Michael Jeffreys “THAT which is PRIOR to all stories.” 7-8-20 Satsang video

Michael Jeffreys “THAT which is PRIOR to all stories.” 7-8-20 Satsang


1. We’re not “attending” to this moment naked.
We’re bringing an entire identity from the past into this moment
and it pollutes the moment.

2. The thing to notice is how, if we keep starting from story,
there’s just more story… that there’s no freedom in that.

3. What is THIS moment like when there’s no history, no past,
no future, no story, no knowing anything? (contemplate deeply)

4. The me is story; story is the me. The two are one. What we are pointing to at satsang is PRIOR to all stories. Beingness doesn’t need any words. It’s prior to words.

5. What makes you so sure it’s “your” story?
(contemplate deeply)

6. THAT which knows everything you’ve ever known isn’t knowable.
Thus anything you know isn’t IT.

7. The me is a construct. It’s a mental knot–an energy that is constricted and it goes in a loop. That’s why you can’t get free of the me. So if you notice, I don’t give you any perscriptions for how to deal with your me. We’re interested in seeing that you’re not the me and never were.

8. The me wants awakening… but it wants to be there for it!?

9. The biggest “yeah but” that I hear at satsang is, “I’m not there yet.” INQUIRE: Is that a story?

10. Beingness never goes anywhere. You never had it, so you can never lose it, because YOU ARE IT.

11. ALAN: Do you have a definition for Freedom?
MICHAEL: The end of seeking.

12. If something is dependent on something else, can it be Free?

13. Before anything can be known, Beingness must already be present to know it.

14. Wei Wu Wei: Actionless action; action without a doer.

15. Where were you before the body was born? (contemplate deeply)

16. MICHAEL: You’re not the body because the body’s the body!
DIANE: It goes back to that saying, “Anything you can perceive is not you.”

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