Shifting From Object Consciousness to Consciousness Itself… new MJ Awakening Blog

October 1, 2015 - One Response

the light of consciousness

At last night’s West LA Satsang, I held up a flashlight in my right hand and shined it on my left hand as I opened and closed it rapidly over and over, while saying repeatedly (for dramatic effect), “ooga-booga, ooga-booga!”

I then said, “Notice how the light of my consciousness, which the light of this flashlight represents, illuminates the arising (in this case my opening and closing left hand) and so all my attention is on the object of awareness. Thus, I remain ignorant (meaning I ignore) THE LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF.

Awakening is a shift from object consciousness to the light of consciousness itself. From the object(s) the light is illuminating to the source of the light itself. And that source is always YOU. Not a personal thought of a ‘you,’ but ever-present impersonal silent Consciousness that is illuminating these very words as they are being read.

-Michael Jeffreys

The question of having FREE WILL and what is usually overlooked… new MJ Awakening Blog

September 26, 2015 - One Response

free will

“I” have FREE WILL. “I” do not have FREE WILL.

Notice that the focus of these 2 statements is on the object of the sentence, the concept of having or not having FREE WILL. Meanwhile, the subject of the sentence, the “I”, the one who seemingly possesses the power to “have” or “own” ANYTHING is assumed, a given. So, from my perspective, it’s not whether there is such thing as the concept of FREE WILL or not that’s important, but rather, can the “I”, the one who claims to have or not have FREE WILL actually be found?

-Michael Jeffreys

We are all addicted to the mind’s stories… new MJ Awakening Blog

September 18, 2015 - 2 Responses

mind stories

We are all addicted to the mind’s stories. And yet it’s important to note that the incessant stories between our ears are fine WHEN THEY ARE RECOGNIZED AS STORIES.

But most of the time this is not the case. Usually our attention is so involved with the illusory story in our head, that we lose conscious contact with the ever present here and now, which is storyless, and thus inherently free!!

But please do not take my word for it. Check it for yourself… does THIS presently arising moment require ANY story to exist? (Don’t go to mind or you are back in story!) And without a story, can anything even be said to be happening??

-Michael Jeffreys

Life is NOW… new MJ Awakening pic quote

September 11, 2015 - Leave a Response

life is now mj pic quote

ALL that IS… new MJ Awakening Pic Quote

August 19, 2015 - 2 Responses

all there is mj pic quote

THOUGHTS are never a problem… new MJ Awakening Blog

August 15, 2015 - Leave a Response


THOUGHTS are never a problem. Truly. The “problem” stems not from the thought itself, but because we mistakenly believe it has to do with/is about us. The reason we suffer when we believe our thoughts is because the “I” every thought implies, is directed toward, refers to, is meant for, i.e., the subject of the thought, DOES NOT ACTUALLY EXIST!

How to see this? Put your FULL/UNDIVIDED ATTENTION on the “me” or the “I” that the thought claims it is referring to. Just observe it. Note: It may try to use boredom or hunger or sleepiness to distract you, but just notice this and keep on observing this supposed subject of your thoughts. This phantom cannot stand the full power of your undivided attention and will be seen to eventually dissolve revealing nothing was actually there. You have always been emptiness itself which allows for the everythingness of whatever is presently happening. And this has always been the case.

-Michael Jeffreys

A Good First Step to Awakening… New MJ Awakening Blog

August 6, 2015 - One Response

good first step pic

A good first step to awakening is to realize that you haven’t a clue what this moment actually IS. No story, no concept, ever touches the actuality of THIS moment. THIS moment doesn’t need my or your interpretation (no matter how well intentioned) in order to be what it already is. Indeed, EVERY interpretation is yet another magical, unknowable appearance amongst a sea of truly unknowable and magical appearances.

How to see this? It’s simple, but not easy. It’s simple because it’s already here, right now in front of you… in fact you are smack-dab in it so it’s impossible to miss! Yes, right now as you read these words you are not separate from this present moment happening. (Take a moment to let this in, to feel (not think) the direct experience of THIS moment… sights, sounds, smells, sensations, etc.)

No one knows what even a single thing is, or why it is, or where it is, or when it is, or how it came to be. Everyone is confronted by an irreducible Mystery, and that Mystery is profound.

-Adi Da

Why is it not easy to see this? Because the mind, married to its labels and concepts, insists that it does know what THIS present appearance is! And its “proof” is built on the fact that it can come up with endless stories, theories and beliefs about THIS moment. But NONE of these stories, theories and beliefs actually tell as about the moment itself, since they are not separate from the moment in which they are appearing! We don’t know where anything is coming from and so to even talk about anything is simply adding more not knowing to what is already not known. Do you see the conundrum!?

For example, we can talk endlessly about LIGHT, yet nobody really knows exactly what light is. Likewise, we can talk endlessly about THIS presently arising moment, but nobody truly knows what this moment is. No story can contain all that is. Until it is realized that nothing is fundamentally knowable, we will continue to be deluded into believing we actually know what anything is. In fact, there is only what IS, and what IS can never truly be known. This can be the end of the search, the end of seeking when the futility of looking for an explanation for THIS drops away. And in it’s place is simply THIS, as it is.

-Michael Jeffreys

You obviously already are… so who is this “I” you think you are?? new MJ Awakening Blog

July 28, 2015 - One Response

false I

The thing to “get” is that the little “I” is redundant. You exist, so You obviously already are. Since that is already the case, the sense of a separate “me” is a secondary mind made egoic “I” that doesn’t exist as an actuality, but singularly as an appearance, an energetic movement, a contraction, a phenomenal experience like any other appearance. But when it’s mistaken for You, suffering is experienced since, again, You are already You! The little “I” is simply an impostor (or a parasite, as Paul Hedderman calls it) pretending to be You.

What to do? Notice this. Become aware of it. Since the little “I” doesn’t actually exist, there is nothing to get rid of. Just notice this and keep noticing… eventually it will become obvious that all is well and the little “I” has never been You.

-Michael Jeffreys

Before you can awaken from the dream, you first have to see it’s a dream… new mj Awakening Blog

July 26, 2015 - One Response


Imagine if you tried to find your happiness in your nighttime dreams. That you were convinced that until the dream “improved to what you think/need it to be” you simply cannot be happy. Now apply this to the “daytime or waking dream,” which is what most everyone is doing. And, not surprisingly, we suffer. What’s more, we aren’t even sure why we are suffering. It’s just that nothing seems to bring lasting peace/happiness.

The solution? Waking up from the dream. How? By seeing/noticing that you’ve never been in the dream! Dream is for the body/action figure, not you. But most of us believe that we are in the daily dream just like at night we believe we are in our nightly dream, even though the body is laying safely in bed.

-Michael Jeffreys

“Words never touch…” new MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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mj words wet rock leaf pic quote


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