The Paradox of Awakening… New MJ Awakening Blog

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Awakening is the seeing that the apparent individual,
the one who wants to awaken, never existed. So in that
sense, no one ever awakens.

Michael Jeffreys

“You’re not in This!” video of Live Satsang w/ Michael Jeffreys 1-12-20

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Michael Jeffreys “You’re not in This!” online Satsang 1-12-20

Free Worldwide online Satsang w/ Michael Jeffreys, Jan 12, 2020, Sun., 6:00 PM (pst)

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Topic: Free Worldwide Satsang w/ Michael Jeffreys
Time: Jan 12, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Can THAT which OBSERVES all definitions be defined? New MJ Awakening Blog

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“Can we look at things without the network of words interfering with our observation.”       -J. Krishnamurti

MICHAEL: Can we silently observe THIS moment simply as it is without labeling or defining it? And if not, can we notice how the mind is lightning quick to rush in with definitions, judgments and opinions. And if we are always THAT which is observing, can any mind generated definitions, judgments or opinions that are appearing in us ever truly define us?

The YIN-YANG Symbol reminds us that Life/Mind is made of opposites. New MJ Awakening Blog

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yin yang

The ancient Chinese Yin-Yang symbol is not just a cool looking graphic that you can hang on your wall or stick on your car bumper, but a simple yet profound reminder that EVERY experience requires it’s opposite in order to exist.

That there is no Yin without Yang nor Yang without Yin. That the two concepts are mutually dependent upon the other for their existence. In other words, without positive there is no negative and without negative there is no positive; without good there is no bad and without bad there is no good.

Which is why wishing for only good things 100% of the time doesn’t work/is not possible/only leads to frustration/suffering. Because the world/mind/life is made of duality. Seeing this clearly is the grace that allows you to surrender to what IS because you are no longer insisting the moment be different than how it is already appearing/unfolding. And if you cannot surrender to what is, than that is what IS.

“Actually, I don’t know what is to accept. Maybe I can accept that I don’t know.” -Vani

Demanding the moment be as “I” wish it to be is ego/resistance/suffering. Seeing the moment as it already IS and that that’s not under my control, is Wisdom.

-Michael Jeffreys

The Insight that Everything is made out of CHANGE. New MJ Awakening Blog

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LINDSAY: Another question, how do you let it be if it evokes a feeling inside of fear or negativity? I have a harder time with these…

MICHAEL: Can you give an example?

LINDSAY: Fearful thought of not being able to breathe or thoughts that cause physical sensations in body that are unpleasant. It is harder to let them be because they seem to command your attention or make you feel the need to distract or fix them.

MICHAEL: The insight Lindsay is that whatever is happening for the moment is what is happening for the moment, but only for the moment because everything is made out of change.

So if a fearful thought is arising or an unpleasant bodily sensations seems to be happening, then for the moment that’s what’s happening. But it’s not going to stay that. And if a thought arises that wishes that this wasn’t happening, then that is what is appearing as the moment…. but it’s not going to stay that. And if resistance arises to the bodily sensation, then that is what’s happening and is not separate from the moment. But (say it with me! 🙂 ), “it’s not going to stay that.”

You see? You can never get out in front of whatever is happening because there is only whatever appears to be happening. The illusion is that there’s a “me” separate from what’s happening and that it can control what’s happening.

However, again, there is only whatever is happening. So if it feels like the “me” is there and is trying to control what is arising, than that is what’s happening. And if you feel clear and peaceful, then that is what’s happening. There’s only ever what’s happening, however it’s appearing as the moment, and no one is “doing” it. And because no one is doing it, there is no right way or wrong way to “do” the moment. There is simply the eternal unfolding of Infinity.

Remember that the river of Life is ALWAYS moving, so it never stays the same. This can be helpful to keep in mind whenever we feel like we’re stuck… Thoughts can start to tell a story about how unfair it is or bad things seems to be. But again, the reality is things never stay the same and the truth is “This too shall pass.”

The illusion of Control: You can’t stop what you’re not doing. New MJ Awakening Blog

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the illusion of control calvin and hobbes

You can’t stop what you’re not doing.

-Michael Jeffreys

LINDSAY: Do you mind elaborating?

MICHAEL: It’s pointing to the illusion of control. Almost everyone assumes that the thoughts in the head are “theirs.” But if you really could control your thoughts, you could tell them to stop and they would instantly stop. Or, you could tell them to only be positive and they would instantly obey. But the fact is we do not control our thoughts. That being the case, what to do?

The answer is something most find unacceptable. Do nothing. Simply let them be. Realize that like a dream, all is happening spontaneously, by itself. Thus we become a witness rather than a doer. Like watching a movie. You can’t crawl inside the screen and change anything about the movie that’s playing at your local cinema, likewise you cannot change whatever is presently appearing. By the time its showing up, it’s already on it’s way to changing into the next frame…

What’s more, if you take the time to look, can you actually find the one who is reacting to the thoughts in the head? And if you can’t find anyone, than “who” is reacting to the thoughts in the head? 

LINDSAY: Thank you! I can witness and then I feel like I forget and am caught up in movie again. Will I ever get it?? 

MICHAEL: Will “who” get it!? 

LINDSAY: no doubt!! 😀 


You are not “you” and I am not “I”… My conversation with Vani. New MJ Awakening Blog

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michael and vani

“What you think of yourself is not yourself and what you think of others is not the other, as there is only ever the One.” -Michael Jeffreys

From my conversation with Vani on Facebook:

MICHAEL: You see, you are not Vani and I am not Michael. These are simply words, names that were given to us as a baby. And this is true for every baby! Take away the thought of names from all babies from all over the world and what’s left?

VANI: Yes. Nobody is the Body, nobody is the Name. We are all programmed and named. The words that we name to the body and words that we give to the mind are all illusions. But it’s the same words from you that made me turn in too. Hahaaa… Illusions can be used as a tool to know the truth then!

MICHAEL: Yes, exactly. Those are called pointers. So most are using words to create more illusion. At satsang with use words to point to truth, which isn’t a word! Words are the currency of the mind.

VANI: Very nice, words are the currency of the mind.. More words, full mind. Less/no words, empty mind. 🙂

THOUGHTS are definitions and You are undefinable. New MJ Awakening Blog

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frozen soap bubble

When we believe our THOUGHTS we suffer. Your essence is not definable, and a thought is a definition of something, yes?

Michael Jeffreys

Awakening: The End of Fighting with Yourself. New MJ Awakening Blog

December 24, 2019 - 5 Responses

fighting yourself


The problem with identifying with/as your ego is that it brings with it an intolerable sense of division. There’s “me” and “the World.” And with this sense of separation comes fear. “What’s going to become of me?” “How come my life isn’t going the way I want it to go?” “What will happen to me after I die?” etc.

So naturally the egoic identity sets about trying to get rid of/eliminate this elusive sense of anxiety, dread and fear. Drugs, money, sex, power, fame, alcohol, eating, and numerous other addictions/distractions keep our mind occupied so as not to have to deal with this nagging sense that “something is off.”

Yet, as much as we try to ignore this little voice within, it won’t go away. This often leads to confusion/depression in the seeker as they can’t really put their finger on why they are so unhappy deep down inside.They just know they are despite trying to present a happy and socially acceptable face to the world.

Awakening is the realization that there’s no solution for the ego’s plight. That as long as you believe yourself to be separate from the Totality, you’re going to suffer. Thus, the only thing that actually works is to see the Absolute Truth. Not your mind’s relative version of the truth, but the actuality of Reality: You’ve never actually been this separate person you’ve imagined yourself to be.

That in fact Consciousness is one unified Whole which doesn’t leave anything out. In other words, everything’s the Tao because there’s only the Tao.

It’s the mind that attempts to break the Tao into parts and label them, i.e., “this is good, this bad” “this is pretty, this is ugly” “this is me, this is not me” etc.That’s it, that’s the mind’s one magic trick. Appearing to create duality out of nonduality. And without this sense of separation, there would be no dream. However, at a certain point Consciousness wants to come out of the dream and wake itself up.

The key is earnestness. Not giving up. You must have a burning desire in your heart for liberation, “As much as you want your next breath” as goes the story about the zen master holding the seeker’s head underwater until he was about to pass out. In other words, a 9 on a scale from 1-10 isn’t good enough. Liberation must be a white hot 10 otherwise, in my experience, whatever else your mind believes is more important will always take precedence.

Again, it’s ALL the Tao leaves nothing out. Nothing. Every thought, every sensation, every breath, every word, every movement is IT.

One of the things that strikes me about awakening is how obvious it is after you see it. Kind of like learning to ride a bicycle or swim as a small child. At first it seems incredibly difficult and frustrating, finding the balance point on the bike or keeping yourself from drowning in the water. But eventually you get the hang of it and once you do, you forget all about how hard it was and simply get on the bike and go or jump in the water and swim. No thought required!

With awakening, at first letting go of all of our concepts and beliefs about “the way things are or should be” seems incredibly difficult. But if you hang in there, and don’t give up, eventually you will see that you’ve only ever been fighting with Yourself.

Michael Jeffreys

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