No Belief is Absolutely True. New MJ Awakening Blog
May 8, 2020



“One of the big wake up moments is to see one’s own beliefs. I can’t emphasize how important and significant that is, to understand what a belief is. A belief is when you are certain about something and you really have very little ground to be certain about it, and yet you are.”

-Roger Castillo

MICHAEL: We get into trouble when we forget our beliefs are simply a belief, and hold them (consciously or unconsciously) as if they are the absolute truth.

A belief is a single perspective, one particular angle, that never contains all the info. and thus is inherently incomplete and therefore not the truth.

Keeping this in mind helps us hold our beliefs lightly and not take them so seriously. The benefit of this is that we are then open to others perspectives instead of being closed off which is what happens when we mistakenly cling to our beliefs as if they are the truth. The fact that beliefs are subject to change (usually upon learning new info.) also reminds us that they are not set in stone.

For deep reflection:

“In this moment, do I need a belief to exist?”


Where do the THOUGHTS I appear to think come from? New MJ Awakening Blog
May 18, 2019


Where do the THOUGHTS I appear to think come from?

What is their Source?

Where do the WORDS I appear to speak come from?

What is their Source?

To maintain my IGNORANCE, I must ignore/not take seriously/remain distracted from looking deeply into these two fundamental questions.

Michael Jeffreys

Time APPEARS to exist… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 18, 2017


Time APPEARS to exist… just like the feeling of separation… just like apparently separate objects. But WITHOUT a thought/label… without identifying with/as anything, can you actually find time (grab hold of it), in your direct experience?… separation?, distance?, past?, future?, now?, etc.

This is the type of silent/direct inquiry that when you get interested in is a game changer. Because, you’re not taking anyone’s word for it. You’re seeing directly, for Yourself…

Michael Jeffreys

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