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The Story-Teller in the Head Needs an Audience…
May 27, 2013

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If God is ALL, can there Really be a “Separate Self” to be, do, or have Anything?
May 25, 2013


We may say, “God is ALL,” but do we really live as this were so? If God is All, can there be a separate “me” that is the conductor of “my” life? If so, than ALL doesn’t really mean ALL, as than we are saying God is mostly ALL, except in those areas my mind knows better!? Does this make sense to you??

If God is truly ALL, that leaves zero room for a separate other of any kind! There is no self that needs to become “enlightened” or become a “higher self.” No affirmation or belief or mantra is going to get you one inch closer to God for the simple reason that God is ALL that is, was, or ever will be!

Again, if there is something separate from God, than God is NOT All. The mind wants it both ways, to be a separate, autonomous self AND be one with God. This is all fantasy. Start as the perfection YOU are and stay there. Most teachings start as a broken self who needs to be fixed or “get to God.” And it’s the reason so many in the spiritual world continue to suffer and struggle. Just one more book, one more video, one more satsang… phooey!

YOU are already, right now, all the TRUTH in existence… period. And it’s not because you did anything special to attain this… it is what you have always been. The wave has ALWAYS been 100% ocean its entire existence and need do nothing, nor can do anything!, to “become” more ocean.

–Michael Jeffreys

Is LIGHT separate from the SUN?
May 20, 2013



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Is LIGHT separate from the SUN? No! Light is an extension of the sun, just as you and I are an extension of the ONE Creator, God, Infinite. To argue this is to say that you created yourself, i.e., that the Sun’s Light created itself. It is a denial of Source. The Sun’s rays can deny the Sun all it wants… and yet this denial is only possible thanks to the Sun itself! No Sun, no Sun’s rays to argue naught.

-Michael Jeffreys

The Sheer Artificiality of it All
May 11, 2013


I decided, for the first time in quite a while, to look at the webpages of CNN, TMZ, and Yahoo again to see if they hit me any differently these days. (I canceled my cable TV about 4 years ago and stopped going to internet news/gossip websites about 4 months ago.) What hit me the most? The sheer artificiality of it all. More than, “Oh, look at all these ‘problems’ they are manufacturing and hanging out there for the ‘fish’ to bite on,” but rather, just the sheer emptiness of it all.

Like fast-food, all the content just felt filled with empty calories and contained nothing substantial, nothing ‘good for you,’ nothing healing, nothing was very deep. All surface accusations and ‘he said, she said.’ First they paint the problem, and then they ask you your opinion of it and you are sucked right in. And before you can leave, another video automatically starts to keep you feeding on the empty calories.

And what we forget is the entire ‘experience’ takes place between our ears. And here’s the kicker: by focusing on what we are NOT, we miss what we ALREADY effortlessly and timelessly are and have always been: pure Consciousness. That which is aware of all forms, but is itself formless.

-Michael Jeffreys

Can the Changeless be Harmed by Change?
May 10, 2013

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In a way, when we believe a thought can hurt us, we are claiming that changeless, formless, eternal Awareness can be hurt, injured or made to feel bad in some way. But is this actually our direct experience, or are we simply taking the thought at ‘face value,’ without actually investigating it?

If something is claiming to be ‘you,’ is it not worth investigating it to see if the claim is valid before you agree to the suffering it seems to suggest you should take very seriously and thus be experiencing? And most tellingly, if YOU are the one conducting the investigation, than how can the thought be you?

-Michael Jeffreys

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