“So much suffering comes from wanting to be special…” New MJ Awakening Blog
September 5, 2018

I am special

“The need to be something instead of nothing… so much suffering comes from wanting to be special… it’s terrible.”  -Salvadore Poe

MICHAEL: Love this pointer by Sal… thinking oneself special in any way, shape or form (which the egoic thinking mind is doing non-stop) is imaginary division, separation, where there is none, and thus the horrible suffering Sal is pointing to. How can anything be more or less special if All is One? It doesn’t compute. No imaginary separation = wholeness = peace.


How could ETERNITY have a past or a future? New MJ Awakening Pointer/Meditation
August 27, 2018


How could ETERNITY have a past or a future?

(Contemplate this is Silence)

Michael Jeffreys

Being SILENCE doesn’t mean there are no thoughts… new MJ Awakening Pointer
August 25, 2018


Being SILENCE doesn’t mean there are no thoughts. It means that when a thought arises, you have nothing to add to it.

michael jeffreys

There is no getting to SILENCE. New MJ Awakening Pointer
August 15, 2018

there is a voice that doesnt use words rumi

Every moment you’re not thinking, you ARE Silence. And in Silence, there are no words, which means there are no problems, no fears, no anxiety, no criticisms, no judgments, no nothing. Just Silence.

“Oh, this is just escapism…” says the mind. Blah, blah, blah… more mind noise, more “not Silence.”

You can’t think your way to Silence.

You can only BE Silence.

“Oh, but it’s not easy to quiet the mind.” Blah, blah, blah… more noise. “But I have responsibilities that require thinking…” Blah, blah, blah…

Being Silence means being Silence and nothing else.

-michael jeffreys


TRUTH is simple… new MJ Awakening Pointer
August 11, 2018

mj truth is simple

What is AWARE of the reflection in the mirror? New MJ Awakening Pointer
August 9, 2018

old lady body in mirror

If you were really the body, why would you need to look into a mirror to see what you are?

Michael Jeffreys

All thoughts appear to DIVIDE… new MJ Awakening pointer
August 5, 2018

mj all thoughts appear to divide

Is it possible for AWARENESS to be DISTURBED? New MJ Awakening Blog
July 31, 2018

emotional pain not mandatory

Is Awareness ever disturbed? Or is it aware of disturbance? In other words, which actually changes, Awareness or that which it is presently perceiving?

For example, you seem to be upset about something. But look closer. Is Awareness actually upset or is it aware of a feeling of being upset arising? The mind may claim, Who cares, I’m suffering!” But noticing this subtle but crucial distinction can make ALL the difference!

Once you realize you are what is aware of the feeling, then you are not attached to it, no longer taking it personally in any way, and are free to allow the feeling to be as it is.

And through your loving total acceptance of it, the lack of making it into a problem, the willingness to allow it as much time and space as it needs without any kind of agenda whatsoever, the contracted pain energy is healed/transmuted back into its natural stateless state, ever free boundless Awareness.

Michael Jeffreys


Can you find a past or future right NOW? New MJ Awakening Blog
July 29, 2018

now is just right now


Only now… can past be found?

Have a look right now.

Only now… can future be found?

Have a look right now.

Can you actually find a past or a future NOW?


Michael Jeffreys

BE with whatever is arising… New MJ Awakening Blog
July 26, 2018


BE with whatever is arising, but only NOW.

Michael Jeffreys

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