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3 nuclear pointers from Paul Hedderman’s 11/26/16 talk. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 28, 2016


Paul Hedderman 11/26/16

A thought requires an object and spirit is not an object

“Thoughts are attracted to objects. That’s how they can coagulate. They can’t coagulate around no thing. They can’t coagulate around spirit, there’s no defined definition of spirit. They can’t become like layers of saran wrap around no thing, but they can on a thing. Because thoughts are about. So if you had thoughts about spirit it would go no where because there is nothing to think about. But a thought about a body can go on, and on, and on.” -PH

Knowledge is not for you

“All knowledge is about what you’re not, so that you can see that you’re not that. There is no knowledge about what you are, there is being what you are.” -PH

Something happening is an illusion

“How can there be a happening in what’s always happening!?” (laughs) -PH


Q: When I am in my head, lost in a story about the past regarding the way someone treated me, where’s my attention?

A: In what’s not happening. 🙂

Michael Jeffreys


p.s. Here’s a link to Paul’s 37 min. 11/26/16 talk on youtube:


2 reasons why seeking for your unlimited nature can’t ever work. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 23, 2016



Seeking is made of two different parts: the seeker and the sought (duality). I seek to obtain, in the future, something that I currently do not possess. So if I want a root beer, I can go out and obtain it. However, when it comes to searching for my true nature, seeking fails on at least two accounts:

1) How can a limited entity (me) obtain a limited object (anything in the world), and expect to have that make me unlimited. A limitation plus a limitation does not equal unlimitedness. If I have a pound of coffee and I add a second pound of coffee, I do not end up with unlimited amounts of coffee.

2) I can’t seek for myself because I already am myself. 

Imagine a piece of chocolate seeking for a piece of chocolate!? Since it doesn’t recognize itself as chocolate, it spends all its energy looking for chocolate. It will never find it because if it knew what chocolate was it would realize it’s chocolate and the search would be over. It doesn’t realize that IT’S what it’s looking for. It just needs to stop long enough to realize this.

Michael Jeffreys

Awakening is the realization that you are not an object, but the “seeing” of all objects. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 20, 2016


Awakening is the realization that you are not an object, but the seeing (a verb, but never a noun, as Paul Hedderman says) of all objects. What makes it tricky is that the mind turns everything into an object since that is the only way it can “deal” with it. Thus, when it thinks of you, it can only do so as an object. But you are not an object… see the problem!?

This is why the solution is the removal of the ignorance that is preventing you from realizing that you already are what you seek. And therefore it is knowledge that sets you free because it brings to your awareness what you were previously ignorant of: that you already are free.

Just like when you forget your reading glasses are on your head. You already have them, you just are ignorant of this fact. As soon as it’s brought to your attention that they are on your head, the search is over and all you can do is laugh because you realize they have been with you all along.

This is why seeking doesn’t work. It starts from the premise that what you are looking for isn’t already present, i.e., isn’t what you already are. When it’s realized that, “I already am what I have been seeking,” the search is over and the play of lila can finally be enjoyed for the ever-changing and amazing mind/objects show that it is and is not.

Michael Jeffreys

Death is for the body, not You. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 13, 2016




Death is for the body, not You. Only that which is born can die. You were never born so You can never die. Even if you identify as the body, it does not make you the body. The body changes, you do not.

Death is another change. And even after death the body continues to change, decompose, etc., while the eternal You remains ever untouched and unchanged. Death is for objects; You are not an object, but the knower of all objects. You are like an ever-present changeless mirror that exists whether or not an object appears in it.

Michael Jeffreys

Ignorance is present when I have yet to realize every wave is ocean. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 11, 2016


A wave can only fight against another wave as

long as the ocean is obscured from its knowledge.


When it’s realized that every form is ocean,

harmony pervades. –Michael Jeffreys

Why no OBJECT has the power to complete you. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 9, 2016


“Objects don’t work as the source of happiness for a very simple reason: I seek completeness when I am already complete. I do this because I do not know who I am.”

James Swartz, from The Essence of Enlightenment

MICHAEL: An object can’t complete what is already complete.

Meditation Question:

Has ANY object ever brought me permanent, lasting, unchanging satisfaction??

Q: What is SUPERIMPOSITION? New MJ Awakening Blog
November 5, 2016



A: “Projecting a subjective value on an object is called superimposition and appears in two forms: 1) mistaking an object for something else and 2) adding a value to an object that is not inherent in the nature of the object.”

James Swartz (from, The Essence of Enlightenment)

MICHAEL: An example of the former is the classic mistaking a rope for a snake. The rope is harmless, but if I “superimpose” a snake on it, I have imagined it’s something it’s not (and I suffer the consequences, i.e. fear).

Note that if I am not aware that my mind is doing this, I will go around “superimposing” unconsciously onto other people and situations on a daily basis and thus not understand why my life is such a mess.

An example of the latter is thinking that someone “belongs” to me. Every being is inherently free, but if I imagine somebody is “mine,” then I am “superimposing” a quality onto that person/object that it does not inherently possess (and again, I suffer the consequences of my mistaken belief, i.e. jealousy).

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