You, pure Awareness, are forever unattached, regardless of what a thought may claim… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 29, 2017


MICHAEL: The belief that you must give up all your attachments crumbles in light of the realization that it is not possible for You to actually be attached to anything!! That’s right. The witnessing presence that You already are is pure and contains no parts, objects or impurities. Thus you are always and forever unattached, regardless of what a thought may claim. More from swamiji, who is commenting on the Astavakra Samhita:

I am not saying you SHOULD NOT be attached. Astavakra is telling us you are NOT attached. You are not attached to anything. It is the mind which develops attachments: ‘I want this to stay, I want that person to stay, I want this circumstance, this wealth, this health, this place, this environment, I want this to continue.’

This is the mind thinking. Yet beyond the mind, the Atman, the witness, You the being consciousness… you’re not attached to anything, not even to the mind itself. The mind itself disappears in deep sleep. You’re not attached to anything.

-Swami Sarvapriyananda

p.s. For those that are interested, here’s Swamiji’s powerful video from which the above quote was taken: Ashtavakra Samhita by Swami Sarvapriyananda

A good first step in “waking up”… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 7, 2017


A good first step in “waking up” is loosening your identification with what you think you know. The mind claims to know (with a self imposed sense of certainty!?) so many things, but in actuality nothing can be truly known. Why? Because the Source of what all “THIS” is is unknowable! Where does everything come from? Where is everything happening or unfolding? Where does everything go? Any answer is only a concept, and that’s all the mind can ever provide.

The mind is an appearance in THIS, an object; You are what is aware of the inert mind. Thus, You can begin to see that you have NEVER been the mind, but always what is aware of it.

And so, we can begin to meet this moment as it is: raw, naked, a swirl of energies coming and going spontaneously and all completely un-pin-down-able.

As Eckhart says, “You don’t have a life, You ARE life.” Meaning, the idea of “having a life” is separation: there’s a “me” who has a “life.” But this is false because it’s two, duality. Reality is one without a second or non-dual. And you are THAT.

Michael Jeffreys

Your true self isn’t an object… new MJ Awakening Blog
February 25, 2017


What we seek is our true self. However, our true self is not an object, but that which knows or is aware of all objects. We are subtler than objects, so we are aware of objects, but objects are not aware of us. For example, you are aware of your body but your body is not aware of you. If you changed your name, would your body ‘know’ this? No. But You would. What is this You that knows or is aware? It’s obviously not a thought, since thoughts are another ‘thing’ we are aware of.

Has not this awareness been present throughout your existence? What else can you say this about?? Without awareness, you couldn’t ‘know’ anything. So awareness is prior to knowledge, even prior to space and time, for without awareness what would ‘know of’ space and time?

Notice that you don’t have to ‘do anything’ to become aware. You are already aware. Simply stop and recognize what has always already been so: that the belief that ‘I’ am a body/mind is just that, a belief. What is aware of this belief? You! But not ‘you’ as an ever-changing self-image (another object), but as you truly are right here/now… ever-present, limitless, attributeless, causeless awareness.

Michael Jeffreys

Notice… Awareness doesn’t come or go or become more or less. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 6, 2017


Notice… Awareness doesn’t change when thoughts change. Awareness doesn’t change when feelings change. Awareness doesn’t come or go or become more or less. Awareness remains unaffected by content just like the sky remains unaffected by the weather. Stay as you are and have always been since before the body took its first breath.

Michael Jeffreys

The only “thing” that’s conscious is YOU. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 7, 2016


The only “thing” that’s conscious is YOU. This is what must be realized. Take a look around you… are you not surrounded by material objects, including your body? Only YOU, Consciousness, is sentient. Everything else is insentient. Without YOU, there is no world, no experience, nothing.

Our suffering comes when we are not clear on which is which. When I confuse myself with an insentient thought or feeling or experience, I suffer. Why? Because I am taking myself to be something I am not and have never been. Everything changes but Consciousness, YOU.

Michael Jeffreys

The view out your eyes is ever-changing, but what about THAT which has viewed every second?? New MJ Awakening Blog
October 26, 2016


Imagine you were able to take a photograph every second of your life. From the moment you were born until right now. And we went to a park and laid out every photo in front of you as you continue to take pictures in real time, even now.

What we would see is every photo would be different in one way or another. BUT, will YOU, the ever present awareness that has been looking through the viewfinder upon the body’s birth and is still looking through it now as you read these words… has that one ever changed or not been there??

Michael Jeffreys

You are prior to any thought and this has always been the case… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 17, 2016


Can that which is seeing be seen? Can that which is hearing be heard? Can that which is feeling be felt?

Allow your attention to rest not on thoughts, but on the empty, changeless, shapeless, colorless space all thoughts appear in. In other words, learn to discriminate between thoughts and that which is aware of thoughts. One moves, comes and goes, the other does not. You are not a thought. You are prior to any thought and this has always been the case.

Michael Jeffreys

You are always what is aware of the seeker, so the seeker cannot be you… new MJ Awakening Blog
September 12, 2016


The one who is trying to figure it all out, to find enlightenment, that gets a hit or mental high off the realizations, epiphanies, and spiritual insights…that one has to go too. Why? Because it too is still an identity and thus a subtle form of separation/dualism (and not so subtle when you see it).

Non-dual is one without a second. Seeking, which is twoness (the seeker and the sought) is motivated by the false idea that what you are is not already fully here and present. But you are always here and always present… you are what is aware of the seeker, so the seeker is not and cannot ever be you.

Michael Jeffreys

You, Consciousness, don’t sleep! New MJ Awakening Blog
January 17, 2016


Consciousness doesn’t sleep! When “you” go to sleep at night, it’s the body that sleeps, not Awareness. How do you know this? Because you are aware of your dreams, are you not? Yet, the body is asleep. How is this possible? It’s because Consciousness, Awareness, Knowingness doesn’t have an off button. It’s always aware of whatever is happening. (And if you didn’t dream last night, you are AWARE that you didn’t dream!)

Whether you are happy or sad, joyful or depressed, are you not what is aware of these various states as they come and go? If you are happy you are aware of that. If you are sad you are aware of that. So, you, Consciousness don’t come and go.

This is why when you identify with/as something that comes and goes you suffer. Because you are identifying with something that is not your true nature, since your true nature doesn’t come and go.

-Michael Jeffreys

You are PRIOR to perception… new MJ Awakening Blog
November 1, 2015

sleeping buddha

How can ANY perception (Be it fear, anger, sadness, depression, confusion, boredom, anxiety, any story, thought, idea, feeling, image, person, place or thing, etc.) be You if You are what is perceiving it? Doesn’t whatever You are have to be PRIOR to the perception?? (Please confirm this for Yourself.)

When we IDENTIFY with what comes and goes we suffer from “mistaken identity.” It is suffering because we are taking ourselves to be something we are not: a particular sense of contracted energy which comes and so it will go. If it can go, then was it ever really You in the first place?? Why IDENTIFY with anything??

Stay as are and see/notice that what you’ve always been is what you’ve been looking for! You aren’t anything and yet You are… that’s the paradox the mind can never reconcile.

-Michael Jeffreys