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LIFE does not have a PAUSE button
April 28, 2013


It can be quite a shock when it hits you that LIFE does not have a PAUSE button. That Life is like a river that never,ever, stops flowing. Never. A pause button does not exist. It is simply ALWAYS NOW. Which means that there’s nowhere to get. The only thing “to do” is be present for whatever is currently happening. What else?

-Michael Jeffreys


Peace in the Midst of Suffering
April 21, 2013

double waterfall stream

When we feel something is lacking or missing from our life, in that moment what we are forgetting is that it is not “us” that brings about this experience, but only thanks to Consciousness that we are able to have the experience of “missing something.”

Even if it “feels personal”, it’s still thanks to Consciousness that we are able to experience this thought, feeling or sensation. That is why teachers like Jeff Foster often talk about a peace in the midst of suffering. It’s the realization that something greater than any appearance is the Source of that appearance. When this is seen, sensed, felt, it is possible to shift our attention from the “story of suffering,” to an “okayness” about whatever is happening, and observe it with a sense of awe, gratitude and humility.

-Michael Jeffreys

Consciousness, YOU, Never Comes or Goes
April 17, 2013

green mtns.

The illusion of “self” is perpetuated, kept alive, by seeking. And seeking is another word for FUTURE. And future is NOTHING MORE than a presently arising THOUGHT that says “As soon as X happens, than I will finally have some peace.”

But ask yourself this sincerely: Does the only Consciousness that is PRESENTLY right here and right NOW actually require anything from the future in order to complete itself? To make itself be more PRESENT or more AWARE? When you see this it will blow your head-off because you realize that CONSCIOUSNESS itself, that which is the only thing being Conscious of these words on a computer screen right here and now, NEVER goes anywhere! It’s equally Conscious of a thought that says “I am at peace” as a thought that says, “I am not at peace.” Consciousness never moves or changes or comes or goes. It simply eternally IS.

–Michael Jeffreys

I Have Never Moved
April 3, 2013

leaf waterfall

I have never moved, nor changed, nor ceased to be.

What I AM I always AM. I am here right now as you read these words on your computer screen.

I am the only thing that does not come or go.

I AM the eternal NOW…

-Michael Jeffreys

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