What if no one has ever died because no one was ever born? New MJ Awakening Blog
October 15, 2019

Sun above Earth


“There is an agreed upon, consensus reality which almost the entire human race shares. The world has been around a long time; it is ancient. Into this world, you are born as an individual; you grow, learn, experience life, and die. There is some disagreement concerning what happens after that, except that for everyone else, life will go on – until they also die. Everybody thinks they know this – or some local variation of this. But in fact when you were ‘born’ you did not know this. You LEARNED this. Everyone else learned it too and so it is an almost universally shared idea. But everybody believing something doesn’t make it true.

From eternity, without time, I Am, the unborn. Just as a dream begins at some point during sleep, so ‘at some point’ That which I Am appears as Consciousness here, and this world comes into being. I open my eyes: there is experiencing of life in this apparent body/mind. After a certain span of experiencing, I close my eyes: the world ceases to be, and from eternity I Am, the unborn. What could be simpler, or more obvious?

Every once in a while someone will come along and try to tell folks this, but a consensus reality is tough to crack. It is self-reinforcing and has built-in ways to deal with cognitive dissonance. One way is to call the offenders ‘crazy.’ Another, just as effective, is to call them ‘mystics.’ Either way the illusion of separation, the consensus reality, is maintained.”
-David Carse
Perfect Brilliant Stillness

MICHAEL: That you were born is so universally believed that to even question it seems insane. But what if it is only the body that is born and not You? If you were born, how come you don’t remember being born? “Because I was too young” is the common reply. But what if the real reason is because you weren’t. What are the implications? If you were never born then how can you die? What if no one has ever died because no one was ever born?


Having a healthier self-esteem is for the person… but there isn’t one. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 7, 2019



Having a healthier self-esteem is for the person… but there isn’t one.

Michael Jeffreys

You are not your MIND. New MJ Awakening Blog
September 22, 2019



“The Self doesn’t need to remember Itself and the Self cannot forget Itself either. The mind remembers and forgets, but you are not the mind. What you are is always present; you only have to recognize it.”

-Sri Ranjit Maharaj

SAMADHI: Seeing the Unity in apparent Plurality. New MJ Awakening Blog
April 23, 2019

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“Though outwardly he appears to become the same individual as he had been before the attainment of the Transcendent Experience of the Samadhi-state, yet inwardly this is not the case. The Truth-experience which illumines his consciousness in the supramental supra-intellectual supra-egoistic transcendent state exercises a great enlightening influence
upon his normal mind and intellect and ego.

His entire outlook on himself, his fellow-beings and the world of inter-related diversities undergoes a radical transformation as the result of that experience. Before he Was blessed with that experience, the Spiritual Unity of all existences had been veiled from his empirical consciousness. He used to see the plurality as plurality, but he had not the eyes to see the Unity that shone in and through them.

The Absolute One, that manifests Itself in the diverse forms of relative plurality, that sustains their existence, regulates their movements, links them with one another and constitutes them into a magnificent cosmic order, had been concealed from his view, though he had felt a deep craving within his consciousness for having a glimpse of that Absolute One.

Now, that Absolute One has revealed Itself to his consciousness; the veil has been removed; the consciousness has been illumined. This illumination is transmitted to the intellect, the ego and the mind and even to the senses. They do not now experience merely what they used to experience before the illumination descended upon them, but also the Absolute One along with and as the real essence of the objects of their normal experience.

The ego now feels the Absolute One as its True Self and feels itself as an individualised self-expression of the Absolute One. The intellect now no longer theorises, but finds in the Absolute One the ultimate rational explanation of all the problems that may appear before it.

All the thoughts, feelings and volitions of the illumined mind now revolve round the Absolute One as the centre. All the diverse kinds of objects of sense-perception are experiences as diversified appearances or manifestations of the One.”

-from, Philosophy of Gorakhnath

MICHAEL: As the well known saying goes,“Before enlightenment, mountains are mountains and streams are streams. During enlightenment, there are no mountains or streams, after enlightenment, mountains are mountains and streams are streams again.”

The above by Guru Gorakhnath is a beautiful description of phase 3, when the Yogi comes back into the world, but with new eyes that now and forever see/feel/know the One Love/Unity/Spirit in and behind all seemly separate manifest forms.

The Yogi naturally and happily lives from his direct experience of the Light of the Absolute, which the “normal” mind, which is still operating in darkness (ego), has yet to consciously realize.


p.s. Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”


“EVERYTHING is an expression of the One…” -GP Walsh. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 6, 2018

sun rays

“EVERYTHING is an expression of the One. The idea that the expression exists INDEPENDENTLY of the One is the essence of the belief in the person, that is the essence of the separate self. THAT doesn’t exist. THAT is just a thought projected upon what does exist.”

-GP Walsh

MICHAEL: Like the Sun’s rays are not separate from the Sun, but an expression of it.

Thought is not a “thing”… it’s an idea of a thing. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 5, 2018


The Consciousness that We all ARE, the One, Wholeness, The Heart, is always prior to thought. You are what is AWARE of thought. You are subtler than thought. Thought is not a “thing”… it’s an idea of a thing.

You, Reality, actually ARE… everything else is an idea, a concept, a mental imagining, a dream within a dream…. within a dream….

Michael Jeffreys

Listen from SILENCE. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 8, 2017

yellow flower wet grass

Listen from SILENCE.

It’s not about stopping your thoughts.

It’s about losing interest in them; truly not caring about them one way or an other.

When attention is not habitually engaged with thoughts, what is left?

Peace and Stillness.

Michael Jeffreys

Unlike thoughts, SILENCE doesn’t come and go. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote
December 2, 2017

mj silence doesn't come and go pic quote

“The perpetual happiness that ones’ own existence brings, is unfounded in this world.” -Christy Lifosjoe. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote
November 27, 2017

happiness unfounded in this world -christy lifosjoe

Q: You’re saying this moment is perfectly whole, free, and lacking nothing simply as it is? But my mind can’t accept that! New MJ Awakening Blog
November 22, 2017

eternity now

Q: You’re saying this moment is perfectly whole, free, and lacking nothing simply as it is? But my mind can’t accept that!

MICHAEL: No mind can accept the present moment as it is; already whole and free, lacking nothing. Why? Because the mind has a project to do: fix/improve “my” life. The mind imagines a “you” who has a “life.” And so in this imaginary, dualistic mind-made world, the present moment is seen as never being good enough… at least not for long.

The way out of the chronic suffering is to realize that thoughts are an appearance, not a cause. The only true cause is Life itself. Life is spontaneously “doing” Life, not thoughts. Thoughts are part of the production, an appearance within the dream. Just like at night when the dream character gets an idea during the dream… the idea is simply more dream.

Freedom is always already the case. It’s the BELIEF in thoughts that say otherwise that is the cause of our suffering.There is only ever what’s presently happening, however it’s showing up. So if boredom or stress or anxiety or sadness or depression is showing up, then that is perfectly what is showing up. The wishing it weren’t happening when it clearly is is the root of our suffering.

The moment is no less whole or complete just because a thought claims to be unhappy. Indeed, that unhappy thought is itself wholeness appearing as an unhappy thought! FREEDOM CAN LOOK LIKE ANYTHING, which is not how the mind imagines freedom is suppose to look like! And it’s precisely because we have learned ideas of what freedom is suppose to look/feel like that most of us overlook the fact that freedom is so free that it’s free to be whatever is presently showing up, however it’s showing up.

Again, note that a thought that says this isn’t how freedom is suppose to look/feel isn’t the problem. It’s the BELIEF in the thought that says this isn’t how freedom is suppose to look/feel that causes our suffering.

And yet, even if we are believing a thought that claims this shouldn’t be happening, seeing clearly that is simply what is happening brings an acceptance beyond trying to accept or not accept. This “resisting thought” too is clearly seen as simply what’s presently arising and thus not a problem.

Freedom is seeing that the present moment is already eternally free, regardless of any transient appearance.

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