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You are the Timeless experiencing time
June 24, 2012

Everything is a temporary appearance/manifestation in Awareness, including a body, thoughts, sensations, feelings, emotions, sounds, physical objects, colors, etc. So, you don’t “have a body”, rather, you experience one. You don’t “have a thought,” rather, you experience one.

All experiences are fleeting… YOU are not. Why? Because you are the only thing that is not an experience. You simply ARE (timeless), regardless of the comings and goings of all experiences (which require time). Regardless if the experience is desirable or undesirable, it never touches what you have always been and cannot help BEing… that which was never born.

The trouble comes when we mistake a temporary appearance/manifestation/arising for “US.” It is not possible for you to actually be any appearance, but it can appear so if you IDENTIFY with the appearance. As your “identification” with appearances is what gives them life, i.e., makes them real. (Do you see anyone else inside you making things seem real? No? Then it’s all YOU baby!)

Splashing water (thoughts) can temporarily obscure “self” from recognizing SELF, but not forever. Eventually the agitation begins to settle, the muddy waters calm down and begin to still revealing clarity, or glimpses are seen/sensed/intuited and the “self” begins to awaken to its true nature… that which was never born and so remains, as always, ever unaffected.

Nothing can harm you. Nothing can touch you. Nothing can know you. Nothing can be you. Nothing… Nothing… Nothing.

-Michael Jeffreys


Birthdays are for the Body, not YOU
June 21, 2012

“I am 39 yrs. old”, I just heard an interviewer say to his guest on an internet show. And I found myself smiling, followed by the thought: “No, your BODY is 39 yrs. old… YOU are timeless and ageless. You are eternal because YOU have never been born.” Be clear that even though your body continues to age every second, YOU are not your body. I.e., the same “thing” is looking out your eyes now as when you were 1 min. old, 5 yrs. old, 10 yrs. old 25 yrs old, 5 mins. ago, and right now! Unlike the physical body, what YOU are was never born and so it cannot die.

-Michael Jeffreys

You are Unborn
June 19, 2012

What you are has never moved or changed… how is this possible? Because you have never been born. Yes, your body has, but YOU are not your body. The body is the temporary vehicle that is experiencing whatever you are experiencing. What you are is PRIOR to the body. Prior to everything! You are unborn. Pure stillness, pure being. “Your” body, its personality, and the world appear IN/ON you.

However, identification is so strong (due to societal conditioning, habit, what you have learned, what you were taught to believe, what personal and world history you identify with, what you have come to believe is possible, what “makes sense”, what is logical, what is plausible, etc.), that to the mind this sounds crazy.

The question to ask is, “What is AWARE that this sounds crazy?” That which is aware is 100% neutral. It is nothing and has no opinion about anything. And yet, this formless, knowing “presence” is all that truly exists. Everything else comes and goes. So whatever you think isn’t it (since thoughts come and go). It’s prior to thought. “Well Michael, if it’s prior to thought, than how can I know it?”

Any answer I give would only be more story for the mind to agree or disagree with, so any answer is not it. The Truth is you already ARE IT. That is why any answer isn’t it, because ANY answer is movement away from what you already are and have always been… that which fire cannot burn, water cannot wet and a sword cannot cut. That which was never born can never be harmed or die.

Without IT, time could not exist!! Without IT, space could not exist!! It simply and eternally IS… and YOU are THAT. Which is why Nisargadatta’s book was called, “I AM THAT”, meaning not this and not this (not anything in the world), but that… THAT which is aware of “not this and not this.” What you are, no word can ever define. You are beyond all descriptions because you are PRIOR to all descriptions.

You can’t know what you are, you can only BE it. And since you are already IT, there is nothing to do accept notice what is already the case. But as long as mind is still identified with thoughts, the seeing is obscured like clouds obscure the sun.

When interest in the clouds is lost, the sun becomes more and more obvious until one wonders how they ever missed it. Remember, you already are THAT… it’s just a matter of letting go of “this and this and this and this”, i.e., everything you are not… and have NEVER been.

-Michael Jeffreys

Emptiness Dancing
June 17, 2012

There is ONE Consciousness. It is having an infinite number of experiences. How? By the movement of color. Look around you. Is not EVERYTHING moving colors, to put it simply? Colors move and Consciousness (YOU) tells itself a story about “why” that movement occurred. It’s Lila: the play of LIFE, the play of Light and Sound.

And so as you are reading these black squiggles, a story is forming in you about their meaning. Whatever something “means” to you creates your unique experience of it. But the “experience” is not personal in any way. It’s the ONE pretending to be many. It’s emptiness dancing. And so whatever experience you appear to be experiencing is perfect… it couldn’t be any other way.

If this bothers you, than that is the story that these meaningless squiggles are painting for you. Do you see, you can’t get away from it. The jungle is neutral. Nothing means anything… except whatever story is appearing in you that you are believing. YOUR belief is what is making it seem real. Without the story telling you that something is a certain way, where is your experience of it?

-Michael Jeffreys

If it’s all ONE, than it’s ALL You
June 13, 2012

Instead of believing that you are separate from God and trying to find or reconnect with “him/her/it,” what if you are God, and the only thing that keeps you from knowing this to be so as your direct experience are believed in thoughts of doubt and insecurity?

When those beliefs are seen thru, only God remains! … untouchable and invulnerable. Beyond perfect. How powerful are you? You breath life into an inanimate thought merely by believing/saying it is so! And you also have the power to stop believing a thought. If it’s all ONE, than it’s ALL You. You playing ALL the roles. There is nothing that is NOT you! Fear arises when you forget that ALL is YOU. And if ALL is YOU, what can harm YOU?

-Michael Jeffreys

“It is as it is.”-8 year old girl
June 6, 2012

I just came back from teaching a chess class at an elementary school in Culver City, CA, and during the class one girl said to another girl, “Some of your hair is sticking up!” And just as I was starting to say it was fine as it was, an 8 yr old girl named Larissa casually blurted out, “It is as it is.”

Yes, that sound you heard was my jaw hitting the floor! And so I said to her, “Honey, who told you that?” And she just shrugged her shoulders and replied, “No one.”

-Michael Jeffreys

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