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“What is the Source of the ego?” New MJ Awakening Blog
July 17, 2018


can u find egos source


A simple, powerful meditation…

“What is the Source of the ego?”

…and remaining quiet. 


Michael Jeffreys


TRUTH is wordless… New MJ Awakening Blog
July 13, 2018

lao tzu on silence

TRUTH is wordless… which is another word for SILENCE

Michael Jeffreys

You don’t have DESIRE… DESIRE has You. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 11, 2018

meher baba discourses cover cropped

Meher Baba (1894-1969)

“It is self-interest (caused by low selfish desires) that is at the root of this universal condition of misery. Material desire is misery. When you want a thing, you crave for it until you get it—this is suffering. And when you do get it, you don’t experience the happiness you expected—this is disappointment, which is also suffering.”

Meher Baba


The Soul has taken so many imaginary journeys… New MJ Awakening Blog
July 9, 2018

man sitting on bench with bike

The Soul has taken so many imaginary journeys… apparent lifetime after lifetime, that it has forgotten how not to journey.

Michael Jeffreys

AWARENESS is the only ever-present constant regardless of the experience. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 6, 2018

time in awareness

AWARENESS is the only ever-present constant regardless of the experience.

All experiences have a duration.

All experiences come and go.

What doesn’t come and go?


Michael Jeffreys

Does CHANGE bring up fear in you? New MJ Awakening Blog
July 4, 2018

everything changes cesslessly

That life is endlessly changing (and thus not controlable as how do you control change?) bring up any fear/resistance in you?

What a great opportunity to be present with this fear/resistance to change. Why? Because EVERYTHING, without exception, is made of change.

You, me, the stars, the sky, the earth, family members, pets, all of it… is ever changing… that’s its nature.

everyone changes ceaselessly

There is absolutely nothing, literally NOTHING, to hold on to.


Let everything go… all of it… breathe and release as you drop into timeless presence here/now. 


Michael Jeffreys

Because Awareness is prior to mind, mind can never know Awareness. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 3, 2018


Because Awareness is prior to mind, mind can never know Awareness.

Michael Jeffreys

Freedom is ever free… whether or not its dreaming. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 2, 2018




“…Then this same movement that completely was believing the dream state, now says the wake state is to be believed. Do you not see that it calls the dream state false even though it was believing the dream state moments before awakening to the wake state? So how can you trust that and what it tells you to believe about the wake state?”

-Sri Summairu


Does something in you resonate with what Sri Summairu is pointing at? Why do we have dreams in the first place? We can go into a lot of stories about it, i.e., it reveals the unconscious,etc.

But could it be to serve as a point of comparison for convincing the mind, i.e, first the mind claims (and then believes) upon awakening each morning a dream is fake, but that this, what we call the waking state, is real, and that what we just experienced was not real!? But wait a second… a moment ago the mind reacted as if the sleeping dream WAS REAL!!

Sri is asking a very profound question that is rarely considered: What if all states are dream states?

Once we deeply realize there is no freedom in the dream, we can let go and relax trying to control it… this is the “energetical” part, because if ANY part of you is still believing the dream, something will not feel right. Freedom is ever free… whether or not its dreaming.

Michael Jeffreys


p.s. As I went to post this blog on wordpress, Mabel Fernandez was posting this on facebook!:


“Maharaj tells us that whenever every single individual dreams, he has the actual experience of the world being created in consciousness. When a person is not fully awake, and consciousness merely stirs, he dreams; and in his dream, in that tiny spot of consciousness, in a split second, is created an entire world exactly similar to the world outside, and in that world are seen the earth, the sun, hills and rivers, and
people (including himself!) behaving exactly as in the world

While the person is dreaming the dream world is very much real: his experiences-both pleasure and pain-are extremely realistic. But once he wakes up, the entire dream
world merges in the consciousness in which it was created. In the waking state, says Maharaj, the world emerges because of ignorance [Maya J and takes you into a waking dream state.

Both sleep and waking are misnomers because you are only dreaming; you dream that you are awake, you dream that you are asleep. Only the Dhnyani knows true waking and
true sleeping. See all as a dream, and stay out of it …. The main point to grasp is that you have projected onto yourself a world of your own imagination, based on memories, desires. and fears, and that you have imprisoned yourself in it. Realize that, break the spell, and BE FREE.”


What’s PRESENT that’s not a story? New MJ Awakening Blog
June 30, 2018

Shakti copy

What’s PRESENT that’s not a story? ❤

Michael Jeffreys



FREDDY: “I” love your questions, because “I’m” present.

There are thoughts in the personal mind, but no peace. New MJ Awakening Blog
June 25, 2018

moonlit ripples(The ripples in the ever peaceful water represent your thoughts.)


There are thoughts in the personal mind, but no peace.

There is peace in the impersonal mind, but no thoughts.


Michael Jeffreys



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