought arise, and/or 2) a separate, independent, real entity to whom that past image applies/refers/belongs too.

But is this true? Or is this a life-long (uninvestigated) habitual belief and the source of my suffering? That I am taking myself to be something I am not… a separate, independent doer/entity?

In other words, while it may feel/seem to be this way, is it actually true? Or, is this feeling/sense of being a separate doer just that, a feeling and sense, but no more… this is what must be earnestly investigated.

Specifically, here is what the “me” doesn’t want you to STOP and NOTICE here/now: (And why it’s constantly distracting you with an endless parade of stories/problems/circumstances that you need to constantly “deal with,” so that the following WILL NOT become breathtakingly apparent)

The “me”(time) is built upon a presupposition that doesn’t exist in Realty (timeless).

Until this presupposition is clearly/directly seen/noticed, the “me” goes about business as usual, i.e., avoiding pain and seeking pleasure within the apparent dream of separation.

PRESUPPOSE (dictionarydotcom)
verb (used with object), presupposed, presupposing.
1. to suppose or assume beforehand; take for granted in advance.
2. (of a thing, condition, or state of affairs) to require or imply as an antecedent condition: An effect presupposes a cause.


“Regarding self-improvement…” new MJ Awakening Pic Quote
April 17, 2015

mj on self-improvement pic quote

“I want what you have.” new MJ Awakening Blog
April 4, 2015


At last weds. night’s deconstruction class at my place in west LA, someone said, “I want what you have.” However, she had it backwards. It’s not that I have something she doesn’t, she seemly has something I don’t: a SELF. I look directly here, now, in my present experience, and I find no SELF. Everything else is the same. Thoughts come, thoughts go; feelings come, feelings go. But for whom? I cannot find an owner.

And yet, somehow, seeing this clearly has made all the difference! It’s as if the believing that you are separate self is so heavy, so riddled with never ending discontent, that when it falls away you literally feel lighter, happier and freer.

-Michael Jeffreys

Can you actually find “the self” that claims there is a problem?? new MJ Awakening Blog
December 23, 2014


Occasionally, someone will say to me, “Well Michael, if I see that there is “no me,” then I will just lay on the couch eating bonbons all day and not get up!” What is being missed when these kind of comments arise is that there never was a “you”!

Awakening is not making “the self” disappear (how would you even do that!??), rather it’s the clear seeing of what has always been the case. The “self” is a conditioned habitual assumption/feeling, a reference point, that most have simply never really investigated.

Because “the self” usually goes unchallenged, whatever problems it seems to have are taken as “real.” And thus all the focus/energy goes into “solving the problem,” rather then seeing if the one who claims there is a problem really exists. Because if you can’t find the claimant, then how valid is the claim??

-Michael Jeffreys

Thoughts refer to an entity called “I” or “me” that cannot actually be found… new MJ Awakening Blog
November 20, 2014


Thoughts refer to an entity called “I” or “me” that cannot actually be found in direct experience. Note that a feeling of “me” is just that, a pure feeling—not an actual living breathing entity. Furthermore, what exactly is a “me” anyway? Says Geshe Tashi Tsering: “This sense of identity is nothing more than a label placed on the ever-changing collection of the body and mind.”

Since it’s ever-changing, the “me” cannot be pinned down as a single thing or entity. In other words, when you refer to yourself as “me,” exactly which “me” are you referring to? The one that got out of bed this morning? The one 10 years ago? The one 5 minutes ago?

-Michael Jeffreys

As Nisargadatta said, “You are nothing conceivable or perceivable”… new MJ Awakening Blog
October 10, 2014

who am i

You are as much your body, your thoughts, or your feelings as you are a car, an apartment, or a pen!

When we say, “my car” or “my apartment” or “my pen,” we don’t mistake ourselves for the object. “My” is a possessive pronoun that indicates possession of an object. Something is claiming to have or possess something else. Yet, when it comes to “my body” or “my thoughts,” (due to conditioning, un-investigated assumptions and beliefs), we mistake (mis-take) our “body” and/or our “thoughts” as NOT another object/appearance that we seem to have, but rather who/what we literally are!? But this makes no sense, as the body ages, but do YOU? Thoughts come and go, but do YOU?

Again, if you say “my body,” your very words are indicating that it is NOT you, but rather something you seem to possess. You have a body, but it is not literally you. You have thoughts, but they are not literally you. This needs to be investigated deeply for oneself in order to see through the persistent, but ultimately illusory feeling/idea that you are your body/mind. (And the same thing applies to feelings and ideas, as in “my feeling” or “my idea.” Feelings and ideas are never you, but something you seem to temporarily have or possess.) Whatever the mind claims is “you” will ALWAYS be an object or appearance to YOU… including “the mind” itself.

As Nisargadatta said, “You are nothing conceivable or perceivable.”

-Michael Jeffreys

No “you,” no problem… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 8, 2014


No “you,” no problem. ~Michael Jeffreys

Facebook comment: “No problem, no you, no free will… and what? Great words, but life for me and others is the same: suffering. We want REAL solutions.”

Michael: A REAL solution for who? Until the self has been investigated, it will continue to apparently make all kinds of claims that will be believed… but who is it that is believing them? Can this one actually be found?

If one is not willing to do self-inquiry, then of course the world seems filled with endless problems. But without a “you,” a problem is NOT possible because there is ONLY what IS. And what IS is never a problem… it is simply what IS.

A few minutes later…

Comment: And how to do self-inquiry? What I have to do? I am willing!!

Michael: Great. Become silent and see if you can find this “I” that you take yourself to be. Yes, thoughts are happening.. but to/for whom? Is this “I” that you feel yourself to be an actual entity, or just a mind made narrative that has been believed because it was not deeply investigated.
For example, many children believe that santa claus really exists because they hear, read about him, and see pics of him… BUT, that does not mean he actually exists as a real person. Same for “you” and “I”… just because a thought appears to have preferences… likes and dislikes… doesn’t mean it refers to an actual person. Beyond the thoughts, can you find anything?

Comment: Only thoughts without a thinker? Who would be awakened then…?

Michael: Exactly! “Awakening” is seeing that there is no one actually present to be awakened or unawakened… there is just what IS!

“The miracle is right in front of us. Couldn’t be any closer. It’s ALL that is. Unavoidable…” new MJ Awakening Blog
September 5, 2014


Wow. The miracle is right in front of us. Couldn’t be any closer. If it was a poisonous snake you would be dead. And yet, amazingly, somehow thought is so strong that we don’t truly see it… see what? THIS happening, which is ALL there is.

And yet, you are seeing the same thing as I am. What is right here, right now, undeniable, unavoidable, and yet none of it your doing!? Everything is just happening, but we are so used to it that we take it for granted!

It’s so close to us that we go, “ho-hum” because we haven’t given it our undivided attention. Be silent, be aware, and notice THIS event you are presently experiencing, HOWEVER it is appearing. You are not making any of it happen, including your body or the sense of “you.”

-Michael Jeffreys

No one has ever Awakened
May 21, 2012

Occasionally, I get asked how “I awakened.” First, I didn’t. Nobody has for the simple reason that awakening is the seeing thru of the illusionary doer that 99.9% of humanity takes themselves to be.

That said, all I can tell you is that somehow it hit me very clearly and deeply, as well as energetically (meaning that it is not just an intellectual understanding), that LIFE does ALL. But I can’t tell you how I know that. Suddenly, it just became obvious to me. And since Life does all, if a thought arises that tries to claim it did something all by itself, I somehow know it is dreaming! Like, it suddenly becomes a joke and actually makes me laugh… the mind is pretty funny when you don’t take it too seriously. Furthermore, you seem to understand that even Life made that thought appear! You can’t get around it, Life (God, Source, Universal Intelligence… use any label ya like) has to be first before anything else could be!

-Michael Jeffreys

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