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Sun Gazing and the 300K Homeless Man
May 28, 2012

So this afternoon as I was jogging thru the West Los Angeles VA center, I stopped off at my favorite spot, a grass covered park area with a ring of amazing trees right in the center. The energy feels so powerful, sacred and healing that it just stills me. As I stood there in silence, the sun caught my eyes and I realized that with my sunglasses on and by peering through a tiny space between two fingers, I could safely gaze at the sun through the trees. If you have not done this before, it is quite energizing, and you can actually see little strands of rainbow light coming off the sun.

After about 10 mins., I turned up my music on my mp3 player and continued on my jog only to run into 2 homeless men in their 50s standing on the street corner along Wilshire Blvd. holding up little cardboard signs with the usual, “need food, money, job” written on it in black marker. They would each take turns walking up and down the row of cars that were stopped at the red light.

For some reason, instead of just jogging by without speaking to them, I found myself ripping off my headphones and saying “Hi!” with a warm smile to one of them. The one I spoke to was named Renee, a tan man with a fit build and grey hair and beard, wearing white shorts and a tank top. I asked him how much he usually gets per “donation”, and he said usually a hand full of change or a buck. Next, I asked him if he was a Veteran? And he said, no, that he used to be COO for a company. I asked him if he didn’t mind telling me what he used to earn. And my jaw hit the ground when he casually said, “My best year I made $300,000. But it all went to pay for the kids college, cars, house payments, etc. And all I did was work all the time… 18 hours a day.”

Can you imagine?… here was a father of 5 who once earned 300K a year and he was now homeless, on a street corner with a sleeping bag and suitcase, begging for change so he could eat. I stood there stunned for a minute just taking the whole scene in. We chatted for about 20 more mins. and then he said he had to “get back to work.” We shook hands and he picked up his cardboard sign and began walking along the row of cars that had just pulled up to the red light.

I waved good-bye and continued on my jog… so grateful that Life had me stop and talk to this man. Next time you see a homeless person, if you have a moment, spend a few minutes chatting with them… you may find that what they have to teach you, money can’t buy.

-Michael Jeffreys


No one has ever Awakened
May 21, 2012

Occasionally, I get asked how “I awakened.” First, I didn’t. Nobody has for the simple reason that awakening is the seeing thru of the illusionary doer that 99.9% of humanity takes themselves to be.

That said, all I can tell you is that somehow it hit me very clearly and deeply, as well as energetically (meaning that it is not just an intellectual understanding), that LIFE does ALL. But I can’t tell you how I know that. Suddenly, it just became obvious to me. And since Life does all, if a thought arises that tries to claim it did something all by itself, I somehow know it is dreaming! Like, it suddenly becomes a joke and actually makes me laugh… the mind is pretty funny when you don’t take it too seriously. Furthermore, you seem to understand that even Life made that thought appear! You can’t get around it, Life (God, Source, Universal Intelligence… use any label ya like) has to be first before anything else could be!

-Michael Jeffreys

The Dream is Without a Dreamer
May 21, 2012


This morning I dreamed I had overslept and missed my chess class (which I teach at several schools). In the dream I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 2:40pm… (A thought informed me that my class starts at 1:50pm, so the next thought informed me that I had overslept and missed it!) In the dream, I kept blinking my eyes to re-check the clock to make sure I was reading it correctly… and I was! A thought informed me that the clock said 2:40pm for sure. And I couldn’t believe it… I had missed my chess class asserted a thought….

Suddenly, OUT OF NOWHERE, I found myself awake a thought informed me! Now, THIS, a new world suddenly appeared!! This new world “claimed” via thought that I had just awoken from sleep and was now experiencing the non-dream or “real” world. Once this feeling of, “oh, I was just dreaming” thought registered, I found myself, quite naturally looking at a clock to determine what the actual time was and if I had indeed missed my class. The clock said: 11:30am. “11:30am?!! a thought exclaimed. Next thought: “Oh, I am fine… I hadn’t missed my chess class.

Q: Now I ask you… what is the difference between those two experiences?

A: Both are projections of “the mind,” which means there is no difference. The story of going to sleep, dreaming, and waking up is ALL ONE FLOWING UNBROKEN DREAM.

Much Love,


p.s. After I wrote the above, I sent it to my friend and fellow teacher Rupert Spira. His take on “reality being a dream of the one” is beautiful:

In a dream six people are sitting around a table having dinner together chatting, each with their own seemingly unique mind. Upon waking waking we realise that the entire content of the dream was the product of one mind, not many.

In the waking state, six people are sitting around a table having dinner together chatting, each with their own seemingly unique Consciousness. Upon ‘waking up’ we realise that the entire content of the evening was the product of one Consciousness, not many.

In the ‘awakened state’ (which is not a state) it is realised that all that is ever experienced is ‘Experiencing’ and Experiencing never comes in contact with anything other than itself. This absence of a separate other is known as love, the absence of a separate object is known as beauty.

In other words, from the point of view of the waking state, there are different states, through which an individual self passes. However, from the point of view of Consciousness, (which is not a point of view) there is only itself, not coming or going, not passing through states, being apparently modulated in all forms of experiencing, such as thinking, feeling, sensing, seeing, hearing etc, being, knowing and loving itself alone.

-Rupert Spira

Be in the World, but not of it
May 16, 2012

Be in the world, but not of it. What does this mean? It means that anything you are attached to in this world will invariably bring you suffering. Why be attached to anything here? You do so because you believe it makes you happy. But, if you look carefully you will see that the happiness does not come from the person, place or thing. It comes from YOU. One person loves something, another hates it. So, it can’t be the object that is the source.

What is the source of true, bullet-proof happiness? A peace and contentment that you can count on and that will never leave you because it’s always where you are? Hint: it is the Source or Power for EVERYTHING in existence. Hint #2: It is closer to you than your next breath. Hint: #3 You already have it (in fact you are it!) so there is nothing you need do to get it. Hint #4: You just need to notice it. Hint:#5: As long as you still have any interest in this world, you probably won’t see it.

-Michael Jeffreys

Don’t Take the Bait
May 16, 2012

Are you able to sense or notice that the only time the sense of “I” is there is when a THOUGHT is present. No THOUGHT, no “I”! Check for yourself. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. How do you know those times it’s there? A thought informs you. Again, no thought, no you. Yet, YOU are always present!

The reason those who see this clearly can sometimes be seen, like the Buddha, breaking out in spontaneous fits of laughter and giggling is because they have seen the light and they “get” the joke… that you are not what you think and never have been!

Thoughts paint a scenario and then you “believe it” or take it as real or true, (even though it’s just a thought, a wispy sound which no one else has ever heard but you!!!) and like a fish, you swallow it (believe it) hook, line and sinker and when this happens you go for a ride! Don’t take the bait. Just stay silent and enjoy the show!

-Michael Jeffreys

Be Here Now is a Concept
May 9, 2012

Even saying “be here now” is conceptual. Why? Because here is location, i.e., space, and now is time, both mental concepts. There is no here and there is no now. There is only, ever, WHAT’S HAPPENING, as Tony Parson’s says, “In free fall.”

To the mind this makes no sense and will be resisted. Why? Because the mind IS time (and of course space, as it needs a “place” to appear!) When illusory thoughts are seen through, there is only whatever is apparently happening, sans cause. As Albert Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Seeing this clearly is awakening from the dream of separation.

–Michael Jeffreys

Why would Life need to become Enlightened?
May 6, 2012

Obtaining enlightenment is a story that the conceptual “I” hopes will relieve its apparent suffering… but what “it” doesn’t realize is the very belief in the separate sense of an “I” that needs anything to be free IS THE PROBLEM. You are WHOLENESS already… pretending that wholeness is incomplete and needs anything is what causes suffering. There is no one here doing anything… Life does/is all. It’s all LIFE… What could be separate from ALL that is?

–Michael Jeffreys

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