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“You see Him and you do not know that you see Him.” -Ibn Arabi (Balyani), 13th century Sufi. New MJ Awakening Quote
October 28, 2018

sufi oil painting

“The word things applies to the separate self and to other things. Because the existence of the separate self and the existence of things are equal in terms of being things.

When you know the things you know yourself. And when you know yourself you know the Lord, the ultimate reality of the Universe. Because what you think is other than God is not other than God, but you do not know it. You see Him and you do not know that you see Him.”

-Ibn Arabi (Balyani), 13th century Sufi


Q: Are thoughts real? New MJ Awakening Blog
October 27, 2018

sufi dance in colors

Q: Are thoughts real?

MICHAEL: What is truly real is what flows through all beings AT ALL TIMES. So what is same there is same here is same everywhere. (Let that sink in.)

It’s just not noticed when we are in thought, in imagination.Thoughts are not real because they can flow to one, but not to another. You can have a thought that I don’t have and vice-versa. Because thoughts are in time, they come and go, i.e., there’s a time when they are and a time when they are not, they¬†are not truly real.

What’s real never comes or goes… YOU.


I AM all that you hear, I am hearing now, yet you cannot hear me… New MJ Awakening Sutra
October 19, 2018

purple OM


I AM all that you hear, I am hearing now, yet you cannot hear me.
I AM all that you see, I am seeing now, yet you cannot see me.
I AM all that you feel, I am feeling now, yet you cannot feel me.
I AM all that you touch, I am touching now, yet you cannot touch me.
I AM all that you smell, I am smelling now, yet you cannot smell me.
I AM all that you taste, I am tasting now, yet you cannot taste me.
I AM all that you think, I am thinking now, yet you cannot think me.

Michael Jeffreys

“I searched for God and found only myself…” -Rumi. New MJ Awakening Meditation
October 15, 2018

rumi i searched for god

The problem with “self help” is it’s based on changing what can’t be changed. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 8, 2018

self help books

The problem with every “self-help” book ever written (and I’ve written three), is that they are all based on an erroneous starting assumption: That what you inherently are, your true nature, is somehow defective, somehow deficient, somehow lacking and needs to be fixed. That’s the message we all receive via societal conditioning from a very early age. That we are not good enough simply as we are.

But this is all based on the mind’s belief/assumption that what you intrinsically are can change!! Notice this. Consciousness is not an object, not in time, so change does not apply to “it” as change requires time and Consciousness is not in time. Do you see?

When this lifelong struggle/habit to fix, change or improve what you already and have always been is dropped because you realize that what you are doesn’t need to change and in fact can’t, what is left? Relief… joy… silence… peace.

Michael Jeffreys


That which is UNLIMITED can never truly be limited. New MJ Awakening Pointer
October 5, 2018


That which is limited can never truly be UNLIMITED.

That which is UNLIMITED can never truly be limited.

Michael Jeffreys

October 2, 2018

practice being present

Mind resists what is (or if it likes it, it resists it ending).
Awareness accepts what is, however it is.
Mind imagines a better future moment.
Awareness is only aware now.

Mind is never fully content for long.
Awareness’s nature is contentment itself.
The addiction to the journey for peace
is a distraction from directly experiencing
the peace that is already ever-present.

This is why Papaji said to, “Call off the search,”
and to notice something right where you are.
Something that is being overlooked… YOU.

Michael Jeffreys

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