Consciousness is ALWAYS Present, Mind is NEVER Present


 Consciousness = the present moment; Mind = time = past/future.

YOU, pure Consciousness ARE the present moment. TIME, the world, appearances, thoughts, feelings, sounds, words, pictures, stories, experiences, etc. all require time to exist.

These appearances seem to move from past to future, but are NEVER actually here long enough to be present!! Only pure Consciousness, YOU, are ALL that is ever actually present. Effortlessly and Eternally so! Everything else comes and goes.

Thus, the manifest world, which includes the body/mind, with all its myriad of appearances never actually touches YOU! You are eternally PRESENT, TIME is past-future. You never move, time is always moving seemly forward, from past to future. Mind = Time. Consciousness, Stillness, Presence, Peace, Love, The Eternal = YOU.

–Michael Jeffreys

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  1. simple equations and equivalencies can be intoxicating…bob

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