What is Silence? New MJ Awakening Blog
May 12, 2020


Silence is what the thoughts are appearing in.

Michael Jeffreys

Zoom online Satsang w/Michael 5-13-20, 6pm (pst)
May 11, 2020


Michael Jeffreys is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
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Topic: Satsang w/ Michael
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Are YOU Awareness or an object in Awareness? New MJ Awakening Blog
May 10, 2020



If you see a tree, are you the tree or what is AWARE of it?
Likewise, if you see your body, are you the body or what is AWARE of it?

This must be gone into very carefully so there is no confusion. What is AWARE of one object is what’s AWARE of all objects, isn’t it? And that AWARENESS is and always will be, You. So you are not any particular object, but that which is AWARE of all objects. This is what must be understood deeply, until there is no doubt.

You’ve never been an object, but that which is AWARE of all objects. And if there are no objects present, what is AWARE of that? You are, as in deep sleep. So, the presence or absence of objects makes no difference to You, the formless, unmoving, unchanging AWARENESS.

All is well, regardless of the current configuration of objects or the absence of them. Whether there’s a dream or no dream, AWARENESS, like a mirror remains eternally at peace, ever-untouched by all passing appearances.

Michael Jeffreys

EVERYTHING isn’t anything in particular. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 19, 2020

everything is nothing inparticular

Everything isn’t anything in particular.

Michael Jeffreys

Michael Jeffreys “Stories need time… THIS is storyless!” online Satsang 3-8-20
March 8, 2020

FAITH: “When you don’t have time involved you’re just left with the present moment, are’t you?”

MICHAEL: “But actually that too is a story. I don’t know, can you find a present?”

FAITH: “No…no.”

Click below to view video of Satsang:

The problem for the “me” is… New MJ Awakening Blog
March 3, 2020

apple tree

The problem for the “me” is that it truly believes it knows what this unfathomable MYSTERY is.

Michael Jeffreys


“THIS is nothing happening.” -Jim Newman. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 28, 2020


“THIS is nothing happening.” -Jim Newman

PETER: “The notion that “nothing is happening” remains abstract.”

MICHAEL: “There’s no answer for anything… everything simply is what it is without meaning or purpose. It’s nothing appearing as something. The formless forming. A dream… but nobody knows that because there’s not two. Even the feeling of separation is not separate.”

Q: “What sees the seeker?” New MJ Awakening Blog
February 21, 2020

what observes

“The seeker is looking for what can’t be known.”
-Jim Newman

DIANE: Seeking is a function which can be observed…and by What What sees the seeker🤔

MICHAEL: Nothing  The observed and the observer are not two. And what that “not two” is cannot be known or thought or spoken. “The Tao that can be named is not the Tao.”

Michael Jeffreys Free Worldwide online SATSANG, Sun. Feb 23, 2020, 6:00PM (PST)
February 18, 2020

online satsang poster feb 23, 2020

Michael Jeffreys Free Worldwide online Satsang
Time: Sun. Feb 23, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time
(US and Canada)
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Michael Jeffreys “IT’s free to be anything…” online Satsang 2-9-20 part 2
February 13, 2020

From part 2:

“Whose evolution would it be?
… there doesn’t seem to be a subject of experience.
Just the experience of subjectivity.”
-Greg Loats

“And if there is just THIS, the idea of the evolution falls away because
there is just THIS.”
-Peter Reck

“It’s just aliveness happening.”
-Nancy Grignon

Michael Jeffreys “IT’s free to be anything…” online Satsang 2-9-20 part 2

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