Where are all Your Past Experiences in THIS Moment?

LG_L194WT-SF_LCD_monitor (1)

My old desktop computer monitor died and as I was unplugging it the thought came about all the “experiences” that seem to have taken place via the monitor… the sharing on facebook, great conversations with friends, liking, answering and asking questions, looking at amazing and funny pictures, watching youtube videos, posting and looking at 1000s of posts, sending and receiving emails, etc.
And yet, as I looked at the dead monitor, cold black and grey plastic, lifeless… its as as if none of it had ever happened… as where are all those appearances NOW? In the monitor? No. The monitor did NOT experience all those different appearances… again, it is made of dead, lifeless, inert matter.

Only the Consciousness I AM, (and the mental ‘i’ in the head does nothing to bring this about, for it too is an appearance) is ALL that is ever alive and present, here and now, to experience anything… effortlessly so.

-Michael Jeffreys


3 Responses

  1. Those experiences were only “passing through” as electricity and pixels.

  2. Michael,
    I’m not sure my email is getting through so I am sending you my “thank you” note this way:

    I want to thank you for your very generous review of my book.
    It was very insightful and I liked the way you explained it.
    I felt you really understood the subject and made informed comments.

    My kindest regards,
    Galen Sharp
    P.S. I love your website!

  3. perhaps the question should be rephrased from where to why…bob

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