A question about TRUMP… New MJ Awakening Blog
April 11, 2017


QUESTION: “I am curious – to what extent if any do you still get caught up in the Trump political thing and do you get a lot of people coming to you discombobulated about it?” -Tom Bunzel

MICHAEL: The night after the election the West LA satsang looked like a funeral! But, once they saw that Daniel and I had no reaction one way or the other, they understood that it’s not the outside world, but your reaction to it that creates the suffering. (Contrary to how it looks/feels when viewed through the dualistic mind).

Our topic for this Weds. night’s 1/4/17 West LA weekly Satsang is: “The Power of Noticing”
January 2, 2017


Noticing what? Noticing how you slip into the jiva suit (your illusory identity, the narrative/story/voice in the head that claims it is you, that x,y, and z is a problem and until it gets sorted out you can’t possibly be happy/at peace, etc.) without realizing it. This fear based mind made entity is not you. As Eckhart Tolle says, “You are not the voice in the head, but the one who hears it.”

But Eckhart’s pointer is of no benefit until you see/notice IN YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE what he is saying. In other words, are you your thoughts or do you have thoughts? There is a world of difference between having something and being something. If you believe you are your thoughts, then you have to suffer because every thought is a limitation, and thus not what you truly are.

The thing about noticing is that you have to actually do it. Just reading about or thinking it sounds like a good idea won’t yield its amazing fruits. You have to actually do it, as in notice (and, imo, you cannot notice too much or too often) that there is no hope for the jiva as its death is certain. This is the fact that the jiva doesn’t want to look at head on. However, what if it’s noticed that you are not the jiva and never have been? And once you notice this you keep on noticing until it becomes more and more your direct experience.


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Weekly Satsang with Michael & Dan

Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017, 7:00 PM

Michael Jeffreys’ apartment
1516 Purdue Ave. #7 Los Angeles, 90025, CA

10 Satsang Members Attending

Hi and Welcome!The West LA Weekly Satsang is for those that are serious about awakening to their true nature. Nonduality/Vedanta is the basis of the teaching and Self Inquiry/Noticing are our tools to see that the “me” is not our true nature. That what we already are is inherently free, unlimited, timeless and changeless. It’s our ignorance to thi…

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Abiding PEACE isn’t a doing at all. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 2, 2016


Fulfillment of desires does not bring abiding peace. Fulfillment of a desire leads to more desires. It’s endless. Clearly seeing this, at first, may bring fear… “Well, if my desires cannot lead to abiding peace, what to do??”

Realize that ABIDING PEACE ISN’T A DOING AT ALL. It’s noticing that where you are seeing from is already peace itself. Thus, no thought or action can take you to abiding peace, but in fact takes you away from it because the very movement of seeking is an indication that you don’t already possess what you are looking for.

After all, if you have your keys on you, you are not going to start searching for them. But what if you forgot you have them in your pocket? Then you will start to search high and low for them until somebody comes along and says, “What is that in your pocket?” And you say, “Why yes, those are my keys!” And they say, “Have they not been with you all along?”

Michael Jeffreys

The “me” is like a bucket with a permanent hole in it… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 8, 2016


The “me” is always aggrieved, always feels slighted, always on guard, always keeping track of the “score” and thus is NEVER at rest, never truly at peace.

The “me” is like a bucket with a permanent hole in it… no matter how many times you try to fill it, it never works. In other words, there is no hope for the “me.” There is nothing that you can do to fix the “me” because the hole is permanent, i.e., the “me” will NEVER be satisfied.
Seeing clearly that the “me” is not actually you is the only thing that truly works. Not taking the “me” seriously. This is freedom… this is peace… this is love… not for any reason, but because that’s this moment’s nature when the “me” isn’t around.
Michael Jeffreys

Peace is the realization that all objects in the play, animate or inanimate, are Brahman… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 1, 2016


Peace is realized when it is understood (not just intellectually) that Brahman is the only actor in this play and thus plays all parts, including all animate and inanimate objects.

Ego is nothing but Brahman temporarily forgetting its true nature and imagining it’s separate, special and unique from the totality, i.e., not Brahman. But this experience is only ever in imagination, in the dream of separation, not reality. In reality all is Brahman… there is nothing that is not Brahman.

Michael Jeffreys

Seeing the Inherent Perfection of the only Moment there is… new MJ Awakening Blog
January 18, 2015


During a private session with a couple at their house today, I said:

THIS moment is perfect not because you or I say it is…
It’s perfect because it’s ALL there is. This has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad or liking or not liking. It has to do with the fact that there is no other moment that is presently arising except the one that is presently arising! And so, IT perfectly IS because it’s ALL that can truly be said to be!

The mind may try to argue, try to claim there is some other better moment in the future, but this “future moment” is a concept, and can never actually be found in your presently arising direct experience.
You can never escape what is. When this is seen clearly, the futility of trying to escape from the only thing that is becomes obvious, and the compulsion to try may fall away all by itself revealing only causeless emptiness/peace.

-Michael Jeffreys

“How to Not Take Things Personally” new Michael Jeffreys article for Collective Evolution
January 1, 2015

MJ How to Not Take Things Personally article pt.1


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“Byron Katie nailed it: when I believe my thoughts I suffer…” new MJ Awakening pic quote
October 14, 2014

mj byron katie nailed it pic quote

Freedom is seeing that it’s ALL happening perfectly spontaneously… new MJ Awakening Blog
October 12, 2014

spontaneous life

Few can see this… the mind will lash out… the ego will rebel… thoughts will give examples that appear to show horrible atrocities as to why it cannot be so…. and yet, I say again… there is nothing BUT perfection.

For example, as I write these words the cries of my next door neighbor’s baby can be heard. How is this not perfect? And if I find that it disturbs me, how is that not perfect? And if I love the sound of hearing life crying, how is that not perfect?

Whatever happens and whatever your response to what is happening, whether you like or don’t like it, whether you agree or disagree, freedom is seeing that it’s all happening perfectly spontaneously. That what is IS… and therein lies its sweet perfection.

-Michael Jeffreys

“The ONE happening for no one…” new MJ Awakening Blog
September 17, 2014


The moment includes ALL that is presently happening, including any thoughts (beliefs, judgments, ideas, conclusions, inspirations, concerns, etc.), feelings (anger, happiness, sadness, depression, joy, fear, confusion, loneliness, giving up, going for it, etc.), energies, sensations, etc. ALL leaves nothing out.

And there is no “you” doing any of it, as whatever “you” is presently appearing is not separate from the undivided WHOLENESS that is presently happening. There is just whatever is happening, which leaves nothing out. Just THIS. The ONE happening for no one.

-Michael Jeffreys