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Q: How can I become aware of my ego? New MJ Awakening Blog
July 31, 2017

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Q: How can I become aware of my ego?

MICHAEL: Step 1: Insert your name in the following sentence where it says “INSERT YOUR NAME”:

(INSERT YOUR NAME) prejudges every moment. (INSERT YOUR NAME) always intrudes and imposes his/her own views upon the moment. (INSERT YOUR NAME) is never fair. (INSERT YOUR NAME) is always partial.

So, for me it looks like this:

MICHAEL prejudges every moment. MICHAEL always intrudes and imposes his own views upon the moment. MICHAEL is never fair. MICHAEL is always partial.

Your turn.

Step 2: Now read the short paragraph (with your name in it) 100 times.


The reason you can’t find “IT” is because everything is “IT.” New MJ Awakening Blog
July 27, 2017


The reason you can’t find “IT” is because everything is “IT.” There is nothing that is not “IT.” “IT” is all there has ever been, “IT” is all there is, “IT” is all there will ever be. Everything is “IT.” The search is over when this is realized. If everything is literally “IT” (and what “IT” is is undefinable and unknowable) than there is nothing whatsoever to get, nor anything not “IT” to get it.

Michael Jeffreys

“It’s the very attempt to define existence that keeps us from seeing it.” New MJ Awakening pic quote
July 25, 2017

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Q: What does ‘Awareness watching Awareness’ mean? New MJ Awakening Blog
July 21, 2017

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Q: What does ‘Awareness watching Awareness’ mean?

MICHAEL: It means to remove your ATTENTION from ‘objects,’ i.e., persons, places, things, thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations, etc. (where it habitually/automatically goes for almost everyone on the planet pretty much non-stop). And to place your ATTENTION on THAT which is silently AWARE (pure Awareness) of everything you seem to be aware of.

For example, as you read these words, notice that ‘something’ must be aware of them or how would you even know of their very existence?? Right now, notice this ever-present-formless-silent Awareness and let your attention rest on ‘it.’ ‘It’ is not a ‘thing,’ and thus has no perceivable qualities, yet it’s what allows for the knowing/perceiving of anything! In other words, are these words aware of themselves? No. Then what IS? (And if a thought says, “Me, I am!”, then what is aware of this ‘me’ thought??)

Hint: Be still/silent and ‘allow’ ‘your’ impersonal Awareness to become aware of itself. If you find yourself going back to a thought/object, gently bring your attention back to the Awareness itself. This is the ultimate meditation and can be done anywhere, anytime, and ‘you’ cannot ‘do it’ too much!


You can’t find the truth because You ARE the Truth. New MJ Awakening pic quote
July 14, 2017

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You can’t find the truth because You ARE the Truth. –Michael Jeffreys

If you ever come to the West LA weekly satsang (which is held weds. evenings in my apt.) you’ll see Buddha peacefully sitting on the table next to the couch.  

Q: What does it mean to IDENTIFY with the mind? New MJ Awakening Blog
July 11, 2017


Q: What does it mean to IDENTIFY with the mind?

MICHAEL: It means to forget that you are Awareness and only ever Awareness/present aliveness, and mistake yourself for a mind projection, such as a thought, feeling, idea, sensation, story, belief, opinion, etc.

You are ever the silent observer, never the observed. You are what is aware of the mind, the mind is not aware of You. As Mooji says, “You can exist without the psychological mind, but it cannot exist without You.” 

You are ever the silent light that shines/illuminates the streaming transitory play of Maya. You have no beginning or end… You simply are.


Genuine freedom is beyond all words/concepts/thoughts/beliefs about freedom… it simply IS. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 10, 2017


“Freedom is greatly more than the mere freedom from pain, sickness, anxiety, lack and the like. Genuine freedom is freedom to be. It is freedom to be one’s own God-created Self. It is not a reaction against something. It is not even freedom from troubling conditions such as those I have just mentioned.

Genuine freedom is infinitely more than a human reaction against discordant situations. Genuine freedom is not a reaction against some thing. It is even more than freedom from hatred, jealousy, or war. Freedom is. Freedom is being one’s spiritual Identity. It is being one’s Self.

Freedom is not being free to replace one’s human condition for another seemingly better human condition. For instance, it is much more than merely replacing sickness with health, violence with nonviolence, or fear with confidence. We are not even free to engage in the fruitless activity of comparing our freedom or lack of freedom with another’s freedom or lack of it.

In short, freedom is not a replacement of one view of life with another view of life, for to be spiritually free is to be free from comparison.”

-W. Norman Cooper (from, THE NON-THINKING SELF)


MICHAEL: Genuine freedom is beyond all words/concepts/thoughts/beliefs about freedom… it simply IS.



“You,” like the Michael Richard’s character “Kramer” on Seinfeld, don’t actually exist. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 7, 2017


Reality is one. Nondual. Not two. Hence there is nothing separate or other than it. Reality/Consciousness/Awareness is always ever itself. Whole, full, unlimited, free… nothing lacking or separate. There is nothing “personal” in Awareness. All projections are nothing more than an appearance… the Ocean appearing as the wave. “You” the wave, are an appearance of the one, singular, Ocean.

In actuality, “you” have never done anything… how can an appearance do anything?? “You” can only APPEAR to do something, just like a character played by an actor can appear to do many things. E.g., “Kramer” on Seinfeld appeared to get into many sticky situations, but does “Kramer” actually exist? No! All actions/words of the fictitious character were provided 100% by Michael Richards, not “Kramer.” In actuality, there is no “Kramer.”

In the same way, “You” are being done. “You, the wave” only appear to do things. In Reality, the Ocean, Consciousness, is all/does all. See clearly that this “you/wave” is a temporary projection and not what you truly are or have ever been.

In Reality you are (and have always been) pure freedom, pure love, pure peace, pure joy, pure bliss, pure rest, pure relaxation, pure lightness of being. See this clearly, with your entire Being, and it’s the end of confusion, the end of struggle, the end of suffering… Hallelujah! Amen.

Michael Jeffreys

The “I” that is seeking has only ever been a thought… be conscious of silence. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 4, 2017

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The “I” that is seeking, trying to find its true nature, trying to find God has only ever been a thought. –Michael Jeffreys

“Self-truth-knowing is found in the silence of your own consciousness.”
W. Norman Cooper (from, Experience Your Perfect Soul)

MICHAEL: Notice where it’s not, and will never, ever, throughout all of existence be found: in thought.

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