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What if you didn’t know yourself as anything?
October 21, 2011

What if you didn’t know yourself as anything? If it suddenly “hit” you that even believing you’re a “human-being” is a concept… and that therefore the idea of you having a history or of “man-kind” having history or “the world” was a complete mental fabrication. That what you are at center, at your core is nothing but perceiving energy. And even that’s too much. This post will not be understood by the majority due to the dream still feeling real. But somehow it is possible to sense or intuit what I am pointing at.

-Michael Jeffreys


Freedom is found in the embracing of all feelings and not labeling them as “problems”
October 20, 2011

I notice that the only time I have a problem with emotional pain, suffering or depression is when I label them a “problem.” When they are fully embraced, welcomed and loved with open arms, not resisted at all but rather fully allowed to be just as they are, something magical happens: “Hello depression, my good friend. Your bleak outlook on the dream is welcomed here ANY time! The love in my heart is abundant, and so feel free to stay as long as you like!” The interesting part is I notice that when I make this offer from a genuine space of pure love and acceptance, the depression gets shy and runs away by itself! Like when you turn a light on and the darkness runs away!

-Michael Jeffreys

If it Moves it’s Not YOU
October 18, 2011

If it moves, it’s not You. What moves? The body, thoughts, sensations, feelings, imagination, people, all forms, everything! Remain still in/as what you already are and have never not been. It’s when there is movement away from our Self that is prior to all movement that we get into trouble. We get swept up in thought and get lost because we are believing in something that is not stable, temporary. Relax into the changelessness of your true nature, which has never, ever, not even once!, moved since you took your first breath.

-Michael Jeffreys

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