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April 19, 2019



“The cult of this world is based on the principle of Narcissus, of separated and separative existence, and the search for changes of state, for happiness.

But…there is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be an individual being. There is no such thing. All of the cultic ways are strategic searches to satisfy individuals by providing them with various kinds of fulfillment, or inner harmony, or vision, or blissfulness, or salvation, or liberation, or whatever. But the truth is that there is no such one to be fulfilled; literally, there is no such one.

Everything that arises in consciousness is something that you may observe. You can observe your experiences, you can observe the world, you can observe your thought, strategies, and actions, you can observe the sensation of “me”—all of that is something you can observe.


The one who observes that is your very Nature, the absolute intensity of real existence, which is being endlessly and universally modified, appearing as all forms and states. The principle of spiritual Community is that there is already no such person, no such separate one, no such dilemma.

The cult of this world is based on the assumption that there exists such a separate one, who needs to be realized or fulfilled or made healthy or made happy or whatever. All of that is a colossal lot of nonsense, because there is no such one.

There is already no such one. You do not have to run through aeons of time for there to be no such one, to destroy this phantom ego. There is already no such one. He does not exist to be destroyed. He does not exist.

-Adi Da Samraj


MICHAEL: “me” is a synonym for separation. So a belief in “me” is a belief in separation.



WHAT NOTICES? New MJ Awakening Blog
April 17, 2019



Notice your current thought. Now notice your current feeling. Is that which notices your current thought different from that which notices your current feeling? Now notice these words. Now notice your body. Is that which notices (is aware of) these words different from that which notices (is aware of) your body?

-Michael Jeffreys

Does a belief in separation make it TRUE? New MJ Awakening Blog
April 15, 2019

monster finger puppets, one hand

Imagine if each finger puppet thought/believed/felt/acted as if it were separate from the others. Chaos, yes?

Now imagine they all worked together in harmony as One.


Michael Jeffreys


ps: “Once it is realized that it is only a total functioning of the manifest consciousness and there is no individual entity, there will be no question of liberation, of birth or death or of a doer doing anything.”


Q: “Acceptance of all and complete surrender to the absoluteness that I am is what’s needed. Would you agree?” New MJ Awakening Blog
April 12, 2019

surrender to love

QUESTION: “Acceptance of all and complete surrender to the absoluteness that I am is what’s needed. Would you agree?”

MICHAEL: Perfectly stated. Keep surrendering until there is only Love. And then watch as the “outer appearances” (in due time) begin to follow suit. I keep seeing it being confirmed over and over.

The absolute goal is to make “letting go and letting God” your natural default position, i.e., your instinctive response to any and all situations without exception.

So yes, it’s the complete surrendering of everything… you turn everything over to God (Source, Infinite Intelligence, etc.) and rest in what IS. Why? Because everything “you” used to do is now God’s responsibility (As it was intended to be all along!)

And if for whatever reason you find yourself still worrying about something, turn that over to God as well.
Keep doing this until there’s literally nothing left to do because it’s all been turned over to God/Source/Infinite Intelligence.

In summary, it’s the actual living of the quote, “Not my will, but Thy will be done” in every timeless moment.

Hearing from LOVE. New MJ Awakening Blog
April 10, 2019

hearing from love


“But, you say, suppose you have not yet reached the stage where you are able actually to hear a voice speaking within and to know it as one assuming to teach or lead you.

Know that it is not an actual voice such
as your physical ears hear that speaks; for
are not every desire, every urge, every hope,
longing, fear, discouragement, anxiety, regret,
voices heard just as surely and effectively
as audible voices?

And while all such are voices I use to
teach you the right from the wrong way,
yet My Voice, that you long so to hear and
to be always sure is Mine, you will never
truly hear and know until you let Love
abide and rule in your heart.

For Love alone can clear away that in your heart and consciousness which causes you to listen to the voice of self, thus preventing your hearing Me when I speak.”

-Joseph S. Benner
(from, Brotherhood)

The INTELLECT is Your servant and thus the voice in the head is the voice of the servant, not You. New MJ Awakening Blog
April 9, 2019

voice in the head not you


“First, remember who I am, I who am in all
men, Who am That which speaks through
all men, Who am the Self of you who read,
dwelling deep within the heart—the innermost
of you, and Who seek to come forth as the
Christ and to show Myself—your Highest
Self—to all men.

Remember that I always speak from out the
heart, and not from the head, the intellect
being but My servant, My interpreter.

But when the servant acknowledges not his Master,
having grown proud, and deems himself above
his station and tries to impress others with his
knowledge and importance, then you may
know why it is so hard to hear My voice and
to know when it is I speaking, and why you
become so often confused and so uncertain what to do.

Therefore it is most necessary that you
determine whence comes the voice or voices
that so confuse and disturb you.”

-Joseph S. Benner
(from, Brotherhood)

Seeing the Light of Consciousness in ALL Beings. New MJ Awakening Blog
April 5, 2019

mj awakening community fb pic

“Let the mind remain kind and compassionate. If it is the
divine Self of all who has come in the form of another being,
should you have mean and angry thoughts against them?
No. Remember always that it is the one infinite Self that is
manifesting in both the bright lights of this world and the
shadows. Each and every person holds a spark of that divine
essence. Everyone, no matter how misguided and destructive
in taking actions, deep within is a child of the Great.”

-Maetreyii Ma 
(from, Living Love)

Inner STILLNESS… finding out for Yourself. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 29, 2019

still lake


To BE completely Still.

The cessation of all inner movement.

No thought.

Dead Still within.

What is that really like?

AM I willing to discover the answer for myself?

Michael Jeffreys


p.s. Silence is PRIOR to mind.  

From last night’s West Los Angeles Satsang… New MJ Awakening Blog
March 21, 2019

candle photo2

From last night’s West LA Satsang:

“The mind can’t see its own limitations.” 

– Dan

“What’s aware of your mind?” 



FACEBOOK COMMENT: Do u make transcripts of your satsang?

MICHAEL: No, although occasionally I will post a quote or two, like the ones above, which if deeply meditated on will bring about revelation.


Where ALL questions dissolve… New MJ Awakening Blog
March 20, 2019



“You must realize by this time I have allowed you
all things. All you have, or are, be it of good or
evil, of blessing or suffering, of success or failure,
of riches or lack, I have allowed you or attracted
to you. —Why? For USE— in awakening you to a
recognition and acknowledgment of Me as The

-Joseph S. Benner 
(from, The Impersonal Life)


MICHAEL: Where all questions dissolve… there’s only God then there are no questions, because there’s only God.
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