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What if no one has ever died because no one was ever born? New MJ Awakening Blog
October 15, 2019

Sun above Earth


“There is an agreed upon, consensus reality which almost the entire human race shares. The world has been around a long time; it is ancient. Into this world, you are born as an individual; you grow, learn, experience life, and die. There is some disagreement concerning what happens after that, except that for everyone else, life will go on – until they also die. Everybody thinks they know this – or some local variation of this. But in fact when you were ‘born’ you did not know this. You LEARNED this. Everyone else learned it too and so it is an almost universally shared idea. But everybody believing something doesn’t make it true.

From eternity, without time, I Am, the unborn. Just as a dream begins at some point during sleep, so ‘at some point’ That which I Am appears as Consciousness here, and this world comes into being. I open my eyes: there is experiencing of life in this apparent body/mind. After a certain span of experiencing, I close my eyes: the world ceases to be, and from eternity I Am, the unborn. What could be simpler, or more obvious?

Every once in a while someone will come along and try to tell folks this, but a consensus reality is tough to crack. It is self-reinforcing and has built-in ways to deal with cognitive dissonance. One way is to call the offenders ‘crazy.’ Another, just as effective, is to call them ‘mystics.’ Either way the illusion of separation, the consensus reality, is maintained.”
-David Carse
Perfect Brilliant Stillness

MICHAEL: That you were born is so universally believed that to even question it seems insane. But what if it is only the body that is born and not You? If you were born, how come you don’t remember being born? “Because I was too young” is the common reply. But what if the real reason is because you weren’t. What are the implications? If you were never born then how can you die? What if no one has ever died because no one was ever born?


The One Dreaming… New MJ Awakening Blog
October 12, 2019

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What you think of as your life is actually a long dream. It’s the One dreaming…
What you think of as you in your mind is not the real you, but a reflection, a temporary appearance, an idea.
It’s a limited, timebound appearance of that which is unlimited and timeless.
Time is a reflection, a temporary manifestation of the true timeless, unmanifested You.
Time only appears to exist. Without the appearance of time, nothing is happening.

Michael Jeffreys


Now is storyless which means You are storyless. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 9, 2019


Now has no story. Which means You have no story. All stories are for the illusory me.

Michael Jeffreys

Having a healthier self-esteem is for the person… but there isn’t one. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 7, 2019



Having a healthier self-esteem is for the person… but there isn’t one.

Michael Jeffreys

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