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YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved… New MJ Awakening Blog
April 23, 2017


YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved. Is it not always now? When has it ever been not now?? “Past” and “future” are both concepts and can only appear when? Now!

Life moves through you like a river that never stops. But we have it backwards. We take the transient objects (people, places, things) to be real and miss what never comes, goes or changes… that which is ever-present. What to do? Notice this! Notice that YOU = NOW. For what can be more real, more actual, more immediate than right NOW?

Michael Jeffreys

You are unborn. If something is unborn, what can you say about it? new MJ Awakening Blog
April 17, 2017

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The topic for this Wednesday’s, 4/19, West LA weekly Satsang:

“You are unborn. If something is unborn, what can you say about it? Does it have ANY story?”

And what about the body? Are the stories for the body? No, a body is no more aware of any story than a car or a rock. The body, like all objects, is insentient and has no story. So where do stories come from? From the mind; all stories are created in and belong to the mind.

Question for contemplation:

“Does what is AWARE of the mind’s endless stories have a story??”

For more info or to RSVP, see link below. -Michael


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A question about TRUMP… New MJ Awakening Blog
April 11, 2017


QUESTION: “I am curious – to what extent if any do you still get caught up in the Trump political thing and do you get a lot of people coming to you discombobulated about it?” -Tom Bunzel

MICHAEL: The night after the election the West LA satsang looked like a funeral! But, once they saw that Daniel and I had no reaction one way or the other, they understood that it’s not the outside world, but your reaction to it that creates the suffering. (Contrary to how it looks/feels when viewed through the dualistic mind).