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Rest in the unborn, your ineffable true nature, and everything else will take care of itself because there is nothing else. If it’s knowable, if it comes, sooner or later it will go. Thus it is not unborn.

As long as our attention wanders into the born, i.e., something knowable (a thought, a feeling, an idea, a concept, an opinion, a belief, etc.), the unborn remains obscured to us. Just like if our attention constantly goes to clouds, we lose sight of the sun.

Michael Jeffreys

What is a THOUGHT? new MJ Awakening Blog

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ramana give up thoughts

“What is a THOUGHT?”

This was the question I asked at the beginning of last Wednesday night’s West LA weekly Satsang.

“What is a THOUGHT?”

The mere sincere asking of this question brought a stillness over the room. This is because when asked from a place of genuine curiosity and having no pre-conceived answer, it stops the mind dead in its tracks. Why? Because it suddenly hits you that you don’t really know what a THOUGHT is!!? Yet, we are told the brain produces as many as 60-70 thousand per day… doesn’t it strike you as more than a bit strange to believe something that you don’t know what it actually is??

THOUGHTS have nothing to offer you. They are impotent. Imagine if you had been pushing a big red button on a wall all your life and then one day I took you on the other side of the wall and you saw just two loose wires hanging in the air. The button was never connected to anything!! Once you clearly saw this, how much longer would you continue to push the button? In fact, how much longer would you be even interested in thinking about pushing the button?? You wouldn’t. It would lose your interest.

Once you lose interest in your thoughts, what’s left??

Michael Jeffreys


“Even the slightest thought immerses a man in sorrow; when devoid of all thoughts he enjoys imperishable bliss.” Yoga Vasishta Sara

Any other nature being delusion… New MJ Awakening Blog

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shiva snow moutain

One without a second. Not two. That which is changeless, timeless, and immortal. That which does not come or go. That which is not a thought, idea, opinion or belief. That which does not depend on thought to exist, but which thought depends on to be “known,” since a thought cannot know of its own existence. This is Your only nature; any other nature being delusion.

Michael Jeffreys

Q: What is the best way to suffer? New MJ Awakening Blog

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Q: What is the best way to suffer?

MICHAEL: Believe your thoughts.

You can’t think your way to silence… new MJ Awakening pic quote

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If no thought applies to the knower of thought, who do they actually apply to?? New MJ Awakening Blog

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How can ANY thought change what you already inherently are and have always been? For example, a thought shows up, “I am bad,” and then a thought shows up, “I am good.” Which is actually true for THAT that is aware of ALL thoughts? How can ANY thought apply to the knower of thought? And if no thought applies to the knower of thought, who do they actually apply to??

Michael Jeffreys

YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved… New MJ Awakening Blog

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YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved. Is it not always now? When has it ever been not now?? “Past” and “future” are both concepts and can only appear when? Now!

Life moves through you like a river that never stops. But we have it backwards. We take the transient objects (people, places, things) to be real and miss what never comes, goes or changes… that which is ever-present. What to do? Notice this! Notice that YOU = NOW. For what can be more real, more actual, more immediate than right NOW?

Michael Jeffreys

You are unborn. If something is unborn, what can you say about it? new MJ Awakening Blog

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The topic for this Wednesday’s, 4/19, West LA weekly Satsang:

“You are unborn. If something is unborn, what can you say about it? Does it have ANY story?”

And what about the body? Are the stories for the body? No, a body is no more aware of any story than a car or a rock. The body, like all objects, is insentient and has no story. So where do stories come from? From the mind; all stories are created in and belong to the mind.

Question for contemplation:

“Does what is AWARE of the mind’s endless stories have a story??”

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A question about TRUMP… New MJ Awakening Blog

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QUESTION: “I am curious – to what extent if any do you still get caught up in the Trump political thing and do you get a lot of people coming to you discombobulated about it?” -Tom Bunzel

MICHAEL: The night after the election the West LA satsang looked like a funeral! But, once they saw that Daniel and I had no reaction one way or the other, they understood that it’s not the outside world, but your reaction to it that creates the suffering. (Contrary to how it looks/feels when viewed through the dualistic mind).

You, pure Awareness, are forever unattached, regardless of what a thought may claim… new MJ Awakening Blog

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MICHAEL: The belief that you must give up all your attachments crumbles in light of the realization that it is not possible for You to actually be attached to anything!! That’s right. The witnessing presence that You already are is pure and contains no parts, objects or impurities. Thus you are always and forever unattached, regardless of what a thought may claim. More from swamiji, who is commenting on the Astavakra Samhita:

I am not saying you SHOULD NOT be attached. Astavakra is telling us you are NOT attached. You are not attached to anything. It is the mind which develops attachments: ‘I want this to stay, I want that person to stay, I want this circumstance, this wealth, this health, this place, this environment, I want this to continue.’

This is the mind thinking. Yet beyond the mind, the Atman, the witness, You the being consciousness… you’re not attached to anything, not even to the mind itself. The mind itself disappears in deep sleep. You’re not attached to anything.

-Swami Sarvapriyananda

p.s. For those that are interested, here’s Swamiji’s powerful video from which the above quote was taken: Ashtavakra Samhita by Swami Sarvapriyananda