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Michael Jeffreys “Doubtless Freedom: Truth is what IS.” 7-29-20 Satsang video
July 30, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “Doubtless Freedom: Truth is what IS.” 7-29-20 Satsang


1. Truth is… what IS


2. If we’re still not clear on our true nature, on what IS, then there’s always going to be doubts. And that’s what we’re bumping up against.

3. At Satsang we often hear, “I had it, I lost it!” Let’s take a look at this… can we lose what IS?

PETER: It cannot be lost because it always IS.

4. Where’s your allegiance? Is your allegiance to what always is, always has been, always will be? Or, is your allegiance to the me? To the psychological mental construct that’s all over the place!?

5. The me tries to negotiate. It says, “Ya, ya, I know there’s One Truth, BUT…” Everything after the “BUT…” is false.

6. If you take your story and set it aside, what’s left?

JOAN: Nothing. It’s just an empty, blank space.

7. There has to be the changeless to know change.

8. This is a letting go of all stories. Stories can be entertaining, but like Santa Claus, none of ’em contain Truth.

9. Truth doesn’t have an agenda. Agenda’s are for me’s, not for Truth.

10. At Satsang we’re not interested in your story or my story or any story. We’re interested in what’s ever-present and prior to ALL stories, full-stop.

11. What IS is always and only what IS. And nobody made it and no one can take it away. That is Immortality… Unborn.

12. The body has changed continuously, non-stop. But You, have You changed? The one looking out the body… that Conscious-Awareness… effortless… ever-present… no “on” or “off” switch to it.

13. There’s no doing to become what you already are. And the me’s a doer… the body is an action figure.

14. The sky is like awareness and the clouds are the different arisings… thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations. And the sky doesn’t cling to the clouds… notice that the sky does nothing… the clouds come and they go all by themselves. And that’s how it is for us. All your feelings, thoughts emotions… they’ll leave on their own. You’re eternal. Anything that arises is going to pass. You’re not going anywhere.

**My internet connection went out after 26 mins. and so Satsang abruptly/unexpectedly ended at that point. (No doer!) I’m happy that the video still recorded and is available to those seeking doubtless Freedom. Remember, you already are what you seek.


Everything is a passing show… New MJ Awakening Blog
July 27, 2020

passing clouds

“If you remember, that’s not what you are… it is what is being experienced, but it’s not what is. What IS is not that. That cannot appear without what IS…. it’s the most powerful pointer when grasped.”


MICHAEL: All thoughts, feelings, sensations and moods come and go. What knows this? Does that one come and go?

No. That which is aware of the transient is not transient… and you are THAT. This is what must be deeply intuited/grasped, but cannot be when we are ignorantly identified as the transient body/mind.

Zoom Satsang w/ Michael 7-29-20, Weds., 6pm (pst)
July 26, 2020

satsang goddess 7-29-20-b

Michael Jeffreys is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. (For those drawn to the nondual message.)

Topic: Satsang w/ Michael
Time: Jul 29, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

“The Real You has never had a thought.” -Michael

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The Real You has never had a thought. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 24, 2020

Annular Solar Eclipse Observed


The Real You has never had a thought.

Michael Jeffreys

Michael Jeffreys “Your true nature is wordless, formless, unlimited,and ever-present.” 7-22-20 Satsang video
July 23, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “Your true nature is wordless, formless, unlimited & ever-present.” 7-22-20 Satsang


1. Satsang is about getting clear on your original nature, before the conditioning took hold.

2. What you are is prior to “I am this” or “I am that.”

3. We get so lost in the conditioning that we completely forget the naked I AM presence that is our original nature… wordless and formless, yet ever-present.

4. The me is the cause of all the suffering yet we don’t want to let it go… so just notice that, notice your attachment to this me.

5. The original I AM that you are (right now, full-stop!) is wordless.

6. When this starts to click for you, you won’t be able to hold on to your stories like you once did.

7. So the prescription is to rest as this I AM, this wordless presence that you are, as much as possible.

8. “Having never left the house you are looking for the way home.”
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

Getting back home is not a doing, because we’re already home. It’s stopping long enough to realize that.

9. The whole dream crumbles when you see that it’s all propped up by words. Without a story, has anything ever happened?

10. Stop and really look: Where are you in this? Try to actually locate yourself. Whether in a story you’re believing, a problem, a thought, a feeling, etc. You’ll find that you can’t actually find yourself in anything!

11. You’ve never been a thought.

12. Our habit is to go right into the problem, and we forget that something has to be aware… something has to exist PRIOR to the thought to even know that there’s a thought/problem. What is that something?

13. This (looks around) is not real… You’re real! Reality is real and Reality doesn’t change.

14. MICHAEL: Stay here in the not knowing. DIANE: And that’s the best place to be… you can’t lose from that place.

Prior to knowing that ‘you are,’ what knowledge did you have? -Nisargadatta Maharaj. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 21, 2020

nisargadattas eyes

Prior to knowing that ‘you are,’ what knowledge did you have?
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

MICHAEL: Before your body was born, what did you know? Nothing. Thus the recommendation is to stay as the silent I AM, the sense of pure presence here/now, which is prior to “I am this or that.” Do this as often as possible.

That YOU believe you were born is your bondage. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 18, 2020


“The concept of being born as an individual with a
body and mind has been so strongly hammered into
you that you simply refuse to accept anything that
challenges it.” -Pradeep Apte

MICHAEL: The belief/feeling/sense that I am a separate, independent “doer” is so ingrained in us that the idea of even challenging it seems absurd to most. Which is why so few actually awaken. We have a love for this story of “me” and we don’t want to part with it, even if it means continuing to suffering.

There is no freedom in any story. Freedom, You, are PRIOR to all stories. See thru this illusory waking dream; witness it play out as it plays out. You are not in this! You are, and have always been, eternally free.

Michael Jeffreys “Realizing YOU are already formless and free.” 7-15-20 Satsang video
July 17, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “Realizing YOU are already formless and free.” 7-15-20 Satsang


1. YOU are timeless and formless!!
Identifying as a form, any form, is a limitation
and thus unnatural and therefore uncomfortable.

2. All forms are limited (because they have boundaries).


Therefore if you want to be truly free
you have to become formless. How?
By realizing that you’ve never been a form.

3. “If you hold on to the form then you’ll pick up the limitations of that form.” -Mooji

But it’s not so easy because you’re already convinced you’re a form! It’s the most powerful belief that you have, that you’re a “something.”

4. The problem for the seeker is he’s seeking freedom AS A “FORM.” Now how can something that’s a form, that has limitations, be UNLIMITED? It can’t. So the only solution must be that you’re ALREADY UNLIMITED, but you don’t know it. “You are what you seek.”

5. Your suffering is your grace because the suffering can get so intense that you give up (dissolve).

6. Self-realization isn’t a doing… “you” can’t “do” unlimited.

7. The important point here is, you’ve NEVER been an object. So it’s not like you’re this me that has to become free. You’re freedom that has been hypnotized by a dream of limitation.

8. All forms are limited. All forms are born and die. That’s why if we take ourselves as ANYTHING, sooner or later we suffer.

9. Part of the me’s seeking includes wanting approval, i.e. outside validation. So when you believe you’re an object, then you want approval from other objects.

10. Everything in the phenomenal world is a limitation. You are unlimited. What’s unlimited going to do with limitation?

11. If freedom is what you say you truly want in your heart of hearts, then that’s it. It doesn’t matter what the mind says–you’re only interested in freedom, period.

12. ALAN: “And as you said last week, which I love, is that Freedom is always here, now… always.

YOU are timeless and formless!! New MJ Awakening Blog
July 15, 2020


YOU are timeless and formless!! Identifying as a form, any form, is a limitation and thus unnatural and therefore uncomfortable.


All forms are limited (because they have boundaries).
Only the Formless is Unlimited.

Therefore if you want to be truly free
you have to become formless. How?
By realizing that you’ve never been a form.

Michael Jeffreys

Silent Being… New MJ Awakening Blog
July 14, 2020



Hang on to Nothing…
Let go of Nothing…

Michael Jeffreys

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