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Nothing Here is YOU
June 30, 2013


Nothing here is YOU. Nothing. Not the world. Not the body. Not the thoughts. Not the images. Not the sounds. Not the Sensations. Nothing. Everything is appearing in/to what YOU are. But what YOU are is not a form, so it is fundamentally unknowable because YOU are IT. An eye can see everything but itself.

Rest in what you already are and have always been. This is True Freedom beyond any and all concepts of freedom. This is True Peace beyond any and all concepts of peace. And the “hardest” part is realizing there is absolutely nothing you can do to obtain this… because you ARE IT.

–Michael Jeffreys


The World is Duality, YOU are Not (meditation picture quote)
June 27, 2013

mj quote swan reflection

A Peace that doesn’t Come and Go
June 20, 2013

Buddha for mj meetup

Peace reveals itself to be already present as soon as we stop demanding the present moment be a certain way. Said another way, why let what is currently here or NOT here determine whether or not you are at peace? Why link the two? If you say, “Yes, but Michael, I cannot be at peace until X happens,” than you have linked the two.

You have arbitrarily put a severe restriction on yourself, i.e., until the present moment looks like the image in your head, you cannot be at peace… and, Voila!, so it is. And yet, the reverse is also possible… what happens when you don’t put ANY restrictions on your ability to feel the inherent peace that is always here? Only one way to find out.

–Michael Jeffreys

The Mind needs a Story to Exist… YOU do not (meditation picture quote)
June 17, 2013

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Tried “Oil Pulling” Today for the First Time
June 11, 2013

tj virg coconut oil

I tried “oil pulling” today for the first time. Basically you swish around a mouth full of virgin coconut oil (Trader Joe’s is where i got mine) for 20 mins. Suppose to have a million health benefits including better sleep, whiter teeth, lowers craving for carbs., “pulls” the bacteria out of your gums that brushing doesn’t touch.

Even in hair and on skin gives health benefits (since most of the drug store lotions don’t seem to do anything for dry skin, I am happy to give this a try… so far, me likey!)… plus, it smells good and has several health supporting vitamins in it.

On this video, Corey Hedgepeth explains the benefits he found when he tried “oil pulling” with virgin coconut oil (as you’ll see, he uses Trader Joe’s as well!). I really like the casual park setting and the chill way Corey shares his experience:


-Michael Jeffreys

Meaning from Dancing Air?
June 9, 2013

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Without the Sky, there can be no Fireworks
June 4, 2013

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