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YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved… New MJ Awakening Blog
April 23, 2017


YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved. Is it not always now? When has it ever been not now?? “Past” and “future” are both concepts and can only appear when? Now!

Life moves through you like a river that never stops. But we have it backwards. We take the transient objects (people, places, things) to be real and miss what never comes, goes or changes… that which is ever-present. What to do? Notice this! Notice that YOU = NOW. For what can be more real, more actual, more immediate than right NOW?

Michael Jeffreys

You are unborn. If something is unborn, what can you say about it? new MJ Awakening Blog
April 17, 2017

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The topic for this Wednesday’s, 4/19, West LA weekly Satsang:

“You are unborn. If something is unborn, what can you say about it? Does it have ANY story?”

And what about the body? Are the stories for the body? No, a body is no more aware of any story than a car or a rock. The body, like all objects, is insentient and has no story. So where do stories come from? From the mind; all stories are created in and belong to the mind.

Question for contemplation:

“Does what is AWARE of the mind’s endless stories have a story??”

For more info or to RSVP, see link below. -Michael


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A question about TRUMP… New MJ Awakening Blog
April 11, 2017


QUESTION: “I am curious – to what extent if any do you still get caught up in the Trump political thing and do you get a lot of people coming to you discombobulated about it?” -Tom Bunzel

MICHAEL: The night after the election the West LA satsang looked like a funeral! But, once they saw that Daniel and I had no reaction one way or the other, they understood that it’s not the outside world, but your reaction to it that creates the suffering. (Contrary to how it looks/feels when viewed through the dualistic mind).

You, pure Awareness, are forever unattached, regardless of what a thought may claim… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 29, 2017


MICHAEL: The belief that you must give up all your attachments crumbles in light of the realization that it is not possible for You to actually be attached to anything!! That’s right. The witnessing presence that You already are is pure and contains no parts, objects or impurities. Thus you are always and forever unattached, regardless of what a thought may claim. More from swamiji, who is commenting on the Astavakra Samhita:

I am not saying you SHOULD NOT be attached. Astavakra is telling us you are NOT attached. You are not attached to anything. It is the mind which develops attachments: ‘I want this to stay, I want that person to stay, I want this circumstance, this wealth, this health, this place, this environment, I want this to continue.’

This is the mind thinking. Yet beyond the mind, the Atman, the witness, You the being consciousness… you’re not attached to anything, not even to the mind itself. The mind itself disappears in deep sleep. You’re not attached to anything.

-Swami Sarvapriyananda

p.s. For those that are interested, here’s Swamiji’s powerful video from which the above quote was taken: Ashtavakra Samhita by Swami Sarvapriyananda

Alan Watts and seeing through the inherent unreality of money… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 23, 2017

Alan watts on 100 dollar bill

I was just watching a documentary on Alan Watts (by his son), and about half-way through there is a clip where Alan points out that the “great depression” in the United States in the early 1900s where men and women had plenty of work, food and housing one day, and the next there were long lines for soup kitchens, work suddenly dried up and many starved and were homeless. And that this was all based upon a mental fabrication of the illusory value of pieces of paper with particular patterns on them, i.e., “money.”

All the apple and orange trees and all of nature’s vast food resources were still there, as was the materials needed to build homes, such as wood, metal, cement, etc., just as they were the day before. The resources needed for human survival and flourishing had not gone anywhere. BUT the man-made (mind-made) story, “the overlay of economics,” suddenly claimed that the pieces of paper (“money”) were not worth what they were 24 hours previously, and so that was the collective experience and thus the “great depression” was imagined into being!!

In the movie, Alan puts the value/meaning of “money” in the same order of reality as the value/meaning of “inches.” Since the concept itself is made up out of thin air, so must any meaning we try to impose upon it.

It’s astounding when you see this.

Michael Jeffreys


p.s. Here’s a link to the 46 min. Watt’s video documentary:

Imagining separation doesn’t make it so, but it does open the door for suffering… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 21, 2017

house parts

A house may have many parts to it, i.e., door, roof, living room, window, chimney, etc. but it’s all one house. Likewise, Life may appear as having many “parts,” i.e., people, trees, clouds, sky, earth, stars, water, fire, etc., but it’s all Life. There is nothing that is not Life. Separation is an illusion, a mental distinction/concept not supported by reality. Imagining separation doesn’t make it so, but it does open the door for suffering.

Michael Jeffreys

The infinite leaves nothing out and so nothing is ever actually separate… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 19, 2017


There is only ever THIS. And THIS looks like… everything! Whatever is showing up, however it’s showing up, is THIS. And what THIS is is indefinable, because it’s everything. The finite cannot describe the infinite and any perspective is by definition finite. Relaxation/peace happens naturally when it’s seen that the miracle of this moment is unimaginable and indefinable, yet is all there ever IS.

Wholeness only appears to be separate so that it can be experienced. The ice cream must appear separate from the tree so that it can be experienced. However, in actuality the infinite leaves nothing out and so nothing is ever actually separate.

Michael Jeffreys

Peace is here when “you” are not… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 16, 2016


When Life is perceived as happening to “me,” it is taken personally and there is suffering, which is also taken personally. When there is just Life without a “me,” there is whatever is arising however it’s arising… for no one.

Freedom is in the dissolving of the one who is looking for it revealing that it’s always been all there is, but was obscured by the “me” that was seeking for it. Peace is here when “you” are not.

Michael Jeffreys

THE PARADOX: What you think you are, you are NOT, and what you can’t think you are, you ARE! … New MJ Awakening Blog
November 27, 2015


The first step to awakening is to admit/realize that “you” are too attached to, too interested in, too blinded by, too involved with and therefore too busy constantly trying to fix, correct, and make better what you think/believe/imagine you are, to notice what you ACTUALLY ALREADY ARE!

The paradox: What you think you are, you are NOT, and what you can’t think you are, you are! Wholeness is not something “you” can bring about or make happen, SINCE IT’S ALREADY THE CASE. All you can “do” is clearly see the false as false, and what was once obscured, that which doesn’t come or go, becomes so blindingly obvious, you wonder how you ever missed it.

-Michael Jeffreys

No experience can ever be held on to… New MJ Awakening Blog 
July 4, 2015


Experiences are like smoke… they are there but not there… and this includes the idea of the one perceiving it. No experience can ever be held on to.

Facebook Question: What about the experience of love?

Michael: All experiences come and go in time; same with thoughts. Love is timeless and boundless. It isn’t anything in particular because it’s already everything and nothing. But the mind can never understand this because Love isn’t a “thing,” i.e., an object in time/space (person, place or thing) which can be obtained or gotten or possessed.The search for Love requires the belief that it isn’t already present. So, paradoxically, it’s the seeking for Love that obscures it. It’s a fish in the ocean searching for water.

Daniel Litvak Comment: Experience = story. So, in a way, experience is the only thing that IS held on to–in the form of a story. In truth nothing can ever be held on to. There’s nothing to grasp, and no “hands” to grasp it with. Only an imaginary story, made of smoke, and held on to in the mind–as a form of distraction from what is.

-Michael Jeffreys