Michael Jeffreys lives in Los Angeles, and holds weekly online Satsang meetings, every Weds. night 6pm (pst) on the free Zoom platform for those who resonate with the nondual message.

“We miss the miracle by searching for it.” 

“Everything is IT, which is why you’ll never find it.” 

“An illusion cannot explain itself.” 

“There’s just what’s happening, and no one’s doing it.”


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For questions, privates, paypal donations: mjeffreys1@roadrunner.com

Welcome, so glad you’re here!!
❤ Michael


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  1. Can you circulate this request on your website, twitter, newsletter or other means? Thanks,

    Research Participants Wanted

    Drs. Sameer Deshpande and Gary Nixon of the University of Lethbridge, Canada are conducting a study of the journey towards embracing and abiding in nondual being. This journey involves a shift in which a person typically experiences an ego death and moves beyond a personal ego identity, as well as having feelings of surrender and expansiveness, and an all pervading love or contentment, as well as experiencing no thoughts and stillness. Research participants suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for the last five years and who undertook a journey towards nondual being, and have been abiding in nondual being for at least the last two years, are wanted for a research interview, which will take 1-2 hours. Participants will be provided with transcripts of their interviews. If you have been abiding in nondual being for at least the last two years, and would like to participate in the study please email sameer.deshpande@uleth.ca or call (403) 329-5196 (Lethbridge).

  2. Wonderful post Michael. I recently gave up my drivers license, upon moving to Rhode Island. While at the dmv, the clerk made it seem as I would fret such a thing. Rather, I smiled and thanked her for the new license. I smiled wider reminiscent of my innumerable sunset cruises on PCH. I smiled yet again, musing over new excersions about route 1A, and Ocean drive. Enjoy it all.

  3. 400 quotes were lessons
    I looked forward to them
    Please put them back online
    Thank you

  4. please put the 400 quotes back up

    that was my anchor

    than q 🙂

    • Michael,

      I’ve been “on the path” for over ten years and have attended dozens of satsangs, read all the Advaita books, etc. A few months ago Awareness began to “appear” and there is no longer any question as to my true nature.

      My question is this: whenever i (the small i is my usage for the body/mind) sit
      quietly and STOP a clear and quiet mind become apparent. Then Awareness is
      “seen.” There are no objets, no subject, no time, no space. Total silence seems the best way to appreciate this deep peace and obvious presence.

      But then when i stand up and go about doing things, it “fades.” There is
      no thought that it is not here. i know that Awareness is always and ever here
      (without any specific location).

      Will Awareness become more “stable” as attention improves? A teacher once
      told me that for awhile it may require attention, but eventually Awareness becomes the foreground, so to speak.

      I’m very interested in your answer.

      Thank you.


      • Hi Lafcadio,

        It’s not that Awareness becomes more stable… it’s that mind quiets down more and more revealing and making clearer what is already the case. A pond doesn’t BECOME quieter when you stop splashing, rather, the pond’s quietness is REVEALED as the splashing dies down.


  5. Sorry guys, but unfortunately my old website is gone and thus so are the 400+ quotes. However, there is a lot of “meat” in the Blogs I am posting these days, and so hopefully some of the pointers will “land” for you. Meaning that the aliveness that you already fully are will become apparent to you. That you are not your thoughts or your body. Even to say that you are Awareness is too much. You simply are…and this moment is all that’s happening, exactly as it’s happening… to no “one”! 🙂

    Much Love,

  6. what a shame

    those quotes were so amazing

    i would read those 3-5 times a day

    😦 nothing lasts forever

  7. You have readers who would gladly read a new post everyday. Your posts are so inspiring but they aren’t frequent enough. We want more (and isn’t that the issue anyway?) 🙂 I also miss the quotes. Perhaps you could incorporate a related quote with your posts? Thanks

  8. Well what do you know… even though my original website is long gone, someone put the 400+ spiritual quotes I collected over the years here (see link below). Each quote was one I found helpful/insightful as I longed to know my authentic nature/essence. May they be as helpful to you too! Much Love, -Michael


  9. I don’t know what else to say except thank you. Thank you for being you. This site is beautiful.

  10. Thank you so much Sister Tina!

    And I so enjoyed your Blog as well! (Just posted it on my facebook wall.) … this is just lovely and resonates fully over here:

    “Please don’t be afraid to question your own motives, morals and beliefs. I encourage you to take this journey inwardly. Eventually, you will realize that everything going on in the world is just a clever ruse designed to keep you distracted and discourage you from asking questions. There is an entire world within ourselves that more and more people are beginning to discover. The journey begins whenever you want it to. Simply question what you believe to be reality. Question your religion. Question your actions. Question your own questions. Know thyself. Have the courage to recognize and confront your very own mental programming and the fear which it has manufactured. Take a peak outside of the box.”

    Perhaps we could work on something together sometime!

    Much Love,

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