Every single thought that’s ever showed up or will show up is a claim of separation… New MJ Awakening Blog
February 21, 2018


Every single thought that’s ever showed up or will show up is a claim of separation where none has ever existed.

Michael Jeffreys


The whole seekers search / identity is founded on the presumption of separation… New MJ Awakening Pic Quote
February 5, 2018

mj a seeker is a presumption of separation pic quote

Q: What’s the biggest mistake seekers make on the spiritual path? New MJ Awakening Blog
February 5, 2018

everything revolves around planet me

Q: What’s the biggest mistake seekers make on the spiritual path?

MICHAEL: That they are going to get something out of it, i.e., enlightenment, awakening, happiness, peace, etc. It’s the opposite. True spirituality is a loss, not a gain. It’s the dissolving of the false “me,” the one who imagines everything revolves around “them.”

This personal position is the suffering. For now the rain is not simply what is happening, for example, but “my” picnic has been ruined! See? It‘s a personal interpretation of that which is inherently impersonal.

Without a thought, what is personal?

The “me” is not a creator, it’s a creation. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote
January 18, 2018


The “me” is not a creator, it’s a creation.

Michael Jeffreys

Sri Summairu on BOREDOM. New MJ Awakening Blog
January 17, 2018


MICHAEL: I rarely hear the experience of “Boredom” discussed in spiritual sharings, yet as the desire for anything worldly/dream related falls away, this can often be where we find ourselves; frozen, stuck, nothing makes me happy, bored.

Thankfully, Self reminders appear to show us the way. In the excerpts below, Sri Summairu reminds us that it is when we stop noticing, stop looking deeper, stop being curious that Life can feel Lifeless… 

“The only time anything can feel boring, dead, lifeless; is if we are not fully alive to life itself. There is an aliveness to life in every instance, it’s ever-expanding unto itself. When we are present as presence itself, there are no thought overlays, which filter life through our ideas of it. Only thoughts can feel boring, dead, lifeless because thoughts are made-up words which are incapable of feeling anything and only thoughts are empty of the essence of life.

Nothing is ever static, except for the mind of thoughts. As a result, boredom is a sure sign that inner growth has stopped, or simply put, life stopped noticing itself.

The energy we call “the ego” knows nothing of reality, nothing of presence, freshness, newness, unknown, mysterious, wonder, curiosity, aliveness, etc.

Don’t take the boredom at face value, question it. Feel into it. Notice it for what it is. Notice how [Life] is boring because it’s predictable and familiar. There is no mystery or wonder left in it (which is what life itself actually is). Very few speak from presence, so nothing new and fresh is being said.

However, when one is truly empty enough, life moves into that emptiness and life begins to see itself everywhere. When this happens, life never gets bored of seeing itself. Boredom (dullness, unfeeling, dryness, non-radiant, non-vibrate, non-aliveness, etc) is not a quality of life itself, but a quality of what happens when life doesn’t see itself everywhere.”

-Sri Summairu

Being totally Empty is what allows you to be totally Full. New MJ Awakening Blog
January 16, 2018

lao tzu empty bowl

Being totally Empty is what allows you to be totally Full.

-Michael Jeffreys

There is only One Self, nothing but the One Self, and that One Self is You. New MJ Awakening Blog
January 15, 2018

all of existence

“You are all that exists. You are everything that exists. 

All of existence is you.”  -Nazarah Merah

MICHAEL: As our learned beliefs in the illusion of separation, as well as the ingrained, unconsciously held mind structures which give any/all beliefs a context in which to exist, e.g., “I live in a universe, I am human, my name is X, I come from this family…,” etc. begin to be consciously seen through, then Unity Consciousness can begin to be felt/experienced/recognized deeply within.

There is only One Self, nothing but the One Self, and that One Self is You.

Awareness is playing every role, (including you) right now. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 6, 2017

king puppet show in awareness

“Only awareness is aware of awareness. The finite mind is not an entity in its own right. It has no existence of its own. It is the activity that awareness assumes in order to know objective knowledge and experience, just as we might say that King Lear is the activity that (the actor) John Smith assumes in order to manifest the drama of the play.

Just as John Smith never ceases being John Smith or becomes King Lear, likewise, at no point does awareness cease being awareness or become a finite mind. And just as it is not King Lear who knows John Smith, so, likewise, it is never a finite mind that becomes or knows infinite awareness.”

-Rupert Spira

MICHAEL: Awareness is playing every role, (including you) right now.


Realizing the Inseparableness of Consciousness: “There really is no line which separates hearing from seeing.” -Marie S. Watts. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 30, 2017

5 senses watercolor

“We hear much about the five physical senses. Actually there are no physical senses. There is but one Sense, and that one is Consciousness. This one indivisible Sense may appear as seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, or smelling; but these are only certain aspects of Consciousness.

It is important to realize the inseparableness of Consciousness. There really is no line which separates hearing from seeing. Neither is there a line of demarcation between hearing, seeing, tasting, ‘touching, or any other of the distinct aspects of Consciousness.”

-Marie S. Watts

MICHAEL: This quote by Marie on the surface appears to be quite radical. However, if one actually takes the time to NOTICE, it may be discovered that there is indeed no line between seeing and hearing or smelling and touching, etc.

While they may have been traditionally thought of as being separate senses, is it not Consciousness that is aware of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling? It is NOT the nose that is actually aware of smells, but Consciousness. It is not the eyes that is aware of these words but Consciousness.

What is aware of everything You are aware of, regardless of its apparent form? Ever present Infinite Consciousness.


The Realization, for no one, is that EVERYTHING is God. New MJ Awakening Blog
September 5, 2017

lighting christ

“I and my father are one.” -Jesus

EVERYTHING is God. There is only God. The “idea” of a personal or impersonal God is purely a mind creation/imaginary division. This is God right now writing these words. This is God right now reading these words. Where is God not? (Or, as Daniel Litvak put it, “… give us the definition of what isn’t God…”).

Nonduality… Advaita means not two.

“There is only Brahman. The world is an illusion. The world is Brahman.”

This is too simple, too immediate, for the dualistic mind whose world is made of separation/division, “It’s this, not this.” etc..

Michael Jeffreys

P.S. COMMENT: “What about the voice in my head is that god”

MICHAEL: Yes (what else??), but the “one” who thinks it’s about him/her doesn’t exist.

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