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What does it mean to go with the flow?
November 30, 2011

What does it mean to go with the flow? Well, for me it means having no personal agenda. If I am honest, I realize I cannot possibly know what is suppose to happen next. What is the right or correct thing to do or not do? Haven’t a clue. And so I simply let Life lead. A few minutes ago, I found my body moving to the kitchen to make a yummy vanilla, banana, and blueberry protein shake. So sweet of it. And right now my ears are kind enough to pick up the sound of a rare loud wind howling thru los angeles as night falls. It’s so beautiful when you stop resisting and just go with the flow. Don’t argue with the ride, enjoy it! Die before you die. Really, you may be pleasantly surprised.

-Michael Jeffreys

p.s. Just stare at the waterfall… it’s totally mesmerizing and puts you in a peaceful state!


Everything takes place in the mind
November 26, 2011

I posted this on facebook today:

Where do your dreams take place? Your mind. Where does your awake state take place? Your mind. When you wake up from sleep, where are your dreams then? When you are asleep, where is your awake state then? Thus the concept, “It’s all a dream.” And a dream by its nature is extremely light (both in weight and in material!)

And Martin Juncher commented:  Many thanks for reminding me Michael 🙂

And here was my response:

My pleasure Martin! For some reason this particular post seems, how can I say this… well significant, if I can use that word. Meaning, as soon as this “landed,” I instantly felt lighter and freer. There was a relaxing into the dream rather than trying to control any of it. Sort of like at night when you are sleeping. You aren’t really doing anything but laying there in your bed (and really you can’t even say that, as that is just an assumption) and experiencing the dream as it is appearing to you in your mind’s eye. And your character in the dream does whatever it does. Well, it’s sort of the same thing in the “awake dream”, the only difference being your eyes are open! 🙂

-Michael Jeffreys

p.s. The very next day after writing this Blog, I stumbled upon this video that explains what I am writing about: IN DREAMS AWAKE, Stephen LaBerge “Dreaming is perception unconstrained by sensory input. Perception is dreaming constrained by sensory input.” –Stephen LaBerge

Meet YOU in the deep… it’s the only place WE can truly meet!
November 23, 2011

What separates us, you from me? Our thoughts. As long as we believe our thoughts, you and I have very little truly in common. But what if you lose interest in your thoughts/beliefs and I lose interest in mine? So instead of us both hanging out on the top of the ocean, where all the choppy waves (stories) are, we both agree to let go of everything and free fall into the void. And so now what? You’re coming from emptiness, and “I don’t know” and I too am coming from emptiness and “I don’t know.” Voila! No separation!

-Michael Jeffreys

My ego has amnesia!
November 22, 2011

My ego has amnesia! What I mean is that my ego’s mantra is always some variation of: “How can I improve my current position?” Implicit is the belief that my “current position” is inferior or not enough. However, even if I do somehow manage to “improve my current position,” my ego totally forgets what it said about my last position (amnesia!) and says, “How can I improve my current position?” Not only does my my ego have amnesia, but it’s also a one trick pony!

-Michael Jeffreys

The Moment you Embrace your Prison You are Free
November 10, 2011

My friend Ramana posted this on facebook this evening:

‎”Whatever it is, I did it. I judged it. It is my hatred, my anger, my superficiality. A glimmer of sanity has shown me all the negativity I see is my negativity, It’s radical I know, to see that this whole dance is really all one’s own state of mind. All the inhumanity “out there” is really inside, all built around a believed separation and projection that the cause of conflict is external. Also, it is only a construct and none of it has ever really had any power to change or harm what you really are. You are pure innocence and untaintable Love.”

~ Ramana Spencer ओम

And this was the comment I left:

Okay, the reason I LOVE this quote by Ramana Spencer ओम is because he is totally owning the whole enchilada, i.e., the mind’s whole mental projection. No excuses, no bullshit, not blame game, i.e., not the republicans or his parents or genetics or society or even God’s fault. Nope, just full on ownage of it all. Done. The innocence once again sees its own reflection. Now, what’s for dinner? Do you SEE? Once ALL of LIFE is fully embraced, what is left over that can suffer? That’s right, nada. So with the full EMBRACE comes the full FREEDOM, and with the full FREEDOM comes the full LOVE.

~Michael Jeffreys

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