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“What we think, we become” Is this True?
June 28, 2011

On my internet homepage, I receive daily Buddhist quotes. This one greeted me today:

“What we think, we become.”

There would have been a time when I would have really resonated with this quote and no doubt have even said it! However, when the wisdom of clarity begins to shine thru, you suddenly find that you see “the world” quite a bit differently.

So today, my response would be: “Well, yes and no!”

It all comes down to what you know yourself to be at your essence. If you think you are your mind, then yes, your thoughts are constantly creating your “reality” because thoughts are all the mind has to work with.

However, the problem with this is that like everything else in life, your thoughts are constantly changing (as you may have noticed!). And so, this explains the nagging feeling of instability you feel (even unconsciously) when you think you are your thoughts. One moment a thought can say, “I like this,” and at a later moment it can “change its mind” and say, “I don’t like this.” This being the case, it begs the question: which thought are you?

The answer is neither! Your true nature is like a mirror… it will reflect whatever you put in front of it (believe), yet it itself, the mirror, NEVER changes. And just as no reflection can ever harm a mirror, so too it is impossible for anything that happens in the “world” to harm your essential, timeless, formless nature.



Question about Positive Thinking
June 27, 2011

email I received :

“at one time, we talked about the fact that I should detach or have nonattachment to my thoughts
So, Michael do you think the power of positive thinking helps or works only after you learned that you are not your thoughts because you are coming from a place of gratitude and presence rather than neediness or grasping for something?”

my response:

“positive thinking is much better than negative thinking as long as you think you are a person. Once you see that there is only this moment, ever!, WHO is here to think positively or negatively? (And thought is of no use here (the person’s name), so forget it! :)”


What are the Fireworks appearing in?
June 3, 2011

What you are is innocently overlooked much like the sky is overlooked when there are fireworks going off in it on the 4th of July in the USA. Thoughts are like fireworks, they distract you from noticing the space in which they appear. Lovingly rest your full attention on the space, not the crash, boom, bang that is occurring within the space.

– Michael Jeffreys

Which “I” are You?
June 1, 2011

All mind made labels are inaccurate, but none more so than the “I” that you think of yourself as. Why? Because when you think “I”, which I are you referring to? The happy you? The sad you? The depressed you? The confused you? We are not static, everything about us, including our physical body is constantly changing moment to moment. There is no solid “I”, but merely a phantom “I” that is still believed in simply because it has not been investigated and seen thru yet.

-Michael Jeffreys

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