Truth/Silence cannot be thought… Stillness cannot be done… New MJ Awakening Blog

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meditating buddha

“Truth cannot be thought.”

-Madame De Salzmann

MICHAEL: Works with a certain other word as well… “Silence cannot be thought.”

Facebook comment:

“Stillness cannot be done.”

-Pauline Gracey

MICHAEL: What a wonderful thing to notice!




The “me” is not a creator, it’s a creation. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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The “me” is not a creator, it’s a creation.

Michael Jeffreys

Sri Summairu on BOREDOM. New MJ Awakening Blog

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MICHAEL: I rarely hear the experience of “Boredom” discussed in spiritual sharings, yet as the desire for anything worldly/dream related falls away, this can often be where we find ourselves; frozen, stuck, nothing makes me happy, bored.

Thankfully, Self reminders appear to show us the way. In the excerpts below, Sri Summairu reminds us that it is when we stop noticing, stop looking deeper, stop being curious that Life can feel Lifeless… 

“The only time anything can feel boring, dead, lifeless; is if we are not fully alive to life itself. There is an aliveness to life in every instance, it’s ever-expanding unto itself. When we are present as presence itself, there are no thought overlays, which filter life through our ideas of it. Only thoughts can feel boring, dead, lifeless because thoughts are made-up words which are incapable of feeling anything and only thoughts are empty of the essence of life.

Nothing is ever static, except for the mind of thoughts. As a result, boredom is a sure sign that inner growth has stopped, or simply put, life stopped noticing itself.

The energy we call “the ego” knows nothing of reality, nothing of presence, freshness, newness, unknown, mysterious, wonder, curiosity, aliveness, etc.

Don’t take the boredom at face value, question it. Feel into it. Notice it for what it is. Notice how [Life] is boring because it’s predictable and familiar. There is no mystery or wonder left in it (which is what life itself actually is). Very few speak from presence, so nothing new and fresh is being said.

However, when one is truly empty enough, life moves into that emptiness and life begins to see itself everywhere. When this happens, life never gets bored of seeing itself. Boredom (dullness, unfeeling, dryness, non-radiant, non-vibrate, non-aliveness, etc) is not a quality of life itself, but a quality of what happens when life doesn’t see itself everywhere.”

-Sri Summairu

Being totally Empty is what allows you to be totally Full. New MJ Awakening Blog

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lao tzu empty bowl

Being totally Empty is what allows you to be totally Full.

-Michael Jeffreys

There is only One Self, nothing but the One Self, and that One Self is You. New MJ Awakening Blog

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all of existence

“You are all that exists. You are everything that exists. 

All of existence is you.”  -Nazarah Merah

MICHAEL: As our learned beliefs in the illusion of separation, as well as the ingrained, unconsciously held mind structures which give any/all beliefs a context in which to exist, e.g., “I live in a universe, I am human, my name is X, I come from this family…,” etc. begin to be consciously seen through, then Unity Consciousness can begin to be felt/experienced/recognized deeply within.

There is only One Self, nothing but the One Self, and that One Self is You.

Q: Do you recommend watching the news? New MJ Awakening Blog

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Q: Do you recommend watching the news?

MICHAEL: No. It may seem innocent on the surface, but you are taking in all those images/vibrations and negativity into your mind. Other peoples’ stories based on fear, worry, anxiety, limitation, uncertainty and insecurity. Once taken into mind, they do not lie dormant. They will sprout spin-off fear thoughts like, “Oh this is bad, if X happens that will affect me negatively, etc.” And so more worries are added to the mind’s confusion. More beliefs on top of the spider web of beliefs that are already there.

There is no freedom in any of this. This is why it’s so important to be clear on what it is you truly want. If your heart’s desire is peace, freedom, liberation, etc. above all else, it’s obvious the news does not provide this.

The mind will come up with reasons why it’s not a good idea to stop watching the news, i.e., “I’ve got to stay informed.” But is this true? What happens when you actually make the break from watching the news? I haven’t watched the news (not tv or internet or radio) for the past 10 years and I can tell you that not only have I not missed anything, but I’ve truly never been happier.

At first, like any addiction, you will go through withdrawals. For me, they lasted about 3 days. By the fourth day I began to enjoy the lightness of not being weighted down by the “problems of the world.” Instead, I just began to follow my heart and let it guide me. This has a much different feel than the mind. The mind is logic based and its medium are words. The heart is silence based and its medium are feelings.

A good place to start is by observing your thoughts. Just silently watch them. At first, since we are not used to doing this, it may seem difficult. But the more time you spend just witnessing your thoughts, without getting involved with them one way or another, the easier and more natural it becomes.

And yet, everything that “needs” to get done gets done only without all the stress, worry and fear. It turns out that Emptiness has it’s own way of moving naturally, spontaneously, intelligently, harmoniously and lovingly that the mind knows nothing about.

And Emptiness, the Now, the Self, doesn’t require anything from the news (or anything else) to be what it already IS.

That your thoughts feel personal is part of the thought. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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mj thoughts feel personal buddha pic quote

Silence is prior to mind. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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mj prior to mind pic quote

Your true nature is peaceful Silence. New MJ Awakening Blog

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It’s deeply/intuitively realizing you don’t actually know what anything is… you only ever “know” what the mind reports… not much freedom in that.

And so peaceful Silence.

Michael Jeffreys

No moment is more Holier than any other moment because what is Truly Holy never goes anywhere. New MJ Awakening Blog

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holy lotus

No moment is more Holier than any other moment because what is Truly Holy never goes anywhere.  -Michael Jeffreys

Tom (on facebook): I don’t recall you using language like “holy” and “sacred” before – am I mistaken?

Michael: This is just how it came out today. 🙂 All the words are always pointing at only one “thing.” And that one thing can’t be put into words. When what is most holy, most true, most real is silently recognized it is found nowhere else but here/now.

Thus here/now is the only “thing” that’s ever truly holy.

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