Presence has no identity. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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Believing I know what anything IS opens the door for suffering. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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Your true nature is prior to birth. New MJ Awakening Blog

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“The Way of Divine Ignorance, which I am moved to communicate and to demonstrate, rests on the presumption which precedes our birth, our life, and our death. This is the presumption of Ignorance. No matter what arises, ‘I’ do not know what a single thing is–not even the body, not even the sense of my own separate existence.

In this disposition it becomes clear that ‘I’ is not independent of the body, nor is the body-I an independent or absolutely separate entity, self, or being. Such is only an illusion, a reactive presumption, a hopeful or hopeless but always tentative solution to the dilemma inherent in our birth.”

-Adi Da Samraj

MICHAEL: The “mistake” that almost all spiritual seekers make is thinking of themselves as the body and then trying to “get free” as that. Not only is this not possible, it leads to much suffering.

In the above quote, Adi Da is saying something much different and extremely rare: that you do not know what anything truly is. Yes, you can know ABOUT things, their label (name/sound) and info about the label, but you can never, never, ever know what ANYTHING actually IS. (Let this sink in!)

It’s this admission of pure ignorance that, ironically, leads to peace. Note, this is not playing ostrich, and pretending that you don’t know what anything is. It’s realizing, with clarity, that in fact your actual condition is one of pure ignorance and this has always been the case. Naturally, this reveals the ego as a fraud, an illusion, one who pretends to know but truly doesn’t.

Of course, the ego will deny this and give you arguments why you do need it and why it knows lots of things. But the earnest seeker is no longer buying it. They smell a rat. And so instead of resisting this realization of ignorance, it is a celebration, a release from the habitually unconscious act of “self-contracting.” For finally you realize that the only thing you know is that you don’t know anything.

When this is seen, you find yourself naturally being as silence/presence is presently being. Free of the influence of all temporary imaginings and thoughts, because you are PRIOR to anything that arises, including the body. For your true nature is prior even to birth. 

A thought cannot take you to peace, just like movement cannot take you to stillness. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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Seeking for what is always and already the case. New MJ Awakening Blog

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“The Realization of Truth is not attained by any reaction to the present conditions of existence. Whatever is the Truth, it must be True at this moment. It must be always already True, both in and prior to every moment of space-time.

Therefore, the Realization of Truth is not attained in the search for Truth, since seeking must necessarily bypass the Truth in this moment in order to pursue it as an eventual Goal of action in time and space.”

-Adi Da Samraj

MICHAEL: I must forget/dismiss/ignore/fail-to-notice/fail-to-appreciate that this moment is already all the Truth in existence, so that I can then begin to search for “it” in some imaginary location. And I can do this for the rest of my life. 

“Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.” New MJ Awakening Blog

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“Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.”
-C.K. Chesterton

MICHAEL: Whatever we hold on to weighs us down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical object or a mental object, such as a thought, feeling, story or belief. If we don’t freely allow what comes to come and what goes to go, we get backed up.

For example, when it comes to eating, elimination of food is as vital to our health as taking in food. If we try to hang on to the food without eliminating it, we become constipated and suffer. Life is movement, flow. Freely and happily allow what comes to come and what goes to go. Hold onto nothing.

This is true Surrender.

The Fear of Death. New MJ Awakening Blog

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“The fear of death is the beginning of understanding. Seeking is simply clinging to various concepts, goals, things, methods, and paths that seem to promise relief from death, from the knowledge of death, and from all suffering, which is separation and death.


His fear, which is resistance to death, ends. He ceases to operate as the one who must die and who seeks release from death. He abides in understanding, which is prior to the one who must die.”

-Adi Da Samraj

MICHAEL: Sometimes we have to go on a “journey,” only to end up back where we started, but with new eyes. I was familiar with Adi Da, but the essence of his teaching escaped me the first time around (which is understandable, as he put out many books on many topics over his lifetime).

However, I now realize what his profound and almost unheard of core teaching was: that all our gestures, every activity the mind/body concocts is for the single purpose of distracting oneself from the elephant in the room: DEATH.

Death hangs like a sword over our neck every second, yet because that thought is so terrifying, the mind does everything it can to divert our attention to “creating a life for ourselves” so as to avoid dealing directly with it. Thus, it seeks distraction via entertainment, food, sex, money, relationships, a spiritual journey, etc. virtually non-stop.

However, this does not resolve the core fear, but rather just attempts to cover it up. Much like a child who covers their own eyes in hopes that this futile gesture prevents the “boogeyman” from seeing them. We are only fooling ourselves.

It turns out that our starting assumption, that we are the body who was born and will die, MUST be challenged one way or another. Meaning, either you are the body and you will die, or you are not. Which is it? Are you sure? And if you are not sure, why assume you are the body?

I capitalized the 2nd paragraph in the Adi Da quote above, because it’s the realization that there is nothing to be done about death of the body that, paradoxically, brings unfounded peace, joy and liberation. In other words, you finally, for the first time in your life, stop running from death.

This is an energetic experience, not just mental. Something in you physically relaxes. It’s a total surrendering. It’s a giving to death what belongs to death because it is seen that death has nothing to do with you… and never did.

Q: What is the best use of my time if I want to Awaken? New MJ Awakening Blog

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Q: What is the best use of my time if I want to awaken?

MICHAEL: Be in Satsang 24/7. Silently notice every moment which is mind and which is presence. Get clear on what comes and goes and what is ever-present. The realization is that it’s all You. You are all that’s ever existed. Get to know Yourself.

Truth/Silence cannot be thought… Stillness cannot be done… New MJ Awakening Blog

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“Truth cannot be thought.”

-Madame De Salzmann

MICHAEL: Works with a certain other word as well… “Silence cannot be thought.”

Facebook comment:

“Stillness cannot be done.”

-Pauline Gracey

MICHAEL: What a wonderful thing to notice!



The “me” is not a creator, it’s a creation. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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The “me” is not a creator, it’s a creation.

Michael Jeffreys

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