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When Words Fall Far, Far Short. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 24, 2016


So I just came back from my dentist. After 6 visits over the past two months and a lot of prep work, my permanent bridge was finally ready to be installed. Although, like many of us, I don’t have insurance and didn’t have the money to pay for it, a dear client gave me a generous Christmas check which helped cover it.

As I was getting up out of the dental chair, feeling grateful that I would soon be able to chew hard food again, I casually asked my dentist how her twenty-something year-old son was. I had not seen him around the office lately, but I used to see him quite often last year when I would come in, sitting at the computer playing video games. We would chat and he would tell me which games he liked to play as well as his passion for bike riding. A very friendly and outgoing young man.

Well suddenly, the energy in the room shifted and my dentist’s eyes began to tear up, and she said, her voice choking-up, “He passed away in a biking accident…. why did God take him!?” And overcome with emotion, she went into her office and closed the door behind her, leaving me and her assistant standing there in silence. The assistant also had tears in her eyes, as did I.

During a moment like this, all words fall far, far short. My dentist had transformed into a grieving mother right before my eyes, and there were no words to console her broken heart. Her assistant told me she doesn’t really talk about it to patients, but in this moment, my innocently asking how he was, two days before Christmas, was too much for her to keep it all inside. And so out poured a mother’s profound sadness and grief for the loss of her only son.

She didn’t come out of the office, and so the assistant and I exchanged a few words of compassion, and then I hugged her good-bye and left. I was deeply touched by what I had just unexpectedly witnessed. I drove home in the LA rain in silence. I had gone in to have work done on my teeth, but it was my heart that was transformed.

Michael Jeffreys 12/23/16


When our actions themselves are done joyously, we no longer depend upon the results to make us happy. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 19, 2016


“When my happiness is the result of action, it is always in the future.”
Swami Tejomayananda

MICHAEL: If I feel I must do something to attain happiness, then I must believe my happiness is in the future, and not already present. However, what if my very actions themselves, which can only take place in the present moment, where seen as joyous? In other words, that I have a laptop on which to type these words on, what a joy! That I have hands with which to type, what a joy! That I have a roof over my head to protect this body from the cold winter temperature, what a joy!

What if our joy lies not in the future, which is uncertain and unpredictable, but in genuine gratitude for that which is already here now? How? By being grateful for all the many things which we had heretofore taken for granted. You have working eyes to read these words right now, what a blessing! You have a working mind, right now, with which to reflect on this post, what a blessing!

Byron Katie has book titled, “A Thousand Names for Joy,” and it is pointing at exactly this. Seeing the joy and miracle in every moment, just as it is. How? By shifting my focus from the results of my action (which is out of my control) to a childlike joy and gratitude of being able to perform the action itself. light-heart-icon-79859

Death is for the body, not you. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 16, 2016


Death is for the body, not you. The body has been endlessly growing old and changing since its birth, yet have you not been the unchanging witness throughout? And cannot the same be said for the “self” you take yourself to be. Has not that one also been endlessly changing since it first manifested in your mind? So, if the body and self are ceaselessly changing, where are you in all this?

No where! You are not. That’s the point… there’s isn’t a you!! Seeing this is freedom... for no one. It’s liberation from what was never so, but as long as it was believed seemed to be so. The “tooth fairy” is a made up story and is no different from the story of “me.” Both are illusory, but seem real if believed.

The story of “me,” like the “tooth fairy,” is a fiction, and not your essential nature. Now it’s time to awaken from that imagined limitation. To shed our ignorance and see that you were never that bound one, because you now know/realize/understand with your entire being that you have always been eternally free. 

Michael Jeffreys

Awakening is not an experience. It’s a recognition. New MJ Awakening pic quote
December 13, 2016


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The only “thing” that’s conscious is YOU. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 7, 2016


The only “thing” that’s conscious is YOU. This is what must be realized. Take a look around you… are you not surrounded by material objects, including your body? Only YOU, Consciousness, is sentient. Everything else is insentient. Without YOU, there is no world, no experience, nothing.

Our suffering comes when we are not clear on which is which. When I confuse myself with an insentient thought or feeling or experience, I suffer. Why? Because I am taking myself to be something I am not and have never been. Everything changes but Consciousness, YOU.

Michael Jeffreys

Are you the voice in the head? new MJ Awakening pic quote
December 1, 2016


Are you the voice in the head?

Why automatically assume the voice in the head is you?

What if it’s not?

                                      -Michael Jeffreys

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