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Wholeness is everything, which is why it can never be found… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 28, 2016


What human thinking mind is seeking is wholeness, which is everything, which is why it can never be found! There is only just whatever is appearing, however it’s appearing. This leaves nothing out. Everything, all that is, simply as it is.

Nonduality is One without a second. And that One IS everything, which literally leaves nothing out. But human mind sees apparent separation and so tries to get wholeness for itself. But this is not just crazy and nonsensical, but impossible. No separation leaves no one outside of all that is to get anything. All is simply Life, as it is. There is nothing hidden, nothing more… simply THIS.

Michael Jeffreys


“Me” is an ownerless appearance, like everything else… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 22, 2016


“Me” is looking for personal freedom for itself, as something to be attained. But it is never going to find because it is always looking in the future and so dismisses the only thing happening… this moment.

“Me” is relentlessly seeking for what is not!? And what is not can be searched for forever and yet will never be found. What IS is already appearing, so no need to search. The seeking energy is like the wind… an impersonal arising that comes and goes by itself… for no one. You are not making the seeking appear and you cannot make it disappear. It’s an appearance, like everything else, without an owner.

Michael Jeffreys

Peace is here when “you” are not… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 16, 2016


When Life is perceived as happening to “me,” it is taken personally and there is suffering, which is also taken personally. When there is just Life without a “me,” there is whatever is arising however it’s arising… for no one.

Freedom is in the dissolving of the one who is looking for it revealing that it’s always been all there is, but was obscured by the “me” that was seeking for it. Peace is here when “you” are not.

Michael Jeffreys

A little inquiry into the “I” you take yourself to be… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 10, 2016


When you refer to yourself as “I”, what exactly are you referring to?

A feeling? Are you a feeling exclusively?

A thought? Are you a thought exclusively?

A story? Are you a story exclusively?

A sound? Are you a sound exclusively?

A word? Are you a word exclusively?

And if you really are that “I”, then what, exactly, is referring to that “I” ????

Michael Jeffreys


Nonduality is not saying you are Awareness or Consciousness… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 4, 2016


frozen rocks

Even referring to oneself as “my true nature,” or “Self” with a capital S, or “Awareness” or “Consciousness,” is still a mind made identity.

Notice that these words still contain a dualistic split: Awareness and that which it is aware of; Consciousness and that which it is conscious of, etc.

However, what the nondual message is pointing to is that there isn’t a “self” there in the first place to be anything! So there is nothing there, no actual entity, to be a true nature, or a higher Self, or Awareness or Consciousness.

There is simply THIS, whatever is arising. So if a thought is arising, then that’s what’s happening, but to no one. Feelings arise, but to no one. Sounds arise, but to no one. Confusion arises, but to no one. Annoyance arises, but to no one.

So Life is not happening to “you.” There is simply Life happening, without any separation, which leaves nothing out.

-Michael Jeffreys

There’s only Wholeness… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 2, 2016

plant shoots in crack

No you, no me, no him, no her, no they. Just WHOLENESS. Everything is ONE energy appearing as THAT. Separation is an idea arising in/as WHOLENESS to no one. Conceptual mind cannot get this because it’s starting from the premise there is a person there… this is already too much.

-Michael Jeffreys

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