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Michael Jeffreys’ book review of Mooji’s “Writing on Water”
July 31, 2013

Michael Jeffreys review of Mooji's Writing on Water page 1 of 2 Michael Jeffreys review of Mooji's Writing on Water page 2 of 2

*You can download a pdf copy of my review from the August 2013 issue of CE Magazine (which you can enlarge using the + button for easier reading) here:

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If a beautiful sunset is seen, how much more beautiful is WHAT is seeing it? (meditation picture quote)
July 28, 2013

mj quote beautiful sunset

WHOLENESS is what we seek, and it doesn’t come from another person
July 23, 2013


For those of us who are “single”…

A thought/feeling (even unconsciously) can arise that truly believes that we would be happier if only we met the “right” person. As compelling as this thought/belief may feel, is it true? “Can you absolutely know that having someone in your life will make you truly happy?” as Byron Katie would say.

WHOLENESS is what we seek, and it doesn’t come from another person. It comes from noticing and living from/as the pure non-dual formless space of your Being. That which is not a thought, but is silently AWARE of all the thoughts that come and go. Get to know this one that is always PRESENT, but is usually overlooked because it has never come or gone. (Like the car windshield, we rarely notice it because we are always looking through it as we drive… and yet it’s never not there!)

So if you do find yourself currently “single,” what an auspicious time to get to know yourself. No distractions! And the beautiful thing is, should that person happen to appear in your life, you will have “done the work.” You will be able to meet them (and everyone else!!) directly, purely, openly… from a place of WHOLENESS, LOVE, PRESENCE and NON-ATTACHMENT, rather than from lack, neediness, control or incompleteness.

In other words, instead of trying to “get” LOVE, you see that you ARE LOVE itself. The former is a doing, the latter a Being which no one can give you or take away from you because it is not personal.

~Michael Jeffreys


You are not just dreaming in sleep, but thousands of times a day… (meditation picture quote)
July 23, 2013

mj quote dream balloons

It’s not WHAT you are thinking, but THAT you are thinking that is the cause of suffering (meditation picture quote)
July 18, 2013

mj quote and canyon sky

Nothing written… will take you one step closer to your True Self (meditation picture quote)
July 14, 2013

mj true self book quote

You are the Love/Awareness (“Table”) that LIFE appears on
July 10, 2013

table with food
YOUR eternal essence is timeless Love/Awareness that has no opposite.

YOU are not a thought, but rather what sees or is aware of all thoughts.

Confusion/suffering happens when we mistake (mis-take; to take in error) a transient thought for who we are.

Imagine a table mistaking itself for the items that are temporarily placed on it!

In fact, looking at the above photo it’s easy to not really notice or be aware of the table because our eye is natural drawn to the food upon it.

Likewise, we become so transfixed with our thoughts that our attention goes right to them and we forget/don’t notice that we are the pure nondual Awareness in which they appear in!

In other words, the table ALWAYS remains the table, regardless of what is or is not on it. Whether its a cherry pie, a leaf, a fork, an arm, a glass of beer, etc., the table always remains 100% table. And it so sweetly holds the food for us, even when we “forget” about the table completely because our attention is on the food.

Similarly, YOU always remain as 100% pure Love/Awareness, regardless of the thoughts, feeling, sensations, emotions, and perceptions that come and go.

–Michael Jeffreys

The heaviest thing you will ever pick up is a THOUGHT… (meditation picture quote)
July 10, 2013

MJ thought quote vista

Mooji/Michael: The Nature of Water is to Be Still (meditation picture quote)
July 4, 2013

mooji-michael water is still quote

My Review of THE DEEPEST ACCEPTANCE by Jeff Foster
July 2, 2013

My review of Jeff Foster’s book, THE DEEPEST ACCEPTANCE, which came out in today’s July 2013 issue of CE (Collective Evolution) Magazine. (You can click on the photo below to enlarge or download a pdf copy here and use the + button to enlarge for easier reading):

-Michael Jeffreys

Michael Jeffreys review CE Magazine July 2013

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