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The Silence in the Heart of the Soul
July 30, 2012

You are the LIGHT in which the whispy roller-coaster ride filmstrip called, “My Life,” appears in. Knowing this conceptually doesn’t relieve the suffering a whole lot, because the understanding must go much deeper… to the silence in the heart of the soul.

–Michael Jeffreys


Ultimately, Nothing Means Anything
July 28, 2012

One way to truly see that ultimately, nothing means anything, is to keep asking yourself, “And that means what?” Do this over and over.

For example, take the thought, “I am depressed.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I feel tired and sad.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I am not being productive… I am being lazy.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I need to earn a living.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “Without income, I could end up homeless.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I could suffer on the streets and possibly die.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I won’t exist anymore.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “Well, people would miss me.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “They will be sad that I am gone.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I don’t want them to be sad.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “Uh… hmmmm………” 🙂

The key is to take it as far as you can until you realize that at some point, nothing inherently means anything. Which means (there ya go) that anything that has meaning to you only has apparent or relative meaning. Meaning (there ya go again!) it is not absolutely true, but only has whatever meaning the mind is temporarily giving it in the moment. Ultimately, nothing means anything. What do I mean by this? Nothing.

-Michael Jeffreys

No “Right” or “Wrong”… Just Different PERSPECTIVES
July 23, 2012

I just came back from my daily run around the beautiful West Los Angeles VA center, and as I was heading home down Ohio Ave., I was looking at the drivers sitting in their cars as the traffic backed up, as it usual does this time of day here in LA.

And I noticed that each driver was seeing a totally unique and different view from what the driver in front of and behind them was seeing. Yes, they were all seeing the same general picture of “Ohio ave. at 3:40pm between Purdue Ave. and Supulveda Blvd.”, but NOT from the same perspective.

What’s more, I saw one woman looking out the clean and clear window of her Lexus SUV, and right behind her was a man driving a garbage truck whose windows were filthy. So, not only were both seeing the present moment from a different perspective, but the “filter” they were seeing thru (the car window) varied in HOW the experience appeared to them!

What a wonderful reminder, I thought, of how each of us has our own unique perspective on the present moment. “Right” and “wrong” are labels often used when someone doesn’t agree with us. However, when we are truly able to see that all there are are different PERSPECTIVES, suddenly “right” and “wrong” go out the window (sorry, couldn’t resist!), i.e., no longer make sense. Is the sanitation truck drivers view more “right” than the Lexus driver’s view, or just different?

And with the dropping away of the dense energetic need to judge others experience as being “right” or “wrong”, comes a much lighter feeling of relaxation, peace, and openness.

-Michael Jeffreys

You are Beyond ALL Experiences
July 16, 2012

You are Beyond ALL experiences and thus nothing has ever touched you, much less harmed you. You are even beyond any thought that thinks that you have been hurt or harmed. Beyond everything leaves no exception. YOU are Beyondness itself. Untouchable, unknowable, yet somehow intuitable.

–Michael Jeffreys

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