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Am I seeing THIS moment through the mind or Silence? New MJ Awakening Blog
February 27, 2019

god in silence


“Your mind has to be truly silent, empty of thoughts and concepts. It has to become a state of receptivity. Complete silence. While you are looking out into whatever happens to be your current scenery with a false ‘knowing’ that you are ‘short of money’ or ‘lacking in health’ or ‘lonely’ or ‘limited’ in some way your mind is busy entertaining belief-images of its own making.

While it’s doing so Spiritual Allness cannot penetrate. It forever wants to. It is forever ready to. It is forever pushing at your consciousness trying to burst through. But your mind is busy with images, fears and schemes of its own making, thereby shutting Spirit out.”

-Paul F. Gorman
(from, The Miracle Self)


MICHAEL: What does Silence FEEL like? 


Thinking covers Peace up, Silence reveals it. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 21, 2019

saturn oil lamp


Right where the mind is claiming incompleteness, lack, not-enoughness, is only ever Wholeness/Peace/Infinite Presence.

Michael Jeffreys

“Remember that everyone is doing the best they can and always speak from your own experience.” -Matt Kahn. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 18, 2019

Matt, Michael, Julie

About 9 years ago I happily hosted Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar in my apartment in West Los Angeles for Satsang. And even though it’s been almost a decade, I often think of what Matt said to me right after he pointed at my bookcase filled with spiritual/nonduality books and told me his goal was to turn them into firewood!

He said: “Remember that everyone is doing the best they can and always speak from your own experience.”

Michael Jeffreys

Noticing that the movie screen of the mind is forever BLANK. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 16, 2019

blank movie screen

The appearance of lack, limitation, not-enoughness, is only ever that… a limited mind imagined production on a forever blank screen!

Michael Jeffreys

ALL there IS is God leaves nothing leftover for a ‘you’ to be. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 14, 2019

oil lamp

From last night’s West LA Satsang:

“An important subtlety is that it’s not that ‘you’ are God; it’s that ALL there IS is God.”

-Michael Jeffreys

No credit, no blame is the way to Peace. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 12, 2019

From Paul F. Gorman:

paul f. gorman - no credit no blame

MICHAEL: The self-pinching (contraction) is taking credit or blame for something you had nothing to do with.

Truth cannot be found. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 11, 2019

see truth

“Truth is before the intellect, before thought. Truth has nothing to do with the intellect or thought.” -Paul Gorman

MICHAEL: Because there is only Truth.

The dirty little secret of Enlightenment. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 5, 2019

dirty little secret

When the spontaneous recognition occurs, the separate “me” you currently take/presume/believe yourself to be–the individual thinker, feeler, and doer– won’t be there.

Oh, you’ll still have thoughts, feelings and do things, but you’ll no longer be able to identify as being their source. And without the attention sucking, energy draining “personal identity” constantly hogging the scene with its endless array of judgments/criticisms and aggrievements/problems, there is only the simplicity/peace of what IS.

Michael Jeffreys

Why do some seek Enlightenment and others do not? New MJ Awakening Blog
February 4, 2019


Q: Some identified individuals never entertain this process. They go about their lives being born, growing up, dying, without ever thinking about enlightenment?

RAMESH BALSEKAR: Yes, because those organisms are still part of the process of IDENTIFICATION. And in that evolutionary process of identification still going on, the question of seeking doesn’t arise. So it’s only after the mind has turned inward that the process of DIS-IDENTIFICATION, of seeking, has started.

Q: So all that you are telling about now seems to be of the perspective of the individual going through this process?

RB: No, on the contrary. As I’ve told you, the whole process is an impersonal process. And the individual organism is merely an object through which this process is happening. So the basis is nothing to do with an individual.

The individual comes into trouble, thinks he is an unhappy seeker because he thinks in terms of an individual, wanting enlightenment as an object. So part of this understanding, part of growing up spiritually, is to realize that the individual is only an object. And no object can become enlightened.The sentient human being is still an object. His true nature is only Consciousness.

Facebook Comments

Murali: Somehow, this seems to create a judgment that those who seek enlightenment are further along in life process..

Nikolaus: The problem is that the identified mind sees judgement everywhere… that’s part of its process 😆
If you deeply contemplate what was said then you see that both the object that is identified and the object that wants do disidentify are unreal.
Then who’s there to judge what.
You have to take that information one thousand percent literally.

Michael: Murali… is an oak tree “further along in life process” than the oak seed? Or are both intrinsically whole exactly as they’re being?
Notice that judgment comes from mind which ALWAYS compares one thing against an other. What Ramesh is pointing to in this post is that YOU are not an object, so the mind has nothing to say about you UNLESS you take yourself to be a body/mind, i.e., an object. And that’s called suffering, because you’re not an object. ❤

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