What if the Truth is not findable in mind and that’s the Truth? New MJ Awakening Blog

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When I seek yet do not find, my mind tells me it’s because I haven’t found “it” yet. But what if finding nothing is what I’ve been seeking all along? That at the center of everything is nothing. Like when you peel an onion all the way down and find its core to be empty. What if the core of every apparent object is empty?

What if that’s the Truth, yet my mind finds it unacceptable. What then? Do I stay with nothing and celebrate my good fortune even if it wasn’t what I was expecting to find? Or do I reject what I’ve discovered in my own experience and go back into mind?

Michael Jeffreys

p.s. Emptiness dancing…


“When you choose your friends you choose your enemies.” New MJ Awakening Blog

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yin yang fishy thoughts

“When you choose your friends you choose your enemies.”

-prison inmate

MICHAEL: It’s the same with THOUGHTS.

p.s. Bliss is another name for only Gratitude.

IMPERMANENCE: Why trying to hold on to anything creates suffering. New MJ Awakening Blog

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Trying to hold on to anything, good or bad, creates suffering. Why? Because everything that arises is impermanent. It’s temporary. Like a cloud in the sky or a soap bubble. There’s nothing there but an impermanent image that soon transforms/morphs into a different impermanent image all by itself.

What do all images, thoughts, feelings, sensations, in fact every object that appears in our Consciousness have in common? They’re empty. They have no inherent existence. No core. No solidity.

Which means that the thought/image is as real as you believe it to be, because you are what’s feeding it, giving it power, illuminating it. Like a neon sign needs power to illuminate, your thoughts need you attention to seem real.

You could just as easily lose interest in the thought /image and it will literally disappear/dissolve away. How can it do that? Because it was never really there as a reality, as a real thing. It was only ever an imagine in your mind.

Michael Jeffreys

What’s here/now that’s not a thought… New MJ Awakening Blog

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empty thoughts

What’s here/now that’s not a thought can’t be thought about.

Michael Jeffreys

What SEES? New MJ Awakening Blog

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Seeing occurs, but what is literally seeing? Is it really an imagined “me” (that is only seemingly present during the process/activity/movement of thinking) that is actually what is processing/taking in/cognizing/classifying/making sense of the numerous images and knows what they are instantly?

Or, is seeing happening all by itself, and the imaginary “me” claims, “I’m seeing.” And because it’s been this way our whole lives, it’s taken for granted and never thoroughly gone into/investigated/looked at carefully.

Silently notice your seeing right now… can you honestly find a “me” anywhere?

Michael Jeffreys

Freedom in what is, as it is. New MJ Awakening Blog

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“There isn’t a problem, never. It seems like a problem because you want to change it, or have it in a special way, or that it feels good, or feels peaceful. Or you can relax… and you think it’s okay because you’re now relaxed. But it’s not about that. It’s about what is.

When it’s just what’s happening… if it’s pain, then it’s pain. The strange thing is that when it’s just that then there’s a kind of a… the rest is in that. That its just pain and there nothing trying to change it, THAT’S the freedom.

The freedom is not not feeling pain or wanting to feel good or wanting to feel not tense. The freedom is when there’s intensity, then there’s just that, there’s nothing trying to change it, THAT’S the freedom.”

-Rosemarijn Roes

Before and after every word is SILENCE. New MJ Awakening Blog

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wisdom of silence

We have it backwards. The True power is in the Silence, not in the words.

-Michael Jeffreys

SAMADHI: Seeing the Unity in apparent Plurality. New MJ Awakening Blog

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“Though outwardly he appears to become the same individual as he had been before the attainment of the Transcendent Experience of the Samadhi-state, yet inwardly this is not the case. The Truth-experience which illumines his consciousness in the supramental supra-intellectual supra-egoistic transcendent state exercises a great enlightening influence
upon his normal mind and intellect and ego.

His entire outlook on himself, his fellow-beings and the world of inter-related diversities undergoes a radical transformation as the result of that experience. Before he Was blessed with that experience, the Spiritual Unity of all existences had been veiled from his empirical consciousness. He used to see the plurality as plurality, but he had not the eyes to see the Unity that shone in and through them.

The Absolute One, that manifests Itself in the diverse forms of relative plurality, that sustains their existence, regulates their movements, links them with one another and constitutes them into a magnificent cosmic order, had been concealed from his view, though he had felt a deep craving within his consciousness for having a glimpse of that Absolute One.

Now, that Absolute One has revealed Itself to his consciousness; the veil has been removed; the consciousness has been illumined. This illumination is transmitted to the intellect, the ego and the mind and even to the senses. They do not now experience merely what they used to experience before the illumination descended upon them, but also the Absolute One along with and as the real essence of the objects of their normal experience.

The ego now feels the Absolute One as its True Self and feels itself as an individualised self-expression of the Absolute One. The intellect now no longer theorises, but finds in the Absolute One the ultimate rational explanation of all the problems that may appear before it.

All the thoughts, feelings and volitions of the illumined mind now revolve round the Absolute One as the centre. All the diverse kinds of objects of sense-perception are experiences as diversified appearances or manifestations of the One.”

-from, Philosophy of Gorakhnath

MICHAEL: As the well known saying goes,“Before enlightenment, mountains are mountains and streams are streams. During enlightenment, there are no mountains or streams, after enlightenment, mountains are mountains and streams are streams again.”

The above by Guru Gorakhnath is a beautiful description of phase 3, when the Yogi comes back into the world, but with new eyes that now and forever see/feel/know the One Love/Unity/Spirit in and behind all seemly separate manifest forms.

The Yogi naturally and happily lives from his direct experience of the Light of the Absolute, which the “normal” mind, which is still operating in darkness (ego), has yet to consciously realize.


p.s. Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”


The Problem with ANY Belief. New MJ Awakening Blog

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The problem with any belief is that what I believe yesterday may not be what I believe today. And what I believe today may not be what I believe tomorrow. If I am honest, I realize that my beliefs are constantly changing and thus not stable.

Additionally, someone may hold a different belief than my own. And so, if I want to hold tight to my belief, I have to defend/debate/argue in order to try to convince the other why my belief is the correct one. And are they not doing the same?

Clearly, if I am searching for that which doesn’t come or go or change, my True Nature, no belief (and thus no words) will do.

-Michael Jeffreys


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“The cult of this world is based on the principle of Narcissus, of separated and separative existence, and the search for changes of state, for happiness.

But…there is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be an individual being. There is no such thing. All of the cultic ways are strategic searches to satisfy individuals by providing them with various kinds of fulfillment, or inner harmony, or vision, or blissfulness, or salvation, or liberation, or whatever. But the truth is that there is no such one to be fulfilled; literally, there is no such one.

Everything that arises in consciousness is something that you may observe. You can observe your experiences, you can observe the world, you can observe your thought, strategies, and actions, you can observe the sensation of “me”—all of that is something you can observe.


The one who observes that is your very Nature, the absolute intensity of real existence, which is being endlessly and universally modified, appearing as all forms and states. The principle of spiritual Community is that there is already no such person, no such separate one, no such dilemma.

The cult of this world is based on the assumption that there exists such a separate one, who needs to be realized or fulfilled or made healthy or made happy or whatever. All of that is a colossal lot of nonsense, because there is no such one.

There is already no such one. You do not have to run through aeons of time for there to be no such one, to destroy this phantom ego. There is already no such one. He does not exist to be destroyed. He does not exist.

-Adi Da Samraj


MICHAEL: “me” is a synonym for separation. So a belief in “me” is a belief in separation.


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