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I Was a Hard Core Seeker
March 31, 2012

I was a hard core seeker, but to me it’s the best kind because the suffering was so intense that you are willing to chuck every belief just for some fucking relief…. and then suddenly it begins to dawn on you that LIFE is doing all the lifting fine thank you very much and you’ve never done a damn thing! In that moment of clear seeing where once was an experience of fear, poorly covered up by arrogance, is now only peace, gratitude and love.

The “key” is to see that everything is on autopilot. Do you make your heart beat? Your lungs breath? Your cells re-generate? Your hair grow? Of course not. Than, why would you think you create your thoughts?

What if your “job” was not to make anything in particular happen (as if you could actually know what is “suppose” to be happening at any given moment anyway!?), but rather to simply and directly experience whatever IS happening right here and now in THIS moment (where else?).

-Michael Jeffreys


Why Self Acceptance Brings Causeless Peace
March 18, 2012

Everything you experience is an appearance within Awareness. Whether it’s a thought or a sensation or an image or a sound, it “appears” in you! What happens when you LOVE ALL appearances without prejudice? Meaning where before there was judgement, now there is only acceptance. Acceptance of what? Of Self.

Everything = You, so when you accept unconditionally ALL parts of yourself, you (as both the experience and the experiencer, i.e, both the outer and the inner world so to speak), feel a pure sense of peace and connectedness. The internal struggle, fighting, restlessness and turmoil, (dis-ease) that used to relentlessly dominant your present moment experience and cause much suffering is nowhere to be found… when this happens, a deep sense of “causeless” gratitude awakens in the heart spontaneously, effortlessly, and naturally. And all that’s left is silent awe.

–Michael Jeffreys

Speaking YOUR Truth
March 16, 2012

“Silence is the main characteristic of being present in the same way that noise is the main characteristic of the thought stream.” –Robert Rabbin

Myself and Jim Dreaver spent today with author/mystic/spiritual teacher Robert Rabbin in his Hollywood, CA apt. Robert was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and given 4-6 months to live… that was 3 months ago.

The 3 of us, all “non-duality” teachers (which doesn’t mean anything except that we dwell in presence and acceptance of what is, rather than thoughts) shared (around a pot of green tea, organic walnuts and almonds, and cold pressed Green kale/spinach veggie juice) about many interesting topics for 5 straight hours! Things such as Robert’s 10 years with Muktananda at his ashram in India; Is it important to set “intentions” in life?; What kind’s of treatments is Robert undergoing; How we all love teaching and speaking from our hearts, etc. Also, both Jim and Robert shared about their experiences being with Jean Klein, who was Jim’s teacher.

But the most important thing I learned from Robert was what it means to live authentically. To speak your truth, however you see it, without any fear or concern about what someone else may think. The key to this is that you are NOT speaking to be right, only to share your truth. There is a difference… if I get defensive that means I am defending something which means that I have taken a position. However, if I am just sharing my truth as I see it (who else?), then what’s to defend?

-Michael Jeffreys

Gratitude and the Death of a Coffee Mug
March 10, 2012

A few minutes ago: After washing out my absolute favorite coffee mug which I have had for years, I went back into my bedroom…. and a few minutes later I hear a loud “CRASH!!” come from the kitchen.

My body got up and went into the kitchen to investigate the source and I discovered that the cup had changed form! It had slipped off of the drying rack somehow and was now in lots of separate pieces on the floor!! My reaction in the moment was, “Oh, I had no idea it was time for the coffee cup to move on. I am so grateful for all the years that it allowed me to pour coffee in it and drink from it. Such a blessing!” And I swept up the pieces to move them to the dumpster.

There was no arguing with reality. Why make it into a problem? Acceptance means not resisting Life. Everything IS as it IS. Seeing this clearly fills the heart with loving gratitude for everything that Life continuously gives you every moment.

-Michael Jeffreys


Always NOW
March 9, 2012



NOW is all there is because it’s the ONLY thing that IS.

Trying to figure out “the NOW” is exactly what is “taking you out” of it (although that’s not true either, as the NOW is all there ever is so how can you get out of it!?).

What a thought is trying to do is hand you a concept, a conclusion in this eternal now moment. But the moment we try to “analyze” (think about, cogitate on, reflect upon, worry about, fixate on, resist, ruminate over, micro-manage, etc.) the NOW, it is already over! Gone! Never to be seen from again… eva! 🙂

So, you can never “know” the NOW… you can only EXPERIENCE it. (If I had a highlighter here, I would highlight that last sentence!!)

Since the NOW is one eternal dancing stream, it can NEVER be paused! And so in order to think, you MUST lose yourself in thought. And so your NOW moment looks like that thought! It’s still NOW, but its now (haha) colored by that thought you jumped hard on! (haha… 😉

It’s actually pretty ingenious if you you think about it… oh wait, don’t do that! Just kidding. Thoughts are fine when they are clearly seen not to be “you,” i.e.,  there’s no sense of self invested in them. You simply come fully to rest in the home you never left… always right here, right now, ceaselessly.

-Michael Jeffreys

The Illusion of CONTROL
March 8, 2012

Are you able to sense, to notice, to see that you do not make anything happen? You control nothing. You do not make your thoughts appear or disappear, nor do you have any way of filling their content with “info.” There is no “you” that does anything. You know you did not control or bring about or make happen your own birth. It simply happened. Seeing this clearly, one can then ask, “Since I did not bring about my own birth, at what point did I assume control of Life? And if I somehow believe I did, HOW, exactly, did I do this?”

-Michael Jeffreys

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