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THE PARADOX: What you think you are, you are NOT, and what you can’t think you are, you ARE! … New MJ Awakening Blog
November 27, 2015


The first step to awakening is to admit/realize that “you” are too attached to, too interested in, too blinded by, too involved with and therefore too busy constantly trying to fix, correct, and make better what you think/believe/imagine you are, to notice what you ACTUALLY ALREADY ARE!

The paradox: What you think you are, you are NOT, and what you can’t think you are, you are! Wholeness is not something “you” can bring about or make happen, SINCE IT’S ALREADY THE CASE. All you can “do” is clearly see the false as false, and what was once obscured, that which doesn’t come or go, becomes so blindingly obvious, you wonder how you ever missed it.

-Michael Jeffreys


Size is an illusion: it depends on your distance from the person/object… new MJ Awakening Blog
November 14, 2015

couple in park

I was at the park today with a friend and I was watching a couple walk down a path and I observed how the further away they walked from me, the smaller they became from my point-of-view.

And I remarked to my friend that I had no clue as to their actual size, as when they were in front of me they were between 5-6 feet tall, and by the time they were about 50 yds. away, they were about 6 inches tall from my p.o.v.!

And so neither size was actually accurate. Amazing the difference it makes in our perception when we stay with our direct experience without overlaying it with a learned mental trick/concept called “adjusting for depth perception.”

-Michael Jeffreys

Your thoughts are not yours… new MJ Awakening Blog
November 8, 2015


Your thoughts are not yours. This is the fundamental mistake… taking possession of something that does not belong to you. WHO is taking possession? Can that one actually be found? WHO do thoughts refer to? Can that one actually be found?You only react or care about thoughts when you believe they are about/refer to “you.” And yet, “you” can never locate/find “you.” The belief that you exist separately from your thoughts must be investigated.No thought, no “you.” Thoughts appear IN You… thus, You are NOT a thought because You never come or go. You exist here/now whether a thought is arising or not.

-Michael Jeffreys

Big Announcement: The SM Eckhart Tolle meetup is now The West LA Satsang with Michael meetup, and here’s why…
November 3, 2015

michael's west la satsang banner

Letting go of the past is an important part of awakening. Why? Because what you are exists ONLY here, now, in/as this present moment. And so, it’s important in awakening to be aware of attachments we may still be holding on to from the past. For me, as I have come upon my own way of speaking about that which never comes or goes, it is clear it is time to let go of the Santa Monica Eckhart Tolle meetup.

To expand on this for a moment, while I have thoroughly enjoyed being the organizer for the past 9 years, I feel now is the time to officially break away from under Eckhart’s teaching and just share what I have come to discover:

That happiness is NOT available in the world, but is in fact WHAT YOU ALREADY ARE! Hence the expression, “You are what you seek.”

Satsang is about seeing this for yourself, in your own direct experience. And so that is what the West LA Satsang is all about… taking a look at what beliefs are blocking us from seeing our already whole, ever-present and intrinsically at peace nature, despite what may be happening or not happening in the waking dream.

And while I love Eckhart and much of his teaching, for me his language was sometimes a bit dualistic. For example, when he would say, “Make friends with the now,” that sounded great on the surface, but there was always a “me” trying to befriend “the now.” 2 things. Separation. And so, I never felt, as good as it was, that Eckhart’s teaching could actually awaken me as long as that sense of separation was there. Just to be clear, this was not so much a problem with Eckhart or the material, but rather how it hit me. (Each of is unique and thus you must find the teaching that resonates best for you.)

And so, I began to realize that the one thing all my problems had in common was “me”! Utilizing non-duality, deconstruction, and self-inquiry, I discovered that I couldn’t actually find or locate the “me” that I had always imagined myself to be! And without a me, there is only THIS, only what’s presently happening. Eureka!! I had found what I was looking for. It turns out that you don’t need an imaginary “me” to exist, but on the contrary, the sense of being a “me” is actually what spoils the party. As Paul Hedderman says, “The party doesn’t get good until after you leave!”

Another reason for this announcement is so that those that prefer Eckhart’s teaching can leave this meetup and join one that focuses on Eckhart’s material. Just because I don’t feel Eckhart’s material goes deep enough to get to the root of separation, doesn’t mean that others won’t find tremendous value from it. So, if you choose to move on, I wish you the best in your spiritual awakening. Just go to our meetup and click on your account and then “leave this group.” Here’s the link:

And for those that wish to attend the West LA Satsang, we currently meet at 3 locations every month:

Every Weds., night at my apt. in West LA from 7:00-9:15pm (by donation)
First Sun. night of the month at The Gateway in West LA from 7-9pm (10.00)
The middle Sat. of the month at The Sunset Park Church in Santa Monica from 1-3pm (check our calendar for the exact date; by donation)


P.S. I look forward to seeing those of you that are coming to tomorrow night’s West LA Satsang with myself and Daniel. If you haven’t already RSVP’d, you can do so here:

You are PRIOR to perception… new MJ Awakening Blog
November 1, 2015

sleeping buddha

How can ANY perception (Be it fear, anger, sadness, depression, confusion, boredom, anxiety, any story, thought, idea, feeling, image, person, place or thing, etc.) be You if You are what is perceiving it? Doesn’t whatever You are have to be PRIOR to the perception?? (Please confirm this for Yourself.)

When we IDENTIFY with what comes and goes we suffer from “mistaken identity.” It is suffering because we are taking ourselves to be something we are not: a particular sense of contracted energy which comes and so it will go. If it can go, then was it ever really You in the first place??¬†Why IDENTIFY with anything??

Stay as are and see/notice that what you’ve always been is what you’ve been looking for! You aren’t anything and yet You are… that’s the paradox the mind can never reconcile.

-Michael Jeffreys

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