What is aware of THOUGHT? New MJ Awakening Blog
April 14, 2018


As I tune into/feel my mind’s attention, I notice it jumps around like a frog from one water lily to the next, i.e., one thought to the next. Endlessly.
What does this have to do with me? Do I jump around? Have I ever moved? Or is everything else moving but me?
Michael Jeffreys

Have you ever seriously asked yourself why you’re believing your thoughts when all they do is cause you pain and suffering? New MJ Awakening Blog
April 13, 2018

what now thought

What grounds do you have for ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, believing a thought?

Michael Jeffreys

When it comes to SILENCE, I sell out too soon. New MJ Awakening Blog
April 5, 2018


When it comes to SILENCE, I sell out too soon. I never get to her deeper secrets because as soon as ANY thought shows up, I forget all about her. ❤

Michael Jeffreys

PRESENCE is simply Being, not Storying. New MJ Awakening Blog
April 1, 2018

rainbow incense

Whenever I am in mental pain, anguish, suffering, story, wishing someone had acted differently, I know I am in mind and not silent PRESENCE.

Michael Jeffreys


Heart feels… Mind interprets. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 29, 2018

sunflower heart


Heart feels… Mind interprets

Silence… Noise

Michael Jeffreys


p.s. INTERPRET (verb): 1. to give or provide the meaning of.

2. to construe or understand in a particular way. -Dictionarydotcom

The mind is a thought producing machine and this morning I caught it starting-up upon awakening. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 23, 2018

baby waking up

Upon awakening this morning, I could feel/hear the mind literally start-up/kick in. You can actually catch it start babbling its nonsense in mid-sentence if you are present enough as you come out of sleep. And if you can hear the mind, you know that it’s not you, because you’re what’s hearing it. Always. Even right now.

And if you say, “Ok mind, I am here and ready to listen, go ahead… go head…” and then you get quiet, it has nothing to say! As a friend said in a recent facebook post, the thing never shuts up, but now, when I become present with it, it has nothing to say!!??

-Michael Jeffreys

p.s. I found that looking at/feeling into this babies’ serene face from presence (no thoughts), takes you right to stillness/peace/serenity… 



Truth cannot be accepted or rejected… New MJ Awakening Blog
March 19, 2018



Truth cannot be accepted or rejected.

Truth cannot be lost or found.

Truth cannot be held or dropped.

Truth cannot come or go.


Michael Jeffreys

We cannot bypass the HEART on the spiritual path. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 3, 2018

heart light

We cannot bypass the HEART on the spiritual path. Awakening from the neck up is not true awakening.

-Michael Jeffreys


A lot of times the person-mind wants to jump straight to being an empowered mind and doesn’t want to go into the emotional healing phase that’s REQUIRED to evolve your Consciousness.

Because it doesn’t want to actually feel what’s going on in the HEART. This is the key! The key to advancing your Consciousness is through the HEART. End of story. Your Consciousness is not going to advance if you are not in the HEART.

-Nazarah Merah

The way to truly be what you are is to stop being what you’re not… New MJ Awakening Pic Quote
February 27, 2018

only love

February 19, 2018


I know of no better, quicker or more efficient way to suffer than to be in resistance to what is. And this includes being in resistance to resistance. When nothing is resisted, no thought, feeling or emotion, good or bad, positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant, intense or not intense, what does that leave?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Michael Jeffreys
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