The sky remains ever unstained by anything that passes through it… new MJ Awakening Blog

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“Me” is an appearance that tries to manipulate, control, hold on to, and get involved with other appearances. It’s an activity, a verb, an energetic movement. A bird flying across the sky.

Why is noticing this so powerful? Because there can be a realization that if you are what is seeing the appearance, the appearance, regardless of what it is, can’t be you. It’s simply a passing appearance.

Bird’s, stars, comets, sun, rain, snow, airplanes, etc. pass through the sky 24/7, yet the sky remains ever unstained by anything that passes through it.

Michael Jeffreys

I saw Paul Hedderman last Saturday night… new MJ Awakening Blog

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Paul Hedderman and MJ 4-30-16 Cafecito Organico, Silverlake, CA cropped

I saw Paul Hedderman last Saturday night at Cafecito Organico in Silverlake, CA. He is like a firehose of nonduality… he just rapid fires so many direct pointers (mostly from Ramana Maharshi, Huang Po, and the big book from AA, along with his own rap) that some are bound to get through so they will be “entertained” as Paul says.

His message is simple and clear: YOU ARE ALREADY THAT WHICH YOU SEEK. You are wholeness itself. The “self” is a parasite that claims to be You, and once the “foreign installment” is believed, then comes the seeking to get rid of it.

The imaginary self lives in imaginary past-future, (in what’s NOT happening) where it claims EVERYTHING for itself. These are “my” thoughts, “my” feelings, “my” ideas, etc. A thought is just a thought until it becomes “my” thought. Suddenly, it feels totally different when those two letters are added to anything.

But if the self is seen not to exist, to be an illusion, then the problem is seen to be non-existent in which case no solution is needed. That’s the relief. You don’t need to be free because you were never bound.

btw, As we were taking this picture, Paul informed me that he doesn’t like to smile for photos. All I could do was smile at him.

Michael Jeffreys

The sense of a “me” is not personal… new MJ Awakening Blog

April 29, 2016 - One Response


The sense of a “me” is not personal. It is simply an appearance which comes and goes. Like the hair that grows out of your skin, a bird flying through the sky, or the wind blowing, it’s 100% impersonal. It simply seems to appear until it doesn’t. No “one” is doing it. And this applies to everything.

There is nothing separate (which is another word for “personal”) in wholeness. There is only whatever is presently arising…. but it’s not happening to or for anyone. It’s simply what’s happening.

Even “suffering” can arise, but that too is never personal. It’s only ever what it is, but it’s not to/for anyone. The “suffering” doesn’t belong to anybody. 

Michael Jeffreys

Labeling the moment doesn’t clarify it, it obscures and deadens it… new MJ Awakening Blog

April 26, 2016 - One Response

krishnamurti bird quote

Words point to things, objects, appearances. But the word never tells you what the thing, object, appearance actually IS. Just like the word “whale” doesn’t actually tell you what that huge, black, oblong shaped being is in the ocean.

Words don’t actually mean anything. They are meaningless sounds. Thinking they do have meaning because that’s what you’ve been taught doesn’t make it so. You can’t drink the word “water,” so in reality you have no idea what it actually is!

Labeling the moment doesn’t clarify it, it obscures it. It makes you believe you know what something is, and in the process deadens it.

Michael Jeffreys

The only thing to do is to see the mind is not You… new MJ Awakening Blog

April 22, 2016 - One Response


Thoughts are offering you a solution to a problem you didn’t have until the thought showed up. Before the thought showed up everything was fine. So the offer of the solution by the thought is actually part of the problem!! The only thing to do is to see the mind is not You; You’re not involved with the mind.

“Me” is the sense of the separate one. It is the one who imagines the arising thoughts are for. You think you are the “one” who is appearing who has thoughts, which is separation. You are always prior to ANY appearance.

Michael Jeffreys & Daniel Litvak

“Me” is constantly frustrated by the impossibility of its own existence… new MJ Awakening Blog

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Reality is everything, wholeness, all that is. The “me” IS (apparent) division, an independent entity that claims it is separate from ALL THAT IS. But being separate from all that is is impossible!! Which is why “me” suffers… it’s claiming as its starting point division, something that doesn’t exist in reality.

Seeing this directly, clearly and unequivocally is freedom… for no one. “Me” is constantly frustrated by the impossibility of its own existence.

Michael Jeffreys & Daniel Litvak

Questions about having a high vs low vibration & ACIM… new MJ Awakening Blog

April 2, 2016 - One Response


QUESTION: “I am very much awake, I am very aware of my vibration and how to not let lower vibrations bring mine down. What I am finding is that I’m like a magnet, you are either drawn to my me, or you can’t stand my presence. Is it my high vibration that some find unsettling?”

MICHAEL: Nonduality points at the inherent wholeness of all that is. Thus, the idea of a “you” who has a vibration (be it high or low) is already a division, already two things. In Reality there is no separation. Thus the idea that there is a “you” who can have or control ANYTHING is just that, an idea which is being believed in/identified with.

Can you actually find this “me” that is aware of “your” vibration? Often people will report that it “feels like me.” However, a feeling is NOT the same thing as an actual separate entity. It is simply a feeling.

However, even if identification is running, even that’s not a problem! Why? Because that’s just what’s happening! You simply cannot escape whatever is presently happening, because that’s ALL that’s happening. But, you can NOTICE that whatever is happening is not personal. How could it be if there is no separation, as who/what can be separate from all that is??


QUESTION: “Is the Course in Miracles exercises conducive to non duality and waking up? I have been using them to a beneficial effect in seeing existence.”

MICHAEL: There are no rules to any of this. There is only whatever is happening. Like many seekers, I was into ACIM for several years until I realized that the seeking itself was the problem! Why? Because seeking is the “me’s” dismissal of THIS, of whatever is arising, which is the only thing there is!!!

And THIS cannot be understood or figured out, which is exactly what keeps the seeking going, the idea that “someday I will get this.” The recommendation here is to notice how the “me” is constantly attempting to avoid this moment, which again is all that is, for some imaginary moment in the future, which isn’t! The “me” is looking for its own personal awakening, which is simply not available in wholeness, where there is no separation.

Wholeness is everything, which is why it can never be found… new MJ Awakening Blog

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What human thinking mind is seeking is wholeness, which is everything, which is why it can never be found! There is only just whatever is appearing, however it’s appearing. This leaves nothing out. Everything, all that is, simply as it is.

Nonduality is One without a second. And that One IS everything, which literally leaves nothing out. But human mind sees apparent separation and so tries to get wholeness for itself. But this is not just crazy and nonsensical, but impossible. No separation leaves no one outside of all that is to get anything. All is simply Life, as it is. There is nothing hidden, nothing more… simply THIS.

Michael Jeffreys

“Me” is an ownerless appearance, like everything else… new MJ Awakening Blog

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“Me” is looking for personal freedom for itself, as something to be attained. But it is never going to find because it is always looking in the future and so dismisses the only thing happening… this moment.

“Me” is relentlessly seeking for what is not!? And what is not can be searched for forever and yet will never be found. What IS is already appearing, so no need to search. The seeking energy is like the wind… an impersonal arising that comes and goes by itself… for no one. You are not making the seeking appear and you cannot make it disappear. It’s an appearance, like everything else, without an owner.

Michael Jeffreys

Peace is here when “you” are not… new MJ Awakening Blog

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When Life is perceived as happening to “me,” it is taken personally and there is suffering, which is also taken personally. When there is just Life without a “me,” there is whatever is arising however it’s arising… for no one.

Freedom is in the dissolving of the one who is looking for it revealing that it’s always been all there is, but was obscured by the “me” that was seeking for it. Peace is here when “you” are not.

Michael Jeffreys


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