The Mind is a Junky
December 29, 2011

Most of us don’t think of ourselves as a drug addict… but if we are still attached to the mind’s incessant and never-ending desires, we are no different than a heroin addict. What used to get us high is no longer enough and so new highs are sought out as the mind constantly searches for its next fix, be it with people, events, or objects. How much longer can we keep pretending this is not the case?

For some, it will be right up until they take their last breath. However, a few will see clearly that nothing impermanent will EVER or CAN ever satisfy that which is permanent. What if it were seen that the permanent needs NOTHING? That you are perfectly fine just as you are? What would it be like to not need anything? To be whole and complete exactly as you are right here and now? “Not possible!” says the drug addict!!… Q: Why on Earth are you listening to a drug addict??

–Michael Jeffreys

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