What is always silently looking… new MJ Awakening pic quote

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mj looking out your eyes monk watching bird pic quote

What is always silently looking out your eyes is not a thought. A thought can’t see.

Michael Jeffreys

Noticing what is Always Looking… New MJ Awakening pic quote

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What’s being looked for is what is looking.

And what is looking is never not present.

Remove attention from thoughts and remain still.

See if you can silently NOTICE the next thought that arises.

Now notice the next one. And the next. Keep noticing.

Soon it will dawn that ALL thoughts are an appearance.

An appearance in/to what??

Michael Jeffreys

How would you explain to a wave that its sense of separation from the ocean was an illusion? new MJ Awakening Blog

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ocean wave
Q: Why is what you post about so seemingly hard to see?
MICHAEL: Because it’s all there is. It’s the source of everything and as such there is nothing to compare it to. Imagine if a sense of separation arose in a wave and it thought it was separate from the ocean. How would you explain to the wave that the sense of separation is an illusion? That even though it thinks/feels itself to be separate from everything, that does not make it so.
What’s needed is some serious investigation by the wave to see if it is truly separate or if the sense of separation is an illusion.
Q: Ok, so how would a wave go about doing this?
MICHAEL: By being quiet and noticing that thoughts have no ability to divide anything. They are a superimposition on that which is not claiming any division.
Q: Yes, but everything looks and feels so different!?
MICHAEL: The classic Vedanta example is that although a gold ring, necklace and bracelet all look different in form, they are all made of exactly the same substance, gold. It’s the one appearing as the many, but only in appearance, not realty.
Q: How will seeing this help the wave?
MICHAEL: Because it will realize its belief that it was a separate wave in the first place was never correct, never the actuality of things. And when it truly sees that it was only ever ocean, those thoughts that used to stir up so much doubt and confusion will no longer hold any power. And in the absence of doubt and confusion, causeless peace and happiness are revealed to be ever-present, but was not noticed/experienced due to attachment to/identification with illusory thoughts.

See for yourself… can you have a problem without a thought?


Nothing in time can alter your intrinsic Wholeness… new MJ Awakening Blog

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The fuel for seeking is believing the mind’s story that something is presently lacking, or deficient, or wrong, or should be different, or not as good as it could/should be. And the mind claims to know this as a fact with a perfectly straight face!?? Please honey child!

The reason seeking doesn’t work is because what you ALREADY ARE is without limits. Wholeness is your nature and so no word, no particular, no separation, no activity, no action, no ANYTHING has any ability whatsoever to affect, change, alter or modify Your impersonal inherent-Wholeness because it’s not in time.

Michael Jeffreys

Is happiness/love/peace really located in objects? new MJ Awakening Blog

July 11, 2016 - One Response

money, car, house        If happiness/love/peace were actually in objects, then once you had the desired object, you should always experience those states. But as we’ve all experienced, repeatedly, eventually the object “loses” its ability to make us feel happiness/love/peace.

And so the ego seeks for a new object so that it can regain those feelings that it believes the object will give it. Wash, rinse, repeat. Endlessly.

Q: How do we break the cycle of seeking objects?

First, notice it doesn’t work. Secondly, we can begin to question the underlying assumption that objects have the ability to actually bring us what we truly desire.

Q2: Am I sure that happiness/love/peace actually
comes from ANY object in the first place?

For example, yes, I am happier when I get the new car, but is the happiness/love/peace really located in the car??

Q3: And if it isn’t “in” the object, where does
the happiness/love/peace come from??

Michael Jeffreys

Confusion over our true position in Life brings suffering… new MJ Awakening Blog

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light shining on chair

Confusion over our true position in Life brings suffering. Everything is an object to You. If you see a chair, you somehow understand that you are not the chair. Chair is an object to You. Same with a tree, or a mountain, or the sky or a bird or a river. But what is missed (and yet makes ALL the difference!) is that YOUR BODY IS ALSO AN OBJECT TO YOU!!!

If you are your body, then what is observing, aware of, or knows of “your body”??? Is it not the same “thingless thing” that observes, is aware of, or knows of the existence of the chair?

What is it that “knows” ANYTHING???

What “Knows” is not knowable. Why? Because it’s NOT an object.

So now the “cause” of my suffering is finally revealed: I am identifying, taking myself to be my body. And so, when body character wants something, I mistakenly believe I want it!? And when it doesn’t get it, I suffer because I believe I am the body character. And when it does get something it wants, I feel momentary pleasure. But it never lasts.

Become STILL and observe your body and any accompanying thoughts, feelings, memories or sensations that may be presently arising.

Q: If you can see them, be aware of them, know of them, can they REALLY, TRULY be You???

Michael Jeffreys

From last night’s West LA weekly Satsang… new MJ Awakening Blog

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michael's west la satsang banner cropped

At last night’s  West LA weekly Satsang, one of the topics I touched upon was how Reality means real which means unchanging. If something comes then it will go and so we can discard it as not being real since it is impermanent. Just like last night’s dream came and went and so is not reality, so too with the “day-time” dream. The body is born, “day-time” dream begins and body dies, and so it will end. Thus “day-time” dream is not reality either.

Seeing this is the end of seeking, for suddenly it can dawn that Reality is not available in dream 1 (day time) or dream 2 (night time).

Reality doesn’t come or go or change. Thus, if it changes or moves, we can discard it. Since everything in the dream changes and moves, we know it is not Reality. And yet, far from being negative or pessimistic, seeing this actually puts the dream into proper perspective! Once a dream is recognized for what it is, a dream from no one for no one, you stop trying to get from it what it can never give you, i.e., peace, happiness, contentment, etc.

And in realizing this you turn to the ever present stillness within, that which doesn’t come or go, nor has ever moved, and you recognize your true nature IS unalloyed peace, happiness and contentment.

Michael Jeffreys

When the “me” is absent, that leaves only what IS, the present “happening”… new MJ Awakening Blog

June 28, 2016 - 2 Responses

cups in suds in sink

When I take myself to be a “me,” “me” always desires something other than THIS, other than what IS, and so “me” suffers.

When the “me” is absent, that leaves only what IS, the present “happening,” however it is appearing, for no one. And in the “me’s” absence is not some dead void, which “me” imagines would be here in its mighty absence (ha!), but rather causeless contentment, happiness, and peace… for no one.

Michael Jeffreys

Observe for Yourself from a Still Mind: You are not in Time… new MJ Awakening Blog

June 27, 2016 - One Response
You are not in time

You can’t get out of time because You are not in time. Time is for the “me” in story, but not for You. And “it’s” story fluctuates between being stunningly beautiful and unspeakably horrible.

And yet You, who is not in time, remain ever untouched. It’s not that you become free, it’s that you see you were never bound!!! That time is an illusion and so there is no “you” who is either bound or unbound.

Observe for Yourself from a still mind.

Michael Jeffreys

You, like the screen, are prior to all appearances… new MJ Awakening Blog

June 25, 2016 - One Response


What you inherently are and have always been never changes. Self Realization is seeing clearly that you are neither this or that (neti-neti). All objects, phenomena come and so will go. The screen never moves… only the images projected on it appear to move.

You, like the screen, are prior to all appearances, including that of your body, mind, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, ideas, concepts, beliefs, etc.

When we are ignorant of our true nature we suffer, because we are identifying with a limitation, a temporary appearance, something that comes and so will go. But what is effortlessly aware of every appearance cannot itself be an appearance! This is the inquiry that must be confirmed for yourself. Nobody can do this for you.

What You already are has never come and thus can never go. You are eternal.

Michael Jeffreys


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