“How to Be Free of Anxiety & Depression” full CE radio show
June 19, 2014

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For anyone who has ever suffered or is currently suffering from panic attacks, anxiety or depression…

Michael Jeffreys, Tom Bunzel, and Collective Evolution radio host Mark DeNicola have a frank discussion of their own personal experiences and the ways each found to deal with, and eventually become free of our personal emotional and physical pain.

Tom shares several personal stories of suffering bouts of intense depression and anger, and the wisdom that comes from such experiences. Michael shares from the non-dual perspective and how the seeing through of one’s believed in stories leads to freedom. And Mark shares about his personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks, as well as asking questions that will be helpful to the listener and keeping the show moving at a nice flow.

Click link below (or picture above) to listen on youtube:

How to Be Free of Anxiety & Depression full show 


The Deepest Acceptance: Attending Jeff Foster’s Retreat
March 24, 2013



Last night I attended Jeff Foster’s retreat at the beautiful Serra Retreat Centre in Malibu, CA and he was kind enough to give me a copy of his new book, “The Deepest Acceptance,” which I highly recommend.

The reason Jeff’s teaching is so powerful, IMO, is that he speaks directly to whatever is happening in THIS moment and how its acceptance has already been allowed by Life, which means YOU! YOU are ALL of THIS, and so the sadness as well as the joy is fully allowed to be. The depression and the wonder both seen as part of the movie appearing on/in YOU, “the screen.”

Jeff calls the thoughts, feelings and sensation “your children” and not to abandon or leave out any of them. BE with them, intimately, deeply, authentically. BEing with them is not the same as thinking about or going into story about them. It’s more direct than that. You FEEL the raw feeling, as it is, without any label or story. Even if there is seeking arising in this moment, than that too is fully embraced. Nothing left out… that’s how deep the deepest acceptance is.

-Michael Jeffreys

Is Not Consciousness Already Fully Awakened?
August 12, 2012

Is it actually true that Consciousness NEEDS to awaken? Is not Consciousness already fully awake, regardless if it is experiencing a thought that says, “I am confused, lost, and unawakened,” or a thought that says, “I am clear, present, and awake”?

A thought can claim literally ANYTHING you can imagine… BUT, it owes its existence to Consciousness. And so, Consciousness MUST already fully be existing, since without it NO thought could be known! Let this sink in. No Consciousness = No Thought!

Since Consciousness is ALL you have ever known, ANY experience would have to take place “within” Consciousness. Could it be that the simple seeing or noticing of THAT which is already the case: that you are ALREADY inherently and 100% free, be what is referred to as “liberation”?

That YOU are Consciousness and Consciousness is inherently and totally free. Only a thought can believe otherwise. But again, that “disbelieving thought” owes its very existence to that which it claims to be doubting: Consciousness!

-Michael Jeffreys

Ultimately, Nothing Means Anything
July 28, 2012

One way to truly see that ultimately, nothing means anything, is to keep asking yourself, “And that means what?” Do this over and over.

For example, take the thought, “I am depressed.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I feel tired and sad.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I am not being productive… I am being lazy.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I need to earn a living.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “Without income, I could end up homeless.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I could suffer on the streets and possibly die.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I won’t exist anymore.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “Well, people would miss me.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “They will be sad that I am gone.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “I don’t want them to be sad.” Ask, “And that means what?” Mind: “Uh… hmmmm………” 🙂

The key is to take it as far as you can until you realize that at some point, nothing inherently means anything. Which means (there ya go) that anything that has meaning to you only has apparent or relative meaning. Meaning (there ya go again!) it is not absolutely true, but only has whatever meaning the mind is temporarily giving it in the moment. Ultimately, nothing means anything. What do I mean by this? Nothing.

-Michael Jeffreys

No “Right” or “Wrong”… Just Different PERSPECTIVES
July 23, 2012

I just came back from my daily run around the beautiful West Los Angeles VA center, and as I was heading home down Ohio Ave., I was looking at the drivers sitting in their cars as the traffic backed up, as it usual does this time of day here in LA.

And I noticed that each driver was seeing a totally unique and different view from what the driver in front of and behind them was seeing. Yes, they were all seeing the same general picture of “Ohio ave. at 3:40pm between Purdue Ave. and Supulveda Blvd.”, but NOT from the same perspective.

What’s more, I saw one woman looking out the clean and clear window of her Lexus SUV, and right behind her was a man driving a garbage truck whose windows were filthy. So, not only were both seeing the present moment from a different perspective, but the “filter” they were seeing thru (the car window) varied in HOW the experience appeared to them!

What a wonderful reminder, I thought, of how each of us has our own unique perspective on the present moment. “Right” and “wrong” are labels often used when someone doesn’t agree with us. However, when we are truly able to see that all there are are different PERSPECTIVES, suddenly “right” and “wrong” go out the window (sorry, couldn’t resist!), i.e., no longer make sense. Is the sanitation truck drivers view more “right” than the Lexus driver’s view, or just different?

And with the dropping away of the dense energetic need to judge others experience as being “right” or “wrong”, comes a much lighter feeling of relaxation, peace, and openness.

-Michael Jeffreys

You are Beyond ALL Experiences
July 16, 2012

You are Beyond ALL experiences and thus nothing has ever touched you, much less harmed you. You are even beyond any thought that thinks that you have been hurt or harmed. Beyond everything leaves no exception. YOU are Beyondness itself. Untouchable, unknowable, yet somehow intuitable.

–Michael Jeffreys

The Biggest Lie Your Mind Will Ever Tell You
January 22, 2012

The biggest lie your mind will ever tell you:

“THIS shouldn’t be happening.”

As I write this my neighbor’s dog is barking away incessantly in his apt. which shares a wall with mine… and has been for several hours this AM. However, it dawned on me that it no longer creates suffering in me… in fact, there are periods when I don’t even notice it.

And I asked myself why? And the answer that came was because I was no longer telling myself that IT should not be happening. It is as it is. Barking apparently is what is suppose to be happening right now. The diff. is now I choose not to turn “what already is” into a problem… to not mentally engage in the mind’s story about it. And pretty soon the mind’s story goes away by itself… until all you are left with is this perfect, alive, shining moment, as it is.

-Michael Jeffreys

You Don’t Need a Reason to Be
January 9, 2012

Life does ALL. What does this mean? ALL appearances/sounds happen spontaneously including the sense of “I” we take ourselves to be. To test this, notice that “You” need do NOTHING (don’t move, don’t make a sound, don’t make any motion, nothing) and Life still goes right on dancing, fully expressing itself, ever changing, nothing appearing long enough to grasp onto… but WHY the mind asks? What does it all mean? If you get quiet enough at center, you may hear the silence reveal her sweet secret: LOVE DOES NOT NEED A REASON TO DANCE, just as the Sun does not need a reason to shine, nor the wind a reason to blow, nor the rain a reason to fall, nor YOU a reason to BE… aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

-Michael Jeffreys

You Don’t Want to Awaken!
December 30, 2011

The first step to awakening is to admit that you don’t want to awaken! I am serious. Look, and you may just see that a part of your Being is actively enthralled with the illusion… with wanting to figure it out as well as make the experience nicer, shinier, better. What not so subtle message does this send to your brain about the present moment?

Do you see? Your programming has set up the game so that you cannot allow yourself to be happy in the present moment! The programming is already convinced that THIS moment does not hold what it thinks will make it happy… and so, surprise, surprise… no happiness! Quite ingeniously really, the programming doesn’t care WHAT you think, as ANY thought keeps you from discovering its secret! The search itself is taking you away from your own happiness!! Why do you think you haven’t found it yet? Don’t you think if it were really “out there” you would have found it by now after, say 10, 20, 30 or 50 years? If just 10% of that time were spent looking inward and being still, the matter would have been settled by now.

-Michael Jeffreys

The Mind is a Junky
December 29, 2011

Most of us don’t think of ourselves as a drug addict… but if we are still attached to the mind’s incessant and never-ending desires, we are no different than a heroin addict. What used to get us high is no longer enough and so new highs are sought out as the mind constantly searches for its next fix, be it with people, events, or objects. How much longer can we keep pretending this is not the case?

For some, it will be right up until they take their last breath. However, a few will see clearly that nothing impermanent will EVER or CAN ever satisfy that which is permanent. What if it were seen that the permanent needs NOTHING? That you are perfectly fine just as you are? What would it be like to not need anything? To be whole and complete exactly as you are right here and now? “Not possible!” says the drug addict!!… Q: Why on Earth are you listening to a drug addict??

–Michael Jeffreys

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