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The question of having FREE WILL and what is usually overlooked… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 26, 2015

free will

“I” have FREE WILL. “I” do not have FREE WILL.

Notice that the focus of these 2 statements is on the object of the sentence, the concept of having or not having FREE WILL. Meanwhile, the subject of the sentence, the “I”, the one who seemingly possesses the power to “have” or “own” ANYTHING is assumed, a given. So, from my perspective, it’s not whether there is such thing as the concept of FREE WILL or not that’s important, but rather, can the “I”, the one who claims to have or not have FREE WILL actually be found?

-Michael Jeffreys


We are all addicted to the mind’s stories… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 18, 2015

mind stories

We are all addicted to the mind’s stories. And yet it’s important to note that the incessant stories between our ears are fine WHEN THEY ARE RECOGNIZED AS STORIES.

But most of the time this is not the case. Usually our attention is so involved with the illusory story in our head, that we lose conscious contact with the ever present here and now, which is storyless, and thus inherently free!!

But please do not take my word for it. Check it for yourself… does THIS presently arising moment require ANY story to exist? (Don’t go to mind or you are back in story!) And without a story, can anything even be said to be happening??

-Michael Jeffreys

Life is NOW… new MJ Awakening pic quote
September 11, 2015

life is now mj pic quote

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