Q: Why do we seek? New MJ Awakening Blog
October 11, 2017

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Q: Why do we seek?

MICHAEL: To escape the moment. The “me” finds the moment as it is intolerable, insufficient, lacking, boring, not enough, etc. The “me” rejects the ONLY moment that actually IS in hopes of someday finding a better moment that will make it happy. Thus, what IS is never enough and hence the seeking.

But even if a thought claims THIS moment is insufficient, what if that thought was part of the inherent perfection of the moment itself? In other words, that freedom has space for everything that shows up, regardless of how it presents itself. Freedom is your true nature and remains eternally free and unaffected by all transient thoughts/experiences/beliefs.


IT is all there is… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 2, 2017

IT is all there is

The reason “me” can’t find IT, is because IT is all there is. So, even the sense of being a “me” is IT. There is no escaping IT, because IT is all there is.

Michael Jeffreys

The “I” that is seeking has only ever been a thought… be conscious of silence. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 4, 2017

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The “I” that is seeking, trying to find its true nature, trying to find God has only ever been a thought. –Michael Jeffreys

“Self-truth-knowing is found in the silence of your own consciousness.”
W. Norman Cooper (from, Experience Your Perfect Soul)

MICHAEL: Notice where it’s not, and will never, ever, throughout all of existence be found: in thought.

You are always what is aware of the seeker, so the seeker cannot be you… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 12, 2016


The one who is trying to figure it all out, to find enlightenment, that gets a hit or mental high off the realizations, epiphanies, and spiritual insights…that one has to go too. Why? Because it too is still an identity and thus a subtle form of separation/dualism (and not so subtle when you see it).

Non-dual is one without a second. Seeking, which is twoness (the seeker and the sought) is motivated by the false idea that what you are is not already fully here and present. But you are always here and always present… you are what is aware of the seeker, so the seeker is not and cannot ever be you.

Michael Jeffreys

There is no escaping the moment, which is why surrendering to what IS gives PEACE
July 26, 2014

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Trying to “get rid of” a sense of “me” is not only not possible, it’s not necessary (yes, the rare “triple negative” sentence!). When there is the simple acceptance of what IS (and it’s not a doing, but more a relaxing into what is already so), then if a sense of “me” is presently arising, then that is what IS.

No need to get rid of it or try to change it… simply seeing it as another spontaneous arising in the moment is sufficient. Simply BE with whatever is presently happening, which leaves nothing out!

Once it is seen that escape from NOW is impossible, that leaves only what IS… and nothing more is ever needed simply because nothing more can be except what is! Except, of course, if something feels like it is needed, then that too is what’s happening.

There is simply no escape from what is happening. When this is welcomed sans resistance, the peace that is always present can be effortlessly experienced by no one.

–Michael Jeffreys

“If you weren’t trying to get something for a ‘separate self’…” new MJ Awakening pic quote
July 15, 2014

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What if you stop looking to your mind to give you peace, which it itself does not possess?
July 13, 2014


The illusion is that if you can just manipulate your outer world to match the picture in your head of what you think you want, you will be happy. However, If we dig a little deeper, the first thing we may notice is that these pictures are constantly changing! Do you want the exact same thing now as you did 5 years ago?… 5 months ago?….. 5 mins ago?

It seems as if the mind is a confused… doesn’t seem to really know what will make it happy, so it just endlessly seeks new stuff. And do you notice that the mind is never satisfied? I mean, when was the last time you got what you wanted, and the mind said, “Okay, cool, goal achieved. I’m good. Mission accomplished. Happiness achieved.. no need to want anything else. Cya!” How about never!! The mind’s desires are endless, endless, endless. Which can only mean it hasn’t itself any peace, or why would it be searching so dang hard?? Which brings us to my point:

What if you stop looking to your mind to give you peace, which it itself does not possess?

-Michael Jeffreys

Consciousness is ALWAYS Present, Mind is NEVER Present
October 1, 2013


 Consciousness = the present moment; Mind = time = past/future.

YOU, pure Consciousness ARE the present moment. TIME, the world, appearances, thoughts, feelings, sounds, words, pictures, stories, experiences, etc. all require time to exist.

These appearances seem to move from past to future, but are NEVER actually here long enough to be present!! Only pure Consciousness, YOU, are ALL that is ever actually present. Effortlessly and Eternally so! Everything else comes and goes.

Thus, the manifest world, which includes the body/mind, with all its myriad of appearances never actually touches YOU! You are eternally PRESENT, TIME is past-future. You never move, time is always moving seemly forward, from past to future. Mind = Time. Consciousness, Stillness, Presence, Peace, Love, The Eternal = YOU.

–Michael Jeffreys

If God is ALL, can there Really be a “Separate Self” to be, do, or have Anything?
May 25, 2013


We may say, “God is ALL,” but do we really live as this were so? If God is All, can there be a separate “me” that is the conductor of “my” life? If so, than ALL doesn’t really mean ALL, as than we are saying God is mostly ALL, except in those areas my mind knows better!? Does this make sense to you??

If God is truly ALL, that leaves zero room for a separate other of any kind! There is no self that needs to become “enlightened” or become a “higher self.” No affirmation or belief or mantra is going to get you one inch closer to God for the simple reason that God is ALL that is, was, or ever will be!

Again, if there is something separate from God, than God is NOT All. The mind wants it both ways, to be a separate, autonomous self AND be one with God. This is all fantasy. Start as the perfection YOU are and stay there. Most teachings start as a broken self who needs to be fixed or “get to God.” And it’s the reason so many in the spiritual world continue to suffer and struggle. Just one more book, one more video, one more satsang… phooey!

YOU are already, right now, all the TRUTH in existence… period. And it’s not because you did anything special to attain this… it is what you have always been. The wave has ALWAYS been 100% ocean its entire existence and need do nothing, nor can do anything!, to “become” more ocean.

–Michael Jeffreys

The “Blame it on Them” Game Keeps the Dream Going
December 17, 2012


The world is an illusion and something in you knows this. It is a mind projection stemming from a single innocent thought that asked, “What would it be like to be separate from god?” …and POOF!!, the ego was made manifest.

The reality is that it is not possible to be separate from ALL that is, god, source, etc. So, the only way to create the illusion of separation is if you believe there is an actual separate “you,” apart from god.

However, because this is so insanely painful, and you don’t want to deal directly with the pain of the lie (because if you did you’d see that everything you thought you were “working for” was for naught.), you ignore it and instead project it onto “others” around you.

The “blame it on them” game keeps the dream going. That is why forgiveness is the complete answer. If you see that you are already WHOLE and always were, guess how you are going to see me!?

-Michael Jeffreys

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