A good first step in “waking up”… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 7, 2017


A good first step in “waking up” is loosening your identification with what you think you know. The mind claims to know (with a self imposed sense of certainty!?) so many things, but in actuality nothing can be truly known. Why? Because the Source of what all “THIS” is is unknowable! Where does everything come from? Where is everything happening or unfolding? Where does everything go? Any answer is only a concept, and that’s all the mind can ever provide.

The mind is an appearance in THIS, an object; You are what is aware of the inert mind. Thus, You can begin to see that you have NEVER been the mind, but always what is aware of it.

And so, we can begin to meet this moment as it is: raw, naked, a swirl of energies coming and going spontaneously and all completely un-pin-down-able.

As Eckhart says, “You don’t have a life, You ARE life.” Meaning, the idea of “having a life” is separation: there’s a “me” who has a “life.” But this is false because it’s two, duality. Reality is one without a second or non-dual. And you are THAT.

Michael Jeffreys

The mind can’t tell you what you are… new MJ Awakening Pic Quote
January 19, 2017


It’s one thing to notice that the “outside” world can’t tell you what you are, but it’s another to notice that your own mind can’t either. Why? Where did your mind get everything it knows from? That’s right, the outside world.

Michael Jeffreys




The Peace is in the Silence (meditation picture quote)
April 21, 2014

mj quote silence no opinion pink flower in water bowl

The Story-less Now IS Peace
January 17, 2014


Are you able to see that the present moment, right now, is story-less? Look around you…. is anything telling a story? Nothing is telling a story. Mind comes in as overlay, but if you just see things as they are, no story, no problem (as to have a problem, requires a story, and the more detailed, the better!).

Stay as the silent witness and all is peaceful and well, despite how things may appear in the mind’s fabricated story of the inherently story-less now.

~Michael Jeffreys

As Mental Labels fall away God’s Light Shines Brighter
September 27, 2013


There is ONLY God. God is All. Nothing exists but God. What keeps us from seeing this? Mental labels. “That’s just a leaf, that’s not God.” Boom! In a single thought the mind no longer sees God, because it’s only looking at “a leaf.” And we do this with everything and everyone. We have taken a single, whole diamond (LIFE), and covered it up with labels and thus the diamond remains hidden. We are putting the mind’s labels ahead of God, (meaning we have come to worship the mind’s labels over God, which is why we suffer. We are choosing our concepts of reality, over reality itself!) and thus we don’t see or feel the Supreme existence which is always present!

-Michael Jeffreys

A House Divided Cannot Stand
January 11, 2013

House Divided

At any moment, you have two minds from which to draw on… your original or God/Spirit/Source/Higher-Self mind, and the diseased ego’s mind. They are nothing alike. One values love, humility and being of service and the other prizes fear, attachment, and greed. One is real and the other is not. Pick ONE… You CANNOT serve two masters (a house divided cannot stand), and yet that is what most of us are trying to do (mostly unconsciously) and thus why we suffer.

-Michael Jeffreys

The Illusion of CONTROL
March 8, 2012

Are you able to sense, to notice, to see that you do not make anything happen? You control nothing. You do not make your thoughts appear or disappear, nor do you have any way of filling their content with “info.” There is no “you” that does anything. You know you did not control or bring about or make happen your own birth. It simply happened. Seeing this clearly, one can then ask, “Since I did not bring about my own birth, at what point did I assume control of Life? And if I somehow believe I did, HOW, exactly, did I do this?”

-Michael Jeffreys

The Fire Chief and The Arsonist are one in the same
February 15, 2012

The mind is constantly creating a problem and then trying to solve it. It suddenly proclaims it wants something and then decides it cannot be happy until it gets it. Or it suddenly proclaims it doesn’t want something and then decides it cannot be happy until it’s gotten rid of.

So the mind is both cop and thief, i.e. the arsonist and fire chief are the same person: it starts a fire and then says, “look, a fire!, omg, we have a problem, what are we going to do??!” Suffering occurs because we believe the cop, the fire chief, the mind. It never occurs to us that our mind would lie to us, just like we would never suspect the fire chief of starting a fire. And so many of us live in denial that our mind is lying to us. It takes courage to realize that that which we have been believing in our whole life hasn’t a clue what the truth is. When this childish game that the mind has been playing is clearly seen, there can be a letting go of it completely. And when the mind is dropped, what remains?

–Michael Jeffreys

A Toot in the Wind
February 3, 2012

One of the sticking points on “the spiritual path” is the belief/feeling that you are the “I” thought. Let’s dig a little deeper. Can a thought EVER experience anything? No. Why? Because it itself is an arising. How can an arising experience another arising? Could one shadow “know” another shadow? Could one painting “know” another painting? No.

A thought does not receive info, it broadcasts it. It arises as it simultaneously tells whatever story it has to tell. And how does it do this? Via sound. You hear it (although precisely where is a mystery!).

Being clear that a sound cannot receive info; that it can only disperse it, and that is ALL it can ever do, can be extremely helpful in deconstructing the illusory “I.” As my cousin Dena Drucker Woods so beautifully said last night on facebook, a thought is a “toot in the wind.” You are what is Aware of or silently notices the “toot.” No YOU, no “toot.” However, no “toot” and yet you STILL ARE!! You are ALWAYS present, regardless of what is or is not arising. Rest peacefully in what you already are.

–Michael Jeffreys

Brightness knows not darkness
January 31, 2012

“Brightness knows not…darkness…” – Em Be

Sometimes someone’s post on facebook will spark something in you. For example, after reading Em Be’s words above, it somehow hit me very clearly/deeply that ANYTHING that appears to you can ONLY be fully WHAT IT ALREADY IS. So, in Em Be’s example above, Light can ONLY be light. It can never “know” darkness because it can only be what it is. It sounds so obvious now as I write this, but somehow seeing this clearly eluded me for a long time.

Looking back (oh, now I am in trouble! ;), I can now see that there was this tendency active within me to try to immediately change a feeling or perception that “I” felt/was perceived as negative or painful.

Again, what “landed” for me after reading Em’s quote, was that whatever I am experiencing in the moment can ONLY be, fully, whatever it is. It was in fact my urge to try and change something “mid-stream” that was causing so much pain and suffering. Let everything be as it is, without needing it to do anything except be fully whatever it already is… as YOU rest in the changeless awareness that you have never not been.

-Michael Jeffreys