Everything IS Now, Now IS Everything. New MJ Awakening Blog
September 8, 2017


Every sound is IT.

Every sensation is IT.

Every shape/color is IT.

Every movement is IT.

There is only IT.

And IT is Everything.

What can be separate from Everything??

NOTICE: No word, thought, feeling, sensation, experience can describe/capture IT, because they too are Everything appearing as a word, thought, feeling, sensation, experience.

Everything IS Now, Now IS Everything.

Nothing to hold onto, because there’s no one actually here/now to hold onto anything.

There’s just what’s happening.


Michael Jeffreys


There is only ever NOW. New MJ Awakening Blog
June 18, 2017


There is only ever Now.

When are you reading these words?


If you don’t like these words, when will you not like them?


If you like these words, when will you like them?


When you leave this post to look at something else, when is that occurring?


There is only ever Now. So there is no possibility of ever escaping or leaving the now. After all, you could only do that when?


A watch or clock is an illusion that doesn’t even have space on it for the only thing that truly ever is, NOW!!!


Michael Jeffreys

Q: What should I focus on if my heart’s desire is to awaken? New MJ Awakening Blog
June 6, 2017

laughing buddha

Q: What should I focus on if my heart’s desire is to awaken?

MICHAEL: This moment. The now. It’s truly all that ever is. Past and future are imaginary. They seem to happen but can’t actually, because when is it not now? When has it ever been anything but now?? (Let this sink in.) There is no time in now (since it’s always now), to allow for a past or a future, thus they are illusory. This is the end of the doer. Finished. Kaput. Out of a job. R.I.P.

What observes the moving mind? When is it not NOW? new MJ Awakening Blog
May 31, 2017

blade of grass in sun rays

Mind is movement. What observes the moving mind? Take a look for yourself. That which observes or is aware of the moving mind pictures doesn’t move. And so we rest as the ever-present stillness/silent aware observer.

And if we get pulled back into the mind’s tumult out of habit, what then? Notice this and come back to the ever-present stillness/silent aware observer. It’s here right now as you read these words… notice this. It’s our natural state of effortless being, like when we were babies before we learned language.

With language, thinking/thought stories/concepts (and thus imagined separation, i.e., ‘me’ and ‘other’) showed up and began to dominate the naturally pure, attribute-less, luminous consciousness/presence that we inherently are.

And so we ‘return’ to the ‘place’ we never left and discover it is the same now as when our body was born. Although the mind pretends otherwise, it’s only ever now.

Like when a movie shows scenes from a character’s past, it’s actually being shown to the audience when? Now… only ever now. Likewise, if the movie character is imagining an event in the future, when is the audience seeing it? Now… only ever now. And so we rest in/as the silent awake presence that is timelessly here/now.

Michael Jeffreys

YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved… New MJ Awakening Blog
April 23, 2017


YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved. Is it not always now? When has it ever been not now?? “Past” and “future” are both concepts and can only appear when? Now!

Life moves through you like a river that never stops. But we have it backwards. We take the transient objects (people, places, things) to be real and miss what never comes, goes or changes… that which is ever-present. What to do? Notice this! Notice that YOU = NOW. For what can be more real, more actual, more immediate than right NOW?

Michael Jeffreys

Notice how you are incessantly distracting yourself from being present, unbrokenly… new MJ Awakening Blog
October 9, 2016


All you’ve ever wanted is this moment, as it is. But the moment always seems to have something wrong with it. What to do? See that you are not in the moment. You are what is aware of the moment. You are the Knower of the known. You are the Ultimate Subject to which all objects are known.

The attempt to escape now is what every jiva is doing via distraction. Distraction from what? Death. Insentient body is on its way out. Jiva/ego doesn’t want to deal with this, so perpetually distracts under illusion of creating “my” life, getting, achieving, having, owning, possessing, etc.

Freedom is recognizing this. Noticing how you are incessantly distracting yourself from being present, unbrokenly. Life is now, so you are now. Life is never not now, so you are never not now, regardless of what comes or goes.

Michael Jeffreys

“What I liked about working with Michael…” new MJ Awakening Blog
January 29, 2016

tea for 2

“What I liked about working with Michael is that the focus is always on the present moment and not on the ‘next’ thing.”       -Tom Bunzel

I really appreciate Tom’s unsolicited testimonial, and it does highlight one of the differences between myself and many other “spiritual teachers.” The NOW is truly all that IS. Unfortunately, most of us are addicted to our thoughts, whose content is past-future, and so we are rarely as present as we could be.

And so when working with people, I listen. And rather quickly I can see/feel the stories that the person is still identified with. Being attached to a story is not right or wrong, but it does open up the door for suffering. Why? Because they are identifying with something that they are not.

And so, together, we put the story under a “microscope” to see if it truly defines them in anyway. And when the story is seen through/begins to thin out, a space within them opens up that was once occupied by the story. And that space is NOT filled up with a “better story,” but rather left empty! With the result being the person has a direct experience of their own timeless/intrinsically peaceful nature. It’s obvious when this happens, because we both fall into silence.  

-Michael Jeffreys

You have never experienced the PAST or the FUTURE… new MJ Awakening Blog
January 21, 2016


It is always Now. The Now never changes. The Now is still. The Now never moves. The Now has no limitations. (Apparent limitations are due to identification with what you are not, with what comes and goes: THOUGHT).

You cannot think about the Now as it has no objective qualities. There are not two Now’s. Past is an illusion. Future is an illusion. You have only ever experienced the eternal Now. When the mind reminisces about the past, it does so when? Now. When the mind fantasizes about the future, it does so when? Now. YOU = NOW, NOW = YOU.

Suddenly it becomes clear why resistance to the Now brings suffering. We are in resistance with ourselves. Once we deeply see, in our own direct experience, that the eternal Now is what we have always been, the urge to attempt to escape it falls away naturally, leaving the elegant simplicity of whatever is presently happening. You see clearly that nothing IN the Now has ever been You. The content of the Now is endlessly changing, but not You, not the eternal Now itself.

-Michael Jeffreys

Seeing the Inherent Perfection of the only Moment there is… new MJ Awakening Blog
January 18, 2015


During a private session with a couple at their house today, I said:

THIS moment is perfect not because you or I say it is…
It’s perfect because it’s ALL there is. This has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad or liking or not liking. It has to do with the fact that there is no other moment that is presently arising except the one that is presently arising! And so, IT perfectly IS because it’s ALL that can truly be said to be!

The mind may try to argue, try to claim there is some other better moment in the future, but this “future moment” is a concept, and can never actually be found in your presently arising direct experience.
You can never escape what is. When this is seen clearly, the futility of trying to escape from the only thing that is becomes obvious, and the compulsion to try may fall away all by itself revealing only causeless emptiness/peace.

-Michael Jeffreys

The Moment, THIS moment, gives no indication of a past moment having ever existed… new MJ Awakening Blog
October 23, 2014

grand canyon sunset

Can it be seen that the moment itself, THIS moment, as it is spontaneously and causelessly appearing, gives no indication, no evidence, no proof of a past moment having ever existed!? That ANY reference to a “past” comes 100% from a mind made mental overlay, i.e., a story about a fictional character in time, with a “past” and a “future,” called, “me.”

The key to seeing this, ime, is to look at the moment and LET IT TELL YOU whether or not IT is indicating ANYTHING about a past…

-Michael Jeffreys

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