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Why you can’t find LOVE… new MJ Awakening Blog
June 25, 2015



“LOVE (noun)
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3. sexual passion or desire.”

Notice how “LOVE” is defined as having passionate feelings towards a particular person, feeling or desire. This is what I call “particularizing” and ironically, it actually leads you away from LOVE. Why? Because LOVE isn’t any particular thing… it’s EVERYTHING. LOVE is all that is, so if we believe it’s in some person, feeling or desire, we also must believe it is not already all that is.

-Michael Jeffreys


The Dream Character is not Separate from the Dream… new MJ Awakening Blog
June 20, 2015


In a dream, what is the dream character actually creating or making happen or choosing? Nothing. Why? Because the dream character is not separate from the dream. Credit for achievements or blame for apparent failures are part of the dream, and do not originate from the dream character simply because the dream character is an appearance, not a Source. But what if a thought claims that it is separate/independent from the dream? Then that too is simply what’s happening in the dream.

-Michael Jeffreys

Every Moment is “IT”… new MJ Awakening pic quote
June 17, 2015

mj every moment is IT pic quote

Lisa Cairns & Everything Happening Nowhere… new MJ Awakening Blog
June 9, 2015


Lisa Cairns: There can be thoughts appearing, but if there’s nothing that holds onto the thoughts, then where are ‘things’? Where is the ‘you’ that is in relationship to ‘things’?

Questioner: I don’t know where I am, that’s the problem.

Lisa: No, that’s the beauty. The problem has always been ‘you’ thinking you know where you are. The beauty of not knowing where you are is then there is simply everything for no one.

Michael: For example, I ‘know’ I am in Los Angeles. And ‘I know’ LA is in CA. And ‘I know’ CA is in the USA. And ‘I know’ USA is on planet Earth, and ‘I know’ the Earth is in our solar system with the sun and 8 other planets, which is located in the milky way galaxy, which is one of many galaxies which make up the Universe.

But where is the Universe located?? Where are its borders? And if borders are claimed to be found, what’s beyond that? So, if I don’t know where the Universe is located, then how can I know where anything else appearing within it is located??

Everything is happening nowhere.

-Michael Jeffreys

Our judgments about others… new MJ Awakening pic quote
June 6, 2015

mj judgment not about others pic quote

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