“Have you ever met this me that claims to be you?” New MJ Awakening Blog
April 4, 2020

notes from satsang

From the 4/1/20 online Satsang w/ Michael

STEVEN: The me believes that unless I’m valued I’ll be abandoned, I won’t survive. So I must do anything I can to be valued.

MICHAEL: It’s trying to reinforce itself. But let me ask you a question point blank: Have you ever met this me that claims to be you?

STEVEN: Talk to him all the time (laughs).

MICHAEL: Yes, but can you find it? Can you shake its hand?


MICHAEL: I’m not saying there can’t be a feeling of a me. What I am saying is you don’t know what that is. The brain is wired to believe that’s it. That’s that feeling that it’s us, because the brain is saying, “Yes, this is me, this is us, this is it.”

And what you begin to do if you are on the spiritual path is to question that, “Gosh, is that what I really am?” because there’s been a lot of suffering over here for a lot of years. It hasn’t worked out so well, this me business.


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