Being present with whatever is here/now. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 26, 2019

practice being present


It’s our inability to be present with what is, however it’s appearing, that’s the cause of our suffering. This includes thinking. You can either drift off into past-future with thinking, i.e., go along with the thought, or you can be present with whatever thought is currently arising. See the difference?

As Awareness you’re clear that you’re simply witnessing a thought, which came and will go. Whereas as the imaginary “me” you go along with the thought and into another dream of what’s not happening. When you catch yourself getting lost in thought, simply bring your attention back to here/now.

Awareness never goes anywhere. Mind is always changing. Stay home. Be present with whatever is here. It’s ALL you… give your love to everything and see what happens.

Michael Jeffreys

Me is a story and story is not what is drinking the water. New MJ Awakening Blog
August 6, 2019

lab loving water


Trying to improve, fix, or get rid of the me only attempts to reinforce a story about that which has never actually existed.

For example, a dog doesn’t think, “I am thirsty. But I notice the bowl is only half full. What happens when I run out? Then what? Maybe I’ll die of dehydration. This is terrible!”

Rather, it just finds itself going to the water and lapping up the cool liquid. It doesn’t need a story to do this. But to the human, the story seems very important to the “me.” And that’s the cause of our suffering.

Whereas the dog inherently trusts life, we don’t. Because we are too fixated on our stories, rather than what’s actually happening, which no words can contain or truly explain.

Michael Jeffreys

Aliveness cannot be put into words… New MJ Awakening Blog
August 5, 2019


Aliveness cannot be put into words, which are old, limited, dead.

Michael Jeffreys


Am I seeing THIS moment through the mind or Silence? New MJ Awakening Blog
February 27, 2019

god in silence


“Your mind has to be truly silent, empty of thoughts and concepts. It has to become a state of receptivity. Complete silence. While you are looking out into whatever happens to be your current scenery with a false ‘knowing’ that you are ‘short of money’ or ‘lacking in health’ or ‘lonely’ or ‘limited’ in some way your mind is busy entertaining belief-images of its own making.

While it’s doing so Spiritual Allness cannot penetrate. It forever wants to. It is forever ready to. It is forever pushing at your consciousness trying to burst through. But your mind is busy with images, fears and schemes of its own making, thereby shutting Spirit out.”

-Paul F. Gorman
(from, The Miracle Self)


MICHAEL: What does Silence FEEL like? 

You can’t think your way to Truth. New MJ Awakening Blog
January 11, 2019


You can’t think your way to Truth.

How do you think your way to what you already are?

Michael Jeffreys

Nothing about “you” is personal because there is no person there. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 28, 2018


It’s not that there has ever been a separate, solid “you.” It’s that the same thoughts have been IDENTIFIED WITH repetitively for many years/decades by the impersonal light of ever-present formless Consciousness.
Nothing about “you” is personal because there is no person there. Feelings, yes. Thoughts, yes. Sensations, yes. But an actual separate entity, no.
Thus, any rejection of anything that arises is to fight oneself. A self that doesn’t exist. Being is being with whatever arises without judgment.
Can you imagine if a tree believed the thought, “I like my leaves, but my bark is so ugly!” The tree would be rejecting a part of it self out of sheer ignorance. However, trees don’t do this. Just humans.
Michael Jeffreys

If FREEDOM is ever-present, then when I AM present, I am free. New MJ Awakening Meditation
November 24, 2018


If FREEDOM is ever-present, then when I AM present, I am free.

Michael Jeffreys

What’s PRESENT that’s not a story? New MJ Awakening Blog
June 30, 2018

Shakti copy

What’s PRESENT that’s not a story? ❤

Michael Jeffreys



FREDDY: “I” love your questions, because “I’m” present.

What does it mean to be Awareness aware of Awareness? New MJ Awakening Blog
June 14, 2018


What does it mean to be Awareness aware of Awareness?

MICHAEL: It means to NOTICE that my incessant and habitual movement is toward THOUGHTS. Constantly. Endlessly. Since the beginning of time. Thought after thought after thought. Are the cows home yet? 

Awareness becomes aware of itself, pure aliveness, when it notices its own pure unmoving, unchanging, not going anywhere, not doing anything, yet everywhere and doing everything, pure presence… pure love… the heart of stillness. 

Noticing PRESENCE never goes anywhere… New MJ Awakening Blog
May 11, 2018

leaf bubbles

Noticing PRESENCE never goes anywhere

Does any word, sound or thought alter, add to or take away from the Presence you have always been and are right now?

Are you not already Presence before the next word, sound or thought shows up?

Are you not already Presence during the word, sound or thought?

Are you not already Presence after the word, sound or thought leaves?

Have you ever been anything besides Presence?

Michael Jeffreys


ERIC: No but it does feel to me like it is possible to be more or less present. And more presence comes with more feelings of aliveness and joy. I could be using the wrong words to describe this though…

MICHAEL: Since there is only Presence that is ever truly present, anything after “no but…” (and including “no but”!) is a mental imagining or exploration that we are interested in, as Nazarah says. Nothing wrong with it… but it’s not Presence only knowing itself.

RICK: “Isness”…… not the mind, as some “teachers” have not clarified this distinction.

MICHAEL: That’s it Rick… there is nothing else to clarify. ISness is not mind and mind is not ISness. The noticing of this is the discrimination that vedanta is always going on about… noticing what changes versus what doesn’t. Thoughts are never not changing, so they are never truly Present.


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