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“No label can define you…” new MJ Awakening Quote
June 30, 2014

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Q: “I just think i need to be clear on what exactly AWARENESS is….”
June 24, 2014

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Question from facebook:

Jason: I just think i need to be clear on what exactly awareness is….

Michael: Been there, done that… awareness is absolutely nothing… you are always aware of something, so whatever the mind claims is “awareness” can never be it… let the mystery have you… nothing to figure out… it’s the mind’s attempt to figure out something it can only ever guess at that keeps the suffering going… can you notice how badly the mind wants to be “right”??

What is your direct experience when the whole search is dropped, confusion and loose ends and all? “I give up” full stop.

What is left but this naked moment exactly as it is?

Jason: Yea theres nothing left….no thought just sounds and sensations..of this direct moment…

Your THOUGHTS contain no Reality… new MJ Awakening pic quote
June 23, 2014

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“How to Be Free of Anxiety & Depression” full CE radio show
June 19, 2014

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For anyone who has ever suffered or is currently suffering from panic attacks, anxiety or depression…

Michael Jeffreys, Tom Bunzel, and Collective Evolution radio host Mark DeNicola have a frank discussion of their own personal experiences and the ways each found to deal with, and eventually become free of our personal emotional and physical pain.

Tom shares several personal stories of suffering bouts of intense depression and anger, and the wisdom that comes from such experiences. Michael shares from the non-dual perspective and how the seeing through of one’s believed in stories leads to freedom. And Mark shares about his personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks, as well as asking questions that will be helpful to the listener and keeping the show moving at a nice flow.

Click link below (or picture above) to listen on youtube:

How to Be Free of Anxiety & Depression full show 


“A story is just a story unless it’s believed” …new MJ meditation picture quote
June 19, 2014

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“Do not try to possess God…” new MJ meditation picture quote
June 13, 2014

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When Your ATTENTION is on the finite the Infinite remains hidden
June 9, 2014


The profound and deep mysteries of LIFE have, for most human beings, long since lost their sense of awe and wonder. The accumulation of possessions, information, and getting people to do what we want so consumes our attention, that the SOURCE, the CREATOR of this experience has been pushed from our mind.

Discovering God, THAT which created ALL that is?? Why bother me with such trivial details… I have bills to pay! Maybe, one day in the future, when I have everything just right, just perfect, just so, then I will spare a thought for the Source, the Creator of my body, of ALL that I see, hear, taste, touch, smell and appear to know. But not now… I am way too busy with much more important things!

-Michael Jeffreys

In the Direct Path Teachings, there is no Seeking
June 7, 2014


In the direct path teachings, one DOES NOT start out from a human perspective and attempt to “get to or find” their true nature, pure Aliveness itself, pure Awareness, pure Consciousness. Why? Because the mere act of looking for it implies what? That it is not already present!! Do you see the conundrum? The moment you seek it, you miss it… It’s like looking for your eyes!!

Instead, START from the perspective of the ONLY thing presently here now, alive infinite Awareness, AND STAY THERE! (If you go to past, even for 1 second, than you are in mind, which is time, and you will only find more concepts. Eventually all concepts are seen to be empty, since they are “about reality,” and not REALITY itself, which is undefinable!)

You are the timeless in which time appears to unfold. There is no where to get to and no one who can get there. There is only alive, infinite, unmoveable, unchangeable, Consciousness here-now-everywhere and nowhere silently BEING. Rest in your already present, undefinable, thoughtless, silent, timeless, nature.

– Michael Jeffreys

“The ego, the credit taker,…” new MJ Awakening meditation picture quote
June 6, 2014

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“Consciousness is everywhere and everything…” new MJ Awakening meditation picture quote
June 5, 2014

mj consciousness is first white flower quote

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