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Q: Why do we seek? New MJ Awakening Blog
October 11, 2017

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Q: Why do we seek?

MICHAEL: To escape the moment. The “me” finds the moment as it is intolerable, insufficient, lacking, boring, not enough, etc. The “me” rejects the ONLY moment that actually IS in hopes of someday finding a better moment that will make it happy. Thus, what IS is never enough and hence the seeking.

But even if a thought claims THIS moment is insufficient, what if that thought was part of the inherent perfection of the moment itself? In other words, that freedom has space for everything that shows up, regardless of how it presents itself. Freedom is your true nature and remains eternally free and unaffected by all transient thoughts/experiences/beliefs.


Presence does not have a past. New MJ Awakening pic quote
October 8, 2017

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But can you actually find this “me”? New MJ Awakening Blog
September 28, 2017




The arising of thoughts, feelings, emotions, sounds, sensations, a sense of separation, etc. is NOT the problem. The “problem” is the life-long habitual belief/assumption that they have an owner, i.e., that they belong to a “someone” and that “someone” is “me.”

But can you actually find this “me”? Really look!! (And here’s the key): Don’t stop looking until you either find it OR something “clicks” and you have an “ah-ha” moment and you realize you cannot find it and furthermore that it never actually existed.

Which leaves what? This moment, however it is presently expressing, for no one.

Michael Jeffreys

Every moment is wild, free, unpredictable, uncontrollable, and ownerless. New MJ Awakening pic quote
September 27, 2017

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Q: What is the glue of identification? New MJ Awakening Blog
September 22, 2017

glue of identification

Q: What is the glue of identification?

MICHAEL: Suffering. It’s the taking of any story that is showing up as “my” story. What to “do”? Observe the process of identification rather than “being” it. In other words, simply notice it.

“What is THIS moment like without identifying with/as anything?

I don’t know…

let me BE still/silent and see…” 

Awakening is unique for every being… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 17, 2017


Just like no two leaves grow on a tree in exactly the same way, (and thus no “way” can be said to be “the right way,”) so too awakening is unique for each (seemingly separate) being.

Awareness becomes aware of/as itself when it becomes aware of/as itself. And it’s an ever unfolding/deepening… for no one.

Michael Jeffreys

If we are starting from/in mind, we have already gone astray… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 10, 2017

street gutter water

Are You your mind (and its lifetime of conditioned beliefs and seeking for happiness in a future experience) or THAT which is AWARE of the mind (and its lifetime of conditioned beliefs and seeking for happiness in a future experience)?

The difference between believing you are the mind versus seeing/being AWARE of the mind and its incessant seeking is everything.

Peace/Happiness (despite the mind’s claims/protests/stories is here/now (where else?) as everything (the totality of whatever IS) and not in some specific imagined future experience.

Thus, if we are starting from/in mind, we have already gone astray because we have left the only “thing” that ever truly IS.

Michael Jeffreys

Everything IS Now, Now IS Everything. New MJ Awakening Blog
September 8, 2017


Every sound is IT.

Every sensation is IT.

Every shape/color is IT.

Every movement is IT.

There is only IT.

And IT is Everything.

What can be separate from Everything??

NOTICE: No word, thought, feeling, sensation, experience can describe/capture IT, because they too are Everything appearing as a word, thought, feeling, sensation, experience.

Everything IS Now, Now IS Everything.

Nothing to hold onto, because there’s no one actually here/now to hold onto anything.

There’s just what’s happening.


Michael Jeffreys

The Realization, for no one, is that EVERYTHING is God. New MJ Awakening Blog
September 5, 2017

lighting christ

“I and my father are one.” -Jesus

EVERYTHING is God. There is only God. The “idea” of a personal or impersonal God is purely a mind creation/imaginary division. This is God right now writing these words. This is God right now reading these words. Where is God not? (Or, as Daniel Litvak put it, “… give us the definition of what isn’t God…”).

Nonduality… Advaita means not two.

“There is only Brahman. The world is an illusion. The world is Brahman.”

This is too simple, too immediate, for the dualistic mind whose world is made of separation/division, “It’s this, not this.” etc..

Michael Jeffreys

P.S. COMMENT: “What about the voice in my head is that god”

MICHAEL: Yes (what else??), but the “one” who thinks it’s about him/her doesn’t exist.

IT is all there is… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 2, 2017

IT is all there is

The reason “me” can’t find IT, is because IT is all there is. So, even the sense of being a “me” is IT. There is no escaping IT, because IT is all there is.

Michael Jeffreys

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