Silence is prior to mind. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote
January 9, 2018

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There is only ever NOW. New MJ Awakening Blog
June 18, 2017


There is only ever Now.

When are you reading these words?


If you don’t like these words, when will you not like them?


If you like these words, when will you like them?


When you leave this post to look at something else, when is that occurring?


There is only ever Now. So there is no possibility of ever escaping or leaving the now. After all, you could only do that when?


A watch or clock is an illusion that doesn’t even have space on it for the only thing that truly ever is, NOW!!!


Michael Jeffreys

Abiding PEACE isn’t a doing at all. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 2, 2016


Fulfillment of desires does not bring abiding peace. Fulfillment of a desire leads to more desires. It’s endless. Clearly seeing this, at first, may bring fear… “Well, if my desires cannot lead to abiding peace, what to do??”

Realize that ABIDING PEACE ISN’T A DOING AT ALL. It’s noticing that where you are seeing from is already peace itself. Thus, no thought or action can take you to abiding peace, but in fact takes you away from it because the very movement of seeking is an indication that you don’t already possess what you are looking for.

After all, if you have your keys on you, you are not going to start searching for them. But what if you forgot you have them in your pocket? Then you will start to search high and low for them until somebody comes along and says, “What is that in your pocket?” And you say, “Why yes, those are my keys!” And they say, “Have they not been with you all along?”

Michael Jeffreys

What if you stop looking to your mind to give you peace, which it itself does not possess?
July 13, 2014


The illusion is that if you can just manipulate your outer world to match the picture in your head of what you think you want, you will be happy. However, If we dig a little deeper, the first thing we may notice is that these pictures are constantly changing! Do you want the exact same thing now as you did 5 years ago?… 5 months ago?….. 5 mins ago?

It seems as if the mind is a confused… doesn’t seem to really know what will make it happy, so it just endlessly seeks new stuff. And do you notice that the mind is never satisfied? I mean, when was the last time you got what you wanted, and the mind said, “Okay, cool, goal achieved. I’m good. Mission accomplished. Happiness achieved.. no need to want anything else. Cya!” How about never!! The mind’s desires are endless, endless, endless. Which can only mean it hasn’t itself any peace, or why would it be searching so dang hard??¬†Which brings us to my point:

What if you stop looking to your mind to give you peace, which it itself does not possess?

-Michael Jeffreys

Because we think Thoughts are Valuable, we miss the Invaluable
January 16, 2014

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